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Pokémon Conquest
Conquest EN boxart.jpg
Pokémon Conquest's box art
Basic info
Platform: Nintendo DS
Category: Turn-based strategy RPG
Players: 1-2
Connectivity: DS Wireless, Wi-Fi
Developer: Tecmo Koei
Publisher: Nintendo (International releases only)
The Pokémon Company
Part of: Generation V miscellaneous
Release dates
Japan: March 17, 2012[1]
North America: June 18, 2012[2]
Australia: June 21, 2012[3]
Europe: July 27, 2012[4]
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: Nintendo.co.jp
Official site
English: Pokemon.com (US)
Official site (US)
Pokemon.com (UK)
Official site (UK)
Japanese boxart
Conquest JP boxart.png
Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition boxart
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Pokémon Conquest (Japanese: ポケモン(プラス)ノブナガの野望(やぼう) Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition) is a spin-off crossover between the Pokémon and Nobunaga's Ambition series of games, a first for the franchise. It was released in Japan on March 17, 2012, in North America on June 18, 2012, in Australia on June 21, 2012 and in the United Kingdom on July 27, 2012.

Following a series of news regarding surprising announcements from both Jump Festa 2012 and the first issue of CoroCoro magazine in 2012, the game was revealed on December 17, 2011, at the Jump Festa event itself, with the official site launching soon after.

The game takes place in the Ransei region. Various Pokémon from the first five generations appear in this game. The game is Nintendo DSi enhanced, allowing it to connect to WPA and WPA2 protected wireless networks for downloading stories and events from Wi-Fi.

The game has a manga adaptation titled Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition ~ Ranse's Color Picture Scroll ~.


Pokémon Conquest was the second collaboration between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei, with the first being the Murasame Castle mode in Samurai Warriors 3. Because Tsunekazu Ishihara was a fan of Nobunaga's Ambition and Tecmo-Koei president Kou Shibasawa was a fan of Pokémon, this presented an opportunity to work with each other. Among one of the key design elements of Ransei was the fact that the first Nobunaga's Ambition game featured 17 regions, just as there were 17 different Pokémon types at the time. Among Koei's game franchises, this is the first collaboration effort for Nobunaga's Ambition; all previous collaborations had been through the Warriors series (though a true Nintendo-themed Warriors game would not arrive until Hyrule Warriors years later). In deference to this, character designs for Pokémon Conquest were primarily taken from Samurai Warriors 3 as opposed to a Nobunaga's Ambition game.

For Pokémon Conquest, each of the Warlords' initial (Rank I) costumes are based on their default costumes from Samurai Warriors 3, and an original costume when they rank up to Rank II. (The exceptions are Nobunaga, where this is reversed; and Hideyoshi, whose Rank I and Rank II costumes are taken from Samurai Warriors and Samurai Warriors 3 respectively, while his Rank III costume is original.) There are some minor modifications in character appearances and costumes between the two games, however:

  • Some characters' costumes were altered to better associate them with their Perfect Link Pokémon: for example, Motonari's hair was turned green to better resemble Servine, while Kunoichi's outfit became primarily black instead of white, in order to better associate her with Sneasel.
  • Some characters' appearances were altered to better express their Samurai Warriors 3 characterizations: for example, Mitsunari, Kiyomasa, and Masanori are all depicted as children in Pokémon Conquest to reinforce Nene acting as a mother of sorts to Hideyoshi's retainers.
  • Almost all of the characters are depicted without their weapons, though some remain if they are not particularly "weapon-like": for example, Shingen and his iconic war fan, Motochika and his shamisen, Ujiyasu and his cane, and Okuni and her parasol.
  • Some clan crests are altered to incorporate a Pokémon motif: Oichi's costume has a number of Poké Ball symbols where the Azai clan crest was in her Samurai Warriors 3 costume, while Yukimura's costume has Poké Balls as part of the Sanada clan crest instead of coins.

Similarly, the choice of Perfect Link Pokémon for a given Warlord may be influenced by their Samurai Warriors 3 personality or moveset:

  • Motochika's attacks are primarily based on the water element in Samurai Warriors 3, hence his pairing with Dewott.
  • Kanbei's appearance resembling a ghost in some side story missions is the inspiration behind his pairing with Lampent.
  • Tadakatsu's reputation of being the Samurai Warriors series' unbeatable foe is the inspiration of pairing him with Dialga.

