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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo DS iteration, not Gold and Silver. The guide for those games can be found here.

Mt. Silver Cave

Mt. Silver, 1F
Mt. Silver, Lower Mountainside
Mt. Silver, 2F
Mt. Silver, Upper Mountainside
Mt. Silver, 3F
Mt. Silver, Summit

Mt. Silver is a tough, forbidding mountain that towers over the border between Johto and Kanto. The terrain is so treacherous and the wild Pokémon are so strong that only those who have earned Professor Oak's permission are allowed to enter. The sprawling caves may exhaust even the most seasoned adventurers, so it may be wise to bring a supply of Max Repels, in addition to Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls.


Surf westward and climb the waterfall. Detour to the small northeast chamber to obtain an Expert Belt, then sail to the northwest and scale the rock wall. Inspect the lone rock for an Ultra Ball, and climb the waterfall to the north. Step inside the northwest chamber to find the mountain's resident legendary Pokémon.


Moltres, the final member of the legendary birds, can deal some serious damage with its Flamethrower and Air Slash moves. In addition, AncientPower has a slight chance of boosting each of its stats. Start off with Water or Electric attacks to quickly lower its health. Rock-type moves are doubly effective, but as your Pokémon are likely at higher levels, take care not to overpower it. Follow up with Grass-, Fire-, Bug-, Fighting-, and Steel-type moves to limit the damage it sustains. If you fail to catch it, defeat the Pokémon League once more to cause it to reappear.

Spr 4h 146.png
Fire Flying
Held item:
Moltres Lv.50
Air Slash
Flying Special
Normal Status
Fire Special
Rock Special

Afterwards, either backtrack to the entrance or simply use an Escape Rope. Take a rest at the Pokémon Center if needed, then climb the nearest rock wall and step out onto the mountainside.

Lower Mountainside

Go south to reach an Escape Rope, then follow the trail up the mountainside. Pick up TM76 (Stealth Rock) from the highest level, then turn north. Detour inside the nearest cave entrance to reach a Full Restore, then resume the trek along the narrow trail. Step inside the mid-level cave entrance to return to 1F.


Follow the narrow cliff westward, then turn north. Go northeast to find a hidden Revive, then climb the stairway to the next chamber.


This chamber houses a large crater, which forces travelers to wander in circles to reach the upper levels. Collect the Max Elixir, Max Revive, and Calcium, then leave through the northern exit to reach the mountain's snow-covered heights.

Upper Mountainside

Inspect the nearest group of rocks for a Max Ether. Head east and turn the corner; step inside the northeast cave entrance to reach a Protein and a hidden Iron, then continue south through the snow. Duck inside the next cave entrance to re-emerge on the mountain's southeast side. Head southwest and use Rock Climb to detour up the cliffside for a Pure Incense and a hidden Rare Candy, and enter the southeast cave.


Head west and exit back into the snow.

Upper Mountainside

Scale the first cliff to reach three more areas. Climb the eastern cliffs for a hidden Hyper Potion, collect the Dawn Stone from the western cliffs, then scale the central area and enter the cave.


Follow the tunnel westward and scale the enormous cliffside. Check the rock to the east for a hidden Max Revive. Take a moment to restore your team to full health, then exit onto the frozen mountaintop.


Cross the narrow trail to meet the strongest Trainer in Johto and Kanto, Red. After claiming the Champion title three years ago, he gave it up in order to continue his training. Because of his dedication, his is the most powerful team in the game. In order to stand a chance against him, your Pokémon will need incredible offenses, which you might want to boost with X Attacks or X Specials. Even a type advantage means little if your Pokémon are too low-leveled. Don't hesitate to switch out your Pokémon or use a Revive to reclaim the type advantage; after all, Red will be targeting your weaknesses too, and may switch out his own Pokémon to accomplish this.

Red leads with his Pikachu, which can inflict serious damage with its signature Volt Tackle move. The Light Ball it carries doubles its Attack and Special Attack; however, the item does nothing to improve its low defenses. Electric-type Pokémon only fear Ground attacks, so use moves like Earthquake or Earth Power to decimate its health. Ground/Rock Pokémon like Graveler and Rhydon should be careful of its Iron Tail attack. Be sure to restore your Pokémon's health as necessary to avoid a knockout due to its Quick Attack move.

Lapras's Brine doubles in power if the target is already weakened, and Body Slam has a good chance of paralyzing the target. Psychic is mostly for Water Pokémon that resist its other attacks, though it can also deter Fighting-type Pokémon aiming to inflict super-effective damage. Its high HP makes it difficult to wear down, so try Electric-, Grass-, Rock-, and Fighting-type moves to take it down.

Snorlax has a variety of strong moves, though it will likely avoid using Shadow Ball because of its low Special Attack. Conversely, its high Attack stat allows it to deal serious damage with Crunch and Giga Impact. Crunch may even lower the target's Defense, making the behemoth even more dangerous. Giga Impact is likely the biggest threat, as few Pokémon can survive the combination of 150 base power, Snorlax's high Attack stat, and the same-type attack bonus it receives. Like Pikachu, it is only vulnerable to moves of a single type, the Fighting type. Low Kick is especially useful, as it deals more damage to heavier targets.

Venusaur takes serious damage from Fire-, Ice-, Flying-, and Psychic-type attacks. Sleep Powder and Giga Drain allows it to replenish its health while the target is incapacitated. Sludge Bomb is a strong move that may poison its opponent, but Poison and Grass moves combined have poor coverage. Frenzy Plant is a powerful attack that forces the user to rest on the next turn, and Venusaur's Overgrow Ability and Giga Drain gives it a power boost when its health is low.

Charizard is vulnerable to Water, Electric, and especially Rock moves. It excels in Special Attack and Speed, which lets it wreak havoc with its powerful moves. Air Slash may make the target flinch, and Blast Burn deals serious damage and forces it to rest on the next turn. No combination of two types can resist both Fire- and Dragon-type attacks, so Charizard has great coverage with Dragon Pulse.

Blastoise is afraid of only two types of moves, Grass and Electric. However, as long as it can use Blizzard, Grass Pokémon should avoid the battle. Flash Cannon and Focus Blast both have a chance of lowering the target's Special Defense, a tactic that allows the defensive Pokémon to deal more damage than usual. Like Venusaur's Frenzy Plant and Charizard's Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon is a powerful move that receives a same-type attack bonus and another power boost when its health is low, due to its Torrent Ability.

Many of his Pokémon know Blizzard to exploit the hail in Mt. Silver, which itself can be used to chip away your health, so it is recommended to attempt replacing it with another weather condition.

Defeated, he pauses for a second in stunned silence. Then in the blink of an eye, Red is gone. It is possible to battle him again, by defeating the Elite Four again and returning to the mountaintop. A moment later, the credits roll for the second time.

Afterwards, you find yourself back home in New Bark Town. Though the credits have rolled once more, there is still more to do. As Professor Oak was the one who gave you permission to scale the mountain, he will want to hear about your battle with the reclusive former Champion.

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