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Pokémon Trading Cards series 1

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A packet of Pokémon series 1 trading cards

Pokémon Official Trading Cards, informally known as Pokémon Trading Cards series 1, was a set of Pokémon-themed trading cards manufactured by Topps in 1999. There were 90 cards in total: 76 Pokémon cards, 13 character cards, and a checklist card. Each of these 90 cards also had two foil card versions (silver and rainbow). This set contained no bonus "chase cards".

Cards were sold in randomly distributed packets of eight. One card in each packet would be a randomly chosen foil card.

These cards had five different printings, one in the United Kingdom and four in the United States.[1] The UK printing is distinguished by a round Nintendo seal, while the US printings have an oval seal. The US printings are distinguished by a blue, black, green, or red Topps logo, with card texts being updated between the first (blue) and second (black) printings. Due to an error[2], all US foil cards after the first printing were printed with black logos, but can still be distinguished by unique embossings:

  • 2nd printing: the Pokémon cards were embossed with rays and starbursts, while TV cards had a sandpaper finish.
  • 3rd printing: the Pokémon cards were embossed with flames and teardrops, while TV cards had dots and rectangles.
  • 4th printing: the Pokémon cards were embossed with Poké Balls and targets, while TV cards had dents.

First edition foils had no embossings and a smooth finish. The UK printing did not include rainbow foil versions of the cards.

Cards in series 1


Front and back of a foil Meowth card
  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Ivysaur
  3. Venusaur
  4. Charmander
  5. Charmeleon
  6. Charizard
  7. Squirtle
  8. Wartortle
  9. Blastoise
  10. Caterpie
  11. Metapod
  12. Butterfree
  13. Weedle
  14. Kakuna
  15. Beedrill
  16. Pidgey
  17. Pidgeotto
  18. Pidgeot
  19. Rattata
  20. Raticate
  21. Spearow
  22. Fearow
  23. Ekans
  24. Arbok
  25. Pikachu
  26. Raichu
  27. Sandshrew
  28. Sandslash
  29. Nidoran♀
  30. Nidorina
  31. Nidoqueen
  32. Nidoran♂
  33. Nidorino
  34. Nidoking
  35. Clefairy
  36. Clefable
  37. Vulpix
  38. Ninetales *
  39. Jigglypuff
  40. Wigglytuff
  41. Zubat
  42. Golbat
  43. Oddish
  44. Gloom
  45. Vileplume
  46. Paras
  47. Parasect
  48. Venonat
  49. Venomoth
  50. Diglett
  51. Dugtrio
  52. Meowth
  53. Persian
  54. Psyduck
  55. Golduck
  56. Mankey
  57. Primeape
  58. Growlithe
  59. Arcanine
  60. Poliwag
  61. Poliwhirl
  62. Poliwrath
  63. Abra
  64. Kadabra
  65. Alakazam
  66. Machop
  67. Machoke
  68. Machamp
  69. Bellsprout
  70. Weepinbell
  71. Victreebel *
  72. Tentacool
  73. Tentacruel
  74. Geodude
  75. Graveler
  76. Golem

Character cards

Front and back of TV3: Misty

There are thirteen cards featuring characters from the Pokémon anime. The first four cards have a Pokédex-style entry on the featured character, the other nine have pieces of a puzzle on the back. The image on the puzzle is also featured on the front of the checklist card.


  • Checklist

Series 1 Tins

A set of five tins were also manufactured for series 1. The tins included seven packs of cards and an extra-large chrome card that matched the cover of the tin.

  1. Pikachu
  2. Squirtle
  3. Bulbasaur
  4. Charmander
  5. Meowth


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