Of the Samurai Warriors 3 cast, only four characters (Nagamasa Azai, Katsuie Shibata, Sakon Shima, and Toshiie Maeda) are not also present in Pokémon Conquest, though the Hero is based on Azai.


Pokémon Conquest features a turn-based strategy battle system. Up to six Pokémon on each side are positioned on the battlefield, one for each participating Warrior, and both sides take turns moving and attacking with their Pokémon. Each Pokémon has a single move. A battle is won or lost when the engaging army manages or fails to achieve the victory conditions, which vary by location, within a numbered amount of turns, which also vary by location. When a battle is fought, the strength of the link (which is this game's analogy to experience points) between participating Pokémon and their respective Warriors will usually increase. Battles can be fought in wild Pokémon kingdom locations, or against other kingdoms, which are conquered upon victory. Free Warriors (including Warlords) can be recruited to the player's army if they are defeated in a way that meets one of several recruitment criteria.

Pokémon in the game can grow in strength by increasing their link with their Warrior. A Pokémon's move will strengthen as the link increases, signified by +1 (20% link), +2 (40% link), +3 (60% link), +4 (80% link), or +S (100% link), being added to the move's name. Certain moves (namely recoil moves, health-draining moves, and multi-strike moves) behave differently when they reach a rank of +S. Depending on how well matched a pair is, the maximum value of the link between the two varies, with most Warriors only able to achieve a 100% or Perfect Link with a single species of Pokémon. Aside from growing more powerful, Pokémon may evolve when their link reaches a high enough percentage, though there are also Pokémon which evolve through other conditions such as the use of specific items. Warriors can also establish links with Pokémon other than the one they started with, though only one can be used by each Warrior in a given battle at a time. Certain Warriors will have a more difficult time finding their Perfect Link than others, as some Pokémon only appear on special, random occasions. However, through the use of a password these Pokémon can be found much more easily. Legendary Pokémon, which are only compatible with one specific Warlord each, all have their own specific criteria for appearing.

The game makes use of the seventeen Pokémon types as of Generation V and their respective weaknesses, resistances, and immunities. Pokémon also have various Abilities, many the same as in the main series games, and many unique new additions. Warriors also have Warrior Skills that can be used once per battle, which have various effects such as powering up or healing Pokémon. Warriors can also equip items, which can provide additional effects such as stat increases or in-battle effects.

Aside from battling, Warriors can perform other actions within their kingdom, such as buying items at the Shop and mining for gold. However, Warriors can only make one action per month. This means a Warrior who is picked to buy from a Shop cannot be chosen to battle or mine for gold afterwards, as they have used up their action for the month, and the same is said for any other executed action. In the case of purchasing from Shops, the action only counts if the player actually buys or sells something, meaning that one can browse without using up the turn. Besides Shops and mines, various other locations are available per kingdom, such as Ponigiri Shops. Feeding a Pokémon these will increase its Energy. Warriors can also battle at wild Pokémon kingdom locations or neighboring enemy kingdoms. A maximum of 6 Warriors can be present in one kingdom, and Warriors can be transported between the player's kingdoms.

Also, instead of using up every Warrior's turn, the player can choose to delegate a kingdom by picking one of three options: Train (increase link), Search (recruit more allies), or Develop (increase gold and spend on leveling kingdom locations up). All Warriors who have not used up their action during the month by the player will automatically Train, Search, or Develop at the end of the month. All kingdoms the player controls, besides the player's main kingdom, can be delegated.

Random kingdom events will also occur at times. Some events may occur depending on the player's current funds or an item in the inventory. Sometimes bandits will steal an item or a Warrior's Pokémon, or a traveling merchant may arrive selling rare items. Weather is another occurrence that may raise the Energy of Pokémon depending on their type; for example, a heat wave raises the Energy of Fire-type Pokémon. Kingdom events which occur at the start of a month, such as buying items from a traveling merchant, do not use up a Warrior's action for the month.

