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Route 14

Route 14

Route 14, or Laverre Nature Trail, stretches from Lumiose City to Laverre City. The murky marshes, abandoned playground, and spooky house all give this trail an eerie vibe, even in broad daylight.

Rival Battle

Trevor and Serena/Calem are waiting just outside the Lumiose gate. Trevor wants to compare his Mountain Kalos Pokédex with yours, while Serena/Calem is looking for another friendly battle. Her/His party consists of Meowstic at level 35, Absol at level 35, and her/his starter Pokémon at level 37. Afterwards, they run off to check out the Scary House in the northwest part of the route.

Scary House

As you reach the route's north end, Shauna appears and leads you to the isolated building where Tierno and Trevor are waiting. After mustering the courage to enter, they find an unusual man who tells a spooky story. The man asks for a tip, and whether you pay or not, the friends hurry outside, eager to reach Laverre City.

Laverre City

Laverre City

The small Laverre City features quaint homes that surround a massive tree. This unearthly city's landmarks include the Pokémon Fan Club and the Laverre Gym, which is housed inside the ancient tree itself. The region's Poké Ball Factory stands to the north.

Pokémon Center

Route 14 was a tough road, so stop by the Pokémon Center for a quick rest. Mr. Bonding can be found inside, and will grant you the Encounter Power if you speak to him.

Tiny and Tall

Two of the locals would like to see Pokémon of extreme sizes. The guy near the southeast gate would like to see a Pokémon shorter than 12 inches, while the girl near the café in the northeast wants to see a Pokémon taller than 9'10". Each one gives out a Poké Doll in return. Each request may be completed once per day.

Pokémon Fan Club

Visit the Pokémon Fan Club in the northwest and speak to the chairman. If any of your Pokémon have become Fully Trained by using Super Training, you will receive an Effort Ribbon from him.

Battle-Combo Move Tutor

The local Move Tutor lives in the house to the east of the Gym. He offers to teach a very special move to any members of the starter Pokémon families. Chespin and Bulbasaur can learn Grass Pledge, Fennekin and Charmander can learn Fire Pledge, and Froakie and Squirtle can learn Water Pledge. Using these moves on the same turn in a Double or Triple Battle will raise their power from 80 to 150, and activate additional effects.

Types Involved Description
GrassFire Creates a sea of fire where all non-Fire Pokémon lose 1/8 of their max HP every turn for four turns
FireWater Creates a rainbow that doubles the likelihood of a move's additional effect(s) for four turns
WaterGrass Creates a vast swamp that reduces the opponent's Speed by 50% for four turns

Laverre Gym

Laverre Gym

The Laverre Gym specializes in Fairy-type Pokémon. Use Poison and Steel attacks to deal serious damage, and avoid sending in Dark, Dragon, and Fighting Pokémon. Housed inside the ancient tree, this Gym is designed as a giant dollhouse. There are nine rooms, each with several warp panels. The yellow panels work both ways, so it is possible to return to the previous room. Whenever possible, take the warp panel on the right side of the room to reach the Gym Leader.

Valerie's Mawile is up first. Though Fairy Pokémon are vulnerable to Poison and Steel moves, Mawile's typing removes this liability; focus on Steel's weakness to Fire and Ground instead. Her Mr. Mime may put up defensive walls, so hit hard with physical moves to target its weaker Defense. Sylveon's Cute Charm Ability may infatuate any female Pokémon that makes direct contact; either use a strong special move, or send in a male with a physical attack to take advantage of its lower Defense.

Laverre Gym
The Fairy Badge

Afterwards, Valerie awards you the Fairy Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 80. She also gives you a gift, TM99 (Dazzling Gleam).

Take the green warp panel to the entrance and step outside. Shauna and Trevor appear, and ask you to join them in touring the Poké Ball Factory to the north of town.

Poké Ball Factory

Poké Ball Factory

Like the name implies, every Poké Ball used in the Kalos region is produced here at the Poké Ball Factory. The facility is mostly automated, though a few workers remain to observe the process and to give tours of the building.


Trouble is brewing... a single Team Flare Grunt is blocking the entrance. Speak to Shauna, and she creates a distraction that lures the guard away from his post, giving you and Serena/Calem a chance to slip inside. Be sure to search the grounds for valuables before entering the facility.


You won't get very far before another Grunt gets in the way. Luckily, Serena/Calem arrives and battles the thug for you, allowing you to move on ahead. Ride the first conveyor belt to the west then north. Collect the Metal Coat from the middle area, then ride the second conveyor belt east then south. Climb the stairway and visit the northwest office; one of the workers inside restores your Pokémon to full health, while another reveals that you must reverse the belt direction to proceed. Head to the southwest corner to reach the control panel and reverse the belts. Ride the first belt eastward, and climb the next stairway to reach the president's office in the northeast. Inside, Team Flare is pressuring the president to side with them. Defeat the Admin and Celosia and Bryony attempt to battle you two-on-one, but Serena/Calem arrives just in time. She/He uses a level 37 Meowstic, a level 39 Absol, and her/his starter Pokémon at level 39.

Defeated, Team Flare ends their assault on the factory. As a reward, the president offers a choice of either a Master Ball or Big Nugget, but regardless of which you choose, he gives out both items anyway. Make your way to the entrance, where you meet your friends and discuss the recent events.

Outside, you receive a Holo Clip that assures that the attack on the factory will have no effect on Poké Ball sales. The next stop is Dendemille Town to the southeast, by way of Route 15.

Route 15

Route 15

Route 15, or Brun Way, is a leaf-covered trail that links Laverre City and Dendemille Town, and also provides access to Route 16. There are many valuables among the dense leaves and crumbling ruins, though some are inaccessible at first.

Holo Clip

When you cross the second bridge, you receive a Holo Clip from Lysandre. He has heavy topics weighing on his mind as usual, and wonders whether all Pokémon—and all humans—have the same potential.

Lost Hotel

Lost Hotel

The basement of the once-inviting Lost Hotel has been overrun by a group of wayward young people. The place now lies in ruins, with bookshelves overturned and trash scattered all around. Because of this, it is only possible to explore the northern half of the area from Route 15.

Trash Cans

The five green trash cans hold little of interest, but some of them may occasionally shake. Inspect a shaking can to reveal some curious wild Pokémon, including the elusive Rotom.

The Boss

Head to the northwest corner, and a Punk Guy stops you. Impress him with your Roller Skate tricks; if you've learned the Backflip and the 360, he will let you continue north to meet "the boss". He has been waiting for someone who was born for beautiful skating. He believes that you have what it takes to master the most difficult trick, the Cosmic Flip, and kindly teaches it to you.

Route 16

Route 16

Route 16, or Mélancolie Path, connects Route 15 back to Lumiose City. This optional path is a well-known fishing spot, and features a wide variety of other Pokémon species as well. The southern ruins of the Lost Hotel are located in the northeast, and the Fishing Shack stands just outside Lumiose.

The Fishing Shack

Head west toward Lumiose to find the Fishing Shack and the peaceful docks beyond. Enter the building and speak to the first Fisherman to receive the Super Rod, a high-end fishing rod that can reel in all kinds of sea life. The other Fisherman will give you 20 Dive Balls if you can break his consecutive fishing record and hook more than seven Pokémon in a row. A combo is broken whenever you cast and fail to find anything. Try fishing in a narrow, secluded area to find Pokémon that are really biting!

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