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Celadon City

Celadon City

Celadon City is located between Route 7 to the east and Route 16 to the west. The Celadon Department Store in the northwest offers all kinds of items for sale. The Celadon Mansion is a hotel, with a group known as Game Freak as its current occupants. Visitors can try their luck at the Game Corner in the heart of the city and redeem their winnings at the Prize Corner next door. The Celadon Gym stands on a hill in the southwest part of town.

Celadon Mansion

The tall building in the north part of town is Celadon Mansion. On the third floor, Game Freak's game designer promises a reward for showing him your completed Pokédex.

The Amazing Eevee

To further this goal of completing the Pokédex, leave an empty slot in your party and follow the path behind the Pokémon Center to find a break in the trees. Enter the mansion through the back door and climb to the top floor to obtain an Eevee. This Pokémon's unique genetic makeup allows it to evolve into one of several different forms. Exposure to a Water Stone, ThunderStone, or Fire Stone will cause it to evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon, respectively. Any one will make a useful addition to your team, as they can cover your first partner Pokémon's weakness. These stones can only be purchased in the nearby Department Store.

Celadon Department Store

The Celadon Department Store is the largest shop in Kanto. Nearly any item a Trainer could want can be found here.


The Trainer's Market is found on the second floor. Everyday items like Great Balls and Super Potions are offered here.

Left Cashier

Right Cashier


The third floor holds the TV Game Shop, with various video games on display. There are no items for sale, but the clerk behind the counter gives out TM18 (Counter).


Wiseman Gifts is located on the fourth floor. The stones that cause certain Pokémon to evolve can be purchased here. Be sure to pick up a Poké Doll or two, as they are useful for running from wild Pokémon.


The Drug Store can be found on the fifth floor. Battle items and vitamins are offered here.

Left Cashier

Right Cashier

Rooftop Square

The Rooftop Square houses a picnic area and several vending machines. Each machine offers Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade. If you purchase one of each drink for the little girl nearby, she rewards you with TM13 (Ice Beam), TM48 (Rock Slide), and TM49 (Tri Attack), respectively.

Be sure to pick up an extra drink for the Saffron City gatekeepers, as well.

Vending machine

Celadon Gym

Celadon Gym


The Nature Loving Princess!

The Celadon Gym specializes in Grass-type Pokémon. This type is generally vulnerable against Fire-, Ice-, Flying-, Poison-, and Bug-type attacks. Most Pokémon inside are also part-Poison, which leaves them exposed to Psychic moves, as well. Water, Rock, and Ground Pokémon are best kept on the sidelines. Grass Pokémon tend to harass their target with status ailments, so it is a good idea to bring healing items like Antidote, Parlyz Heal, and Awakening. Once the first few Gym Trainers have been defeated, have a Pokémon use Cut on one of the small trees to reach the clearing with the Gym Leader.

Celadon Gym
Rainbow Badge

After the battle, Erika awards you the Rainbow Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 50 and enables the use of Strength in the field. She also gives you TM21 (Mega Drain) as a prize.

Fickle Fortune

Stop by the restaurant on the city's south side and talk to the man near the back wall. A string of bad luck at the slot machines has cost him all of his money, so he has no more use for his Coin Case and gives it to you.

Shady Dealings

Several Team Rocket Grunts can be seen loitering around the city. Next door to the restaurant, there are workers organizing the transport of 2,000 Pokémon every month to the Game Corner to be used as prizes. Numbers like that mean money, and are sure to draw Team Rocket's attention. Whatever the group may be involved in, as one of the workers points out, it surely has nothing to do with a hidden switch in the Game Corner.

Game Corner

Locations of hidden coins
Confronting the Rocket

The prizes offered next door are expensive, so it will require a large number of coins to receive all of them. Coins may be purchased at the counter in sets of 50 for $1,000 each. Others can be obtained by speaking with other patrons, and even more can be found dropped on the ground.

A Secret Switch?

Nothing seems out of the ordinary at first, but there is something off about the man in black who is fixated on a poster on the back wall. When you try to speak to him, he picks a fight with you. Defeat his two Pokémon and he retreats, leaving the poster unguarded. Inspect it to find a secret switch hidden underneath; press this switch and a hidden door opens to the right, revealing a secret stairway leading underground.

Prize Corner

Left WindowR

Left WindowB

Middle WindowR

Middle WindowB

Right Window

Rocket Hideout

Rocket Hideout, B1F
Rocket Hideout, B2F
Rocket Hideout, B3F
Rocket Hideout, B4F

The Team Rocket Hideout is a secret underground complex used by the group as their base of operations. Rumors point to a certain item being located somewhere in Celadon that can identify the ghosts of Pokémon Tower. It would not be surprising for Team Rocket to have acquired an item as valuable as this, so be sure to take it back if you can find it!

B1F (North)

Visit the western room to get an Escape Rope, then take the stairs down to B2F.


Go west to fight the next Team Rocket Grunt. Further west is a maze of spinner tiles meant to thwart any intruders; step on one of these arrow tiles to be sent spinning until you reach a stopper tile.