Players may save their progress at any point in time during single-player mode, even during a battle. Doing so also updates the Gallery information for each Warrior in the player's army, provided the Warrior has been registered to the Gallery previously.

Multiplayer mode

There is also a multiplayer local wireless mode in which two players may battle each other. In this, the host can decide to place no limit on the Pokémon's link (in which case, the highest registered value in the Gallery is chosen), or can choose to restrict the maximum link between 10-100, in multiples of 10. The host also chooses the battlefield, and allocates whether the player will attack or defend (the host can also choose "random", in which case, the player is randomly assigned to attack or defend.)

Plot of The Legend of Ransei

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Legend has it that the one who will be able to conquer all seventeen kingdoms of Ransei will bring the return of the region's creator. Players begin in the story known as The Legend of Ransei.

The player (as either the Hero or Heroine) starts off in the nation of Aurora with their partner Eevee, having just become the most recent Warlord. They then meet up with Mitsunari, Kiyomasa, and Masanori, who taunt the player, stating that they aren't ready to be a Warlord. At this point, two Warriors from the neighboring nation of Ignis quickly challenge the player to battle. Oichi joins in the battle to support the player.

After defeating the duo, Oichi relays the details of the legend of Ransei, and sets the player off on a quest to unite the 17 nations. The player first challenges Hideyoshi's nation of Ignis, then moves on to battle Motonari in Greenleaf and Motochika in Fontaine. Along the way, the player learns how to recruit other Warlords and link with wild Pokémon.

From there, the player is able to conquer Violight, led by Ginchiyo; Chrysalia, led by Yoshimoto; and Pugilis, led by Yoshihiro. At this point, the nations of Terrera and Illusio, led by Kenshin and Shingen respectively, become available for conquering. However, when the player goes to challenge one of them, they will not accept the challenge, stating that the player is not yet ready to face them, and turn the player's forces back. At this point, whichever nation the player went to will send forces back to the nation in which the player resides (either Pugilis or Chrysalia), and the player must defend their nation from the attack.

Upon a successful defense, the player will undergo a Warrior transformation, allowing them to successfully challenge the nation. After defeating either Kenshin or Shingen's forces, both will join the player on their quest to unite the nations. At this point, Nobunaga himself appears before the player, stating his own aims to conquer Ransei (and in doing so, debates with Oichi, who is revealed to be his sister, about his goals).

Following this, the player can then conquer the nations of Cragspur, led by Ujiyasu; Avia, led by Masamune; Viperia, led by Nene; and Yaksha, led by Kotarō. Upon defeating one of these nations, Keiji will appear and give the player three Evolution stones—the Fire Stone, Water Stone, and Thunderstone—which will allow the player to evolve their Eevee into Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon if they so choose.

After defeating the rest of the area's Warlords, the three nations of Nobunaga's highest aides will appear: Spectra, led by ; Valora, led by Ieyasu; and Nixtorm, led by Mitsuhide. Upon defeat of these three, the final nation, Dragnor, appears, and the player is able to battle Nobunaga himself.

Upon conquering the final nation, a cutscene will play in which several pillars of light shoot out from across the nation and converge on a tower in Dragnor. When the player enters the tower, they find the legendary Pokémon Arceus awaiting them. Arceus tells the player to link with it, and the battle begins. When the player successfully links with Arceus, Nobunaga appears and reveals that he planned all along for this to happen. He secretly wanted to get Arceus appear so that he could strike it down and prove to the region that the legend was unimportant. Nobunaga, along with Nō, Ieyasu, Mitsuhide, Hideyoshi, and Ranmaru, then challenge the player's party to the final battle.

Upon defeating Nobunaga, the player brings peace to the land of Ransei, allowing each Warlord leader to rule their respective nations once again. Arceus goes off, telling the player it will appear again when the time is right.


Warlords and Pokémon unite to conquer the land!


Main article: List of Pokémon Conquest characters

In Pokémon Conquest, players take control of Warriors' Pokémon. Each Warrior in the game, excluding the Hero/Heroine, is based on someone from Japanese history, with several notable ones portraying Warlords in the game. There are also multiple non-playable characters, with unique character designs, such as the Messenger or the male Farmer.

Localization Changes

  • The game's title was changed to remove mention of the Nobunaga's Ambition series.
  • Some character names were changed:
    • Aya-Gozen's name was shortened to Aya.
    • Nōhime's name was shortened to .
    • Inahime's name was shortened to Ina.
    • Kaihime's name was shortened to Kai. However, this caused a name conflict with a Warrior also named Kai, so that warrior's name was changed to Shimoyama.
    • Jōun's name was changed to Shōun.
  • Several Warrior Skills and Pokémon Abilities were renamed, due to containing Japanese or Chinese terms that have no direct translation. However, "Fūrin Kazan" remained unchanged.
  • The sprites for the Alchemist Kingdom location were changed to feature a bottle instead of a pill on the building's roof.


Main article: List of Pokémon Conquest stories

After the first story, The Legend of Ransei, eight other stories are unlocked, allowing the player to play through several different stories as different characters. Each episode has a specific goal that must be completed in order to clear it, ranging from uniting the region to defeating a certain number of Warlords to collecting a certain number of Pokémon. Notably, the player won't be allowed to replay The Legend of Ransei, despite being able to replay all other stories. Instead, players can only unlock a final story after clearing the stories of the 16 "senior" Warlords.

Downloadable stories and events

In addition to the above stories, several more may be unlocked via Wi-Fi.

Mid-story events are also available through Wi-Fi, and these events can only happen during certain stories. These events, once downloaded, will occur the month after their requirements have been met.

Alternatively, these additional stories and events may be unlocked through entering passwords, without requiring Wi-Fi. These passwords do not affect the 64-slot limit for Pokémon passwords, and will not be recognized if the corresponding story or event has already been downloaded.

Category Title Region Duration Password Requirements
Story Conquest Keiji I icon.png
The Free Spirit's Path
Japan March 24 to April 13, 2012 -
  • Clear The Legend of Ransei
North America July 12 to December 31, 2012 EDw8w2HaRn
Conquest Okuni I icon.png
A Date With Destiny
Japan April 14 to May 11, 2012 -
  • Clear The Legend of Ransei
North America July 27 to December 31, 2012 gauRnak2nR
Conquest Ranmaru I icon.png
A Fate Born of Beauty
Japan May 12 to June 8, 2012 -
  • Clear The Legend of Ransei
North America July 2 to December 31, 2012 2aL38Ek2Rx
Event Conquest Motochika I icon.pngConquest Motonari I icon.png
Motochika and Motonari
Japan March 17, 2012 to May 19, 2014 -
North America June 18 to December 31, 2012 J2TRZXPUm3
Conquest Hideyoshi III icon.png643CFS.png
Hideyoshi and Reshiram
Japan March 31, 2012 to May 19, 2014 -
  • Clear The Legend of Ransei
  • Control of Ignis
  • Hideyoshi in the army
  • At least in April, Year 1
North America August 13 to December 31, 2012 2rz3XFEKxR

Kingdom events

Certain events can occur in kingdoms at random or when certain conditions are met that will affect gameplay. These events are predetermined several months in advance. Not all events are available in every story.

Conquest Warrior M 14 icon.png Messenger

A Messenger will sometimes appear at the start of the month. The Messenger will alert the player when there is an approaching invasion, when there is a rare Pokémon appearing in a kingdom, and when certain kingdom events appear.

Conquest Warrior M 13 icon.png Professor

A Professor will offer advice about basic game mechanics once every story during May of Year 1. The next month, June of Year 1, will be the first month that enemy armies are able to attack the player's kingdoms.

Conquest Warrior F 03 icon.pngConquest Warrior M 18 icon.png Traveling merchant

One of the traveling merchants may visit, offering a large selection of rare items. These merchants have higher prices but offer evolution items as well as high-quality supplies.

Traveling Merchant

New Year's celebration

New Year's celebration

If the player owns Fireworks, a New Year's celebration will be held in January of the new year. This will strengthen the link between Warrior and Pokémon in all kingdoms the player rules over.


Weather may impact some kingdoms at certain times of year. Affected kingdoms will be signified by an icon of the weather above them. Pokémon matching the weather's type in affected kingdoms will have their Energy maximized.