Enter the maze and follow the spinner tiles to the stopper tile in the northwest. Backtrack carefully to reach a Nugget in the northeast corner. Collect the Moon Stone, TM07 (Horn Drill), and Super Potion on the way southward. Step on the southernmost spinner tile to reach the maze exit and climb the stairs to the east.

B1F (West)

Battle the two Rocket Grunts here and pick up the Hyper Potion.


Backtrack through the east side of the maze and head down the stairs to the northeast.


Go south past the lone Rocket Grunt to reach TM10 (Double-Edge), then head west to enter the second maze of spinner tiles. Collect the Rare Candy on the way southward, then battle another Rocket Grunt and go downstairs.

B4F (Northwest)

On this first visit to B4F, it is only possible to reach the two rooms on the west side. Pick up the HP Up on a table to the south, then visit the northwest room. Pick up TM02 (Razor Wind) and battle the nearby Rocket Grunt. Talk to him afterward and he drops the Lift Key, which operates the elevator in the southeast part of the complex.

Climb back up to B2F and make your way through the larger maze again to reach the elevator. Take it down to B4F.

B4F (Southeast)

Exit the elevator and go west to reach an Iron. Defeat the last two Rocket Grunts and the electronic door that they are guarding opens. Step inside to confront the Rocket boss.

VS Giovanni

Both Giovanni's Onix and Rhyhorn take massive damage from Grass and Water attacks. His Kangaskhan takes serious damage only from Fighting moves. Avoid using attacking moves if Onix or Kangaskhan use Rage, as it boosts their Attack every time they take damage.

Giovanni cannot believe that he lost, but acknowledges that you raise your Pokémon with great care. He says that a child like you could never understand his goals, then he and most of the other Rockets disappear. Be sure to pick up the Silph Scope that he leaves behind. Ride the elevator to B1F and battle one last Rocket Grunt on the way out.


If you still have an extra drink on hand, you can pass through Saffron City on the way back to Pokémon Tower. Enter Saffron's west gate and the guard sees that you have a beverage. If you give it to him, he shares it with the other three guards which now allows you to reach the city from any direction. Travel eastward through the city to return to Route 8 and Lavender Town.

If not, take the Underground Path back to Route 8 and continue eastward.

Lavender Town

Pokémon Tower

Pokémon Tower, 2F
Pokémon Tower, 3F
Pokémon Tower, 4F
Pokémon Tower, 5F
Pokémon Tower, 6F
Pokémon Tower, 7F

The Ghost Pokémon of Pokémon Tower are immune to Normal- and Fighting-type attacks, but as they are also Poison type, they are vulnerable to Psychic attacks. The spirits can be relentless, so it may be useful to bring a supply of Repels and Poké Dolls along to avoid them as much as possible. There are still many possessed Channelers here as well, so be sure to bring some Super Potions along.


Rival Battle 5

By this point, Blue has assembled a team that includes Grass, Fire, and Water Pokémon to cover his weaknesses. His first partner Pokémon takes the place of either Exeggcute, Growlithe, or Gyarados, whichever matches its type. His Pidgeotto still poses little threat, as it has no Flying-type moves and those it has are fairly weak. Exeggcute can induce Sleep with Hypnosis, so use Awakenings as necessary. Growlithe's Ember can deal a decent amount of damage and may cause a Burn. His Gyarados has the biggest offensive presence with Hydro Pump, so be sure to take it down quickly. Kadabra takes super effective damage only from Bug moves, but physical moves will wear it down as well. Blue's first Pokémon has grown to level 25 and learned some new moves, but it should not be too much to handle. Use super effective moves to send your rival packing and continue up the tower.

Bulbasaur If the player chose Bulbasaur:

Charmander If the player chose Charmander:

Squirtle If the player chose Squirtle:


Grab the Escape Rope by the north wall and climb the stairs to 4F.


Pick up the Elixer and Awakening in the center of the room, and the HP Up near the south wall. Climb the western stairs.


A Channeler in the middle of the fifth floor has not been possessed and maintains a healing area with her white magic. When a Trainer enters this protected zone, all of their Pokémon will be fully healed. Battle another Channeler or two and grab the Nugget before taking the eastern stairs.


Collect the X Accuracy to the south, then northward past three more Channelers. Grab the Rare Candy in your path and proceed to the south stairway. As you approach, the ghost attacks and the Silph Scope activates, revealing a level 30 Marowak. Unfortunately, this spirit cannot be caught and must be defeated.

Spr 1b 105.png
Ground Unknown
Marowak Lv.30
Bone Club
Focus Energy

When the battle is over, the mother Marowak's spirit is calmed. Finally able to rest, she departs to the afterlife.

Climb the final stairway to the seventh floor.


Defeat the three Rocket Grunts and speak to Mr. Fuji. He thanks you for calming Marowak's spirit and asks that you accompany him to his home, the Volunteer Pokémon House, at the foot of the tower.

Mr. Fuji's house

Speak to Mr. Fuji to receive the Poké Flute as thanks. This instrument awakens any sleeping Pokémon who may hear its music. With this, you can finally wake the two Snorlax who have been blocking the way to southern Kanto. But first, head west to return to Saffron City and take on the next Gym.

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