  • In May, rainstorms (indicated by a rain cloud) may occur, maximizing the Energy of Water Pokémon in affected kingdoms.
  • In August, heat waves (indicated by a sun) may occur, maximizing the Energy of Fire Pokémon in affected kingdoms.
  • In November, snowstorms (indicated by a snowflake) may occur, maximizing the Energy of Ice Pokémon in affected kingdoms.

Conquest Warrior M 23 icon.pngConquest Warrior F 06 icon.png Farmers

Sometimes a Farmer will appear and ask for a monetary donation of 1000, 2500 or 5000 Conquest gold.png gold, whichever is the highest amount the player can afford at the time.

If the player donates to the farmers three times, they will hold a festival the month after the third donation as thanks for the support. This will increase the Energy of Pokémon in the main Warlord's kingdom by three levels. The farmers will also give the player three rare gift items, with the rarity of the items increasing with larger donations:

  • Donations of Conquest gold.png 1000 will yield items available in Lv. 2 Shops.
  • Donations of Conquest gold.png 2500 will yield items available in Lv. 3 Shops.
  • Donations of Conquest gold.png 5000 will yield single-use held items and equipment that can only be bought from the traveling merchant.

The amount donated the third time determines the rarity of the items received.

If the farmers are rejected three times, they will instead rebel, decreasing the Energy of Pokémon present in the main Warlord's kingdom by three levels.


Warriors may be affected by a cold, which will render the Warriors unable to perform any actions. The cold may last several months and can spread to Warriors in adjacent kingdoms. Colds can be cured with Cold Medicine.

Hay Fever

Warriors may be affected by hay fever, which will render the Warriors unable to perform any actions. The hay fever may last several months. Hay fever can be cured with Hayfever Pills.

Attractive kingdom

Warriors from other kingdoms will visit one of the player's kingdoms, where they can be battled and recruited.

This event has three variations depending on the season:

  • In April, flowers will bloom.
  • In August, a summer festival will be held (but only if the player owns Fireworks).
  • In October, the leaves will turn orange.

Full kingdom

When the number of Warriors in the player's army reaches 10, 30, or 50, the Warriors will celebrate and the Energy of their Pokémon will increase by three levels.

Conquest Warrior M 15 icon.pngConquest Warrior F 02 icon.png Thieves

A gang of bandits may appear, with one of three possible scenarios. The bandits' army contains the same Pokémon and Warriors in all three cases.

  • The bandits will steal an item belonging to the player's army, and must be defeated in order to recover the stolen item.
  • Farmers will discover a rare item, but the bandits will attempt to steal it, and must be defeated to receive the item.
  • The bandits will kidnap a Princess's Lilligant, and must be defeated in order to receive a reward item from the Princess. In the event that the player does not manage to defeat the bandits, or simply lets them escape without battling, the Princess will still get her Lilligant back. However the thieves will retain the reward item.

Training trip

A letter from a Warrior on a training trip.

A Warrior in the player's army may ask for permission to go on a training trip, after which (if permission is granted) they will be absent for several months. If the Warrior travels with a Pokémon with a Perfect Link, the Warrior will send the player letters while gone. Along with the letter, the Warrior will also send a rare item which cannot be bought from Shops (such as Razor Claw and Ornate Helmet). After several months, the Warrior will return with their Pokémon, with their Link increased by 15%, rounded down.

If the Warrior travels with a Pokémon which does not have a Perfect Link, the Warrior will not send letters and will come back early with a new Pokémon met and linked with during the trip.

Losing a battle

When a battle is lost, a Warrior may go on a trip without permission from the player. The Warrior will return some time later with three rare items.

Disappearing Pokémon

A Pokémon that shares a 100% link with its Warrior may briefly disappear, returning with one or more items.

Dissatisfied Warriors

When the player does not use a recruited Warrior in a kingdom for a certain number of months, the Warrior will become dissatisfied and an angry face will appear on their profile page. Once they are used in the kingdom, the angry face disappears during the next month. If the recruited Warrior isn't used for a few months after the angry face appears, the Warrior will leave the army.

Warriors not in battle

Warriors that have not been used in a battle against an opposing army for a while may assist in war efforts by giving 3 Max Potions, Sylph Wings, Siren Songs, Double Plays, Twice Luckys or Winged Boots.

Conquest Warrior M 02 icon.png Strengthened opposing armies

The Gabite officer, rallying opposing forces.

When the player has conquered at least half of the available kingdoms and the strength of the player's army is considerably higher than opposing armies, civilians from opposing nations will notice and the strength of their army will increase. This may involve an Officer with a Gabite, who will considerably strengthen the armies of nations adjacent to the player's kingdoms.

In a similar yet distinct event, when the strength of the player's army is higher than opposing armies, all enemy kingdoms (adjacent or otherwise) will have their strength increased to a small extent.

Four guardians

Four silhouettes representing the guardians.

When the player has conquered at least half of all available nations, four Warriors including Warlords are made guardians of one stat each (Power, Wisdom, Charisma, and Capacity), appointed to the Warrior with the highest values for each particular stat. This maximizes the Energy of their Pokémon, and prevents them from leaving the army.


Certain Pokémon will appear in one kingdom the month after their password is typed in the Password section. After a password is used, it may not be used again unless save data is erased.

However, some Pokémon, such as Pikachu, have multiple passwords, which allow for more than one appearance. This is because each password has a pre-assigned slot ID from 0 to 63, inclusive. As long as a password is valid and its slot is not occupied by a previously-used password, the password will be recognized. However, once a specific password slot has been filled, any other passwords that map to that slot will prompt a "password already used" message, even if that password has never been entered before.

Official Passwords

These passwords were released through official sources, such as news posts or promotions.

Pokémon Password Slot ID # Distribution
Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English
Eevee Eevee 0エレフレ8カ0 2rz3XFCKmR 1 1 Nintendo Power June 2012 issue (page 85)
Gyarados Gyarados レルル6カミルフ mq2xRVNgRL 29 29 IGN website
Pikachu Pikachu メキト7ア8オト FZP8GqRZRR
2 2
Gamestop pre-order bonus
Nintendo of Canada official email
Lilligant Lilligant 8メセヤモビナフ RwGxLbHRRk 25 56 Nintendo Zone
Whimsicott Whimsicott ヲイベカ0カビへ juKxxqGP88 24 24 Official Nintendo Magazine
Riolu Riolu セ9タフロヂロイ Shw8mxRAJR 8 8 Gamestop pre-order bonus
Dratini Dratini キエメヒメカ0ド Sr5Z5GqAgR 4 4 game case insert
Larvitar Larvitar カボエ7ロオボヒ Lpu3ggCYk8 11 11 Gamestop PowerUp Rewards
Beldum Beldum カマ8メカセヂキ CMqkZRRSRX 18 18 Gamestop PowerUp Rewards
Gible Gible ゾボエ1ナナボコ LTb3n3RYJ8
20 20
Pokémon Conquest official website
Croagunk Croagunk 28セメフフロヒ LKpk8FRQR8 17 17 Club Mario Email
Deino Deino リヂビ4サ8ボメ 8rf3XPwvJw
3 3
Pokémon Conquest official website
Cinccino Cinccino ?????????? vVALFrGTXX ??? 57 Nintendo World launch event
Oshawott Oshawott 2ゾ2ケグヘロヒ frCLRpXG88 16 16 Pokémon Conquest official website
Chimchar Chimchar ママフ1ヲ0ゾチ DNB3x2gCgk
6 6
Pokémon Conquest official website
Snivy Snivy 8トセギモビセヒ XyADXkr138 7 38 Pokémon Conquest official website
Pansage Pansage レロロカ8ロヂガ 6xSG8UCAZR
23 23
Toys R Us website
Pansear Pansear ネ8フニミゼテラ niE33w9rwM 28 28 Toys R Us website
Panpour Panpour ズヂメ7メボオ6 CNZF3wpq3x 27 27 Toys R Us website
Darmanitan Darmanitan 28セメハクハ1 pK5RgzqLG8 26 30 Gamestop PowerUp Rewards
Axew Axew ドルリヘ8トナヤ BqWxXEK3xg 5 5 Gamestop PowerUp Rewards
Larvesta Larvesta ホヂ84カチトミ yQAw81qxGR 9 9 GAME Facebook page
Emolga Emolga テヘビトカ1リミ Jnm3kqgN8X 19 19 Gamestop pre-order bonus
Sneasel Sneasel コレキ1カキテゾ Rc338MpqLx 21 21 Gamestop PowerUp Rewards
Misdreavus Misdreavus ヨヂボマ0ノネハ mnKX3qwrZR 10 10 Pokémon Conquest official website
Audino Audino セ6ゼチ86ヤヒ ?????????? 14 ???
Scyther Scyther トロ06カロラデ 8GV3LMGrnM 13 13 Gamestop pre-order bonus
Lapras Lapras エ8カクゾ9トオ GfV33RVN3F 31 31 Gamestop pre-order bonus
Musharna Musharna ?????????? iMYXwqtHgL ??? 12 Aussie-Nintendo website
Zoroark Zoroark N/A 6iYmwq1Y8w N/A 46 Toys R Us website
Drifloon Drifloon N/A eqCgRvXwXX N/A 22 Vooks website

Pokémon restricted from passwords

Due to how the password algorithm is coded, certain Pokémon cannot appear through passwords. This includes all Legendary Pokémon, as well as an assortment of other Pokémon:


Pokémon Conquest's score of 34/40

Gaming magazine Famitsu has given Pokémon Conquest a score of 34/40, praising how it was easy for children to understand along with its high replay value. In addition, Nintendo Power magazine gave the game a rating of 9/10, citing its engaging and elaborate gameplay and also noting that it was simple enough to pick up for newcomers to the tactical RPG genre. IGN rated the game an "Amazing" 9.0/10.[5] It holds a rating of 81.97% on GameRankings, based on 29 reviews.[6]


Japanese sales

Pokémon Conquest sold 172,027 units on its first week on the Japanese market, with a sell-through of 58.43%. By December 29, 2013, the end of its 94th week, it had sold 345,374 copies.

Week Week ending Ranking Units sold Total units sold
1 March 18, 2012 1st 172,027 172,027
2 March 25, 2012 3rd 65,046 237,073
3 April 1, 2012 5th 30,535 267,608
4 April 8, 2012 7th 17,989 285,597
5 April 15, 2012 9th 10,377 295,974
6 April 22, 2012 13th 6,976 302,950
7 April 29, 2012 22nd - -
8 May 6, 2012 13th 9,069 318,067
9 May 13, 2012 20th 2,819 320,885
10 May 20, 2012 26th - -
11 May 27, 2012 42nd - -
42 December 30, 2012 - - 341,250
94 December 29, 2013 - - 345,374


Main article: Staff of Pokémon Conquest


  • This is the only Pokémon game since Hey You, Pikachu! to only be released in Japanese and English.
  • Had this game not existed, the game Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE would have been proposed as a Fire Emblem/Pokémon crossover game instead.[7]
  • If the game detects it is being played on an emulator or flashcard, the game will lock when booted. [citation needed]
  • This is the only Pokémon spin-off game which is Nintendo DSi-enhanced.
  • This was the last Pokémon spin-off game released for the Nintendo DS in Japan and North America.

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Pokémon: Wobbuffet Fell Down!Pokémon Get Round and Round
Pokémon Tug of War Tournament: Absolutely Get Medal!Pokémon Medal World
Pokémon Card Game GachaPokémon: Battle NinePokkén TournamentPokémon Corogarena
Sega Pico: Pokémon: Catch the Numbers!
Pokémon Advanced Generation: I've Begun Hiragana and Katakana!
Pokémon Advanced Generation: Pico for Everyone Pokémon Loud Battle!
CoCoPad: Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation: Pokémon Super Drill Let's Learn Numbers from 1 to 20!!
Advanced Pico Beena: Pokémon Advanced Generation: Pokémon Number Battle!
Intellectual Training Drill Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Letter and Number Intelligence Game
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Search for Pokémon! Adventure in the Maze!
Pokémon Best Wishes: Intelligence Training Pokémon Big Sports Meet!
Tech demos: Pikachu: DS Tech Demo
Self-contained: Pokémon PikachuPokémon Pikachu 2 GSPokémon Poké BallCyber Poké Ball
Cyber PokédexCyclone 2Digital Poké Ball D & PElectronic Hand-Held Yahtzee
Eevee × Tamagotchi
Pokémon game templates

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