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Pokémon Advanced Trading Cards

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A packet of cards featuring Pikachu
A packet of cards featuring Treecko

Pokémon Advanced Trading Cards was a set of Pokémon-themed trading cards manufactured by Topps in 2003. There were 90 cards in total: 8 character cards, 81 Pokémon cards, and a checklist card. Each of these 90 cards also had a foil card version. In addition, there were 28 bonus "chase cards" not included on the checklist: 18 embossed evolution cards and 10 pop-up cards.

Cards were sold in randomly distributed packets of seven. One card in each packet would be a randomly chosen foil card.

Cards in the Pokémon Advanced series

Characters and Pokémon

Character card featuring Team Rocket

The first eight cards in the set feature a character or group of characters from the Pokémon anime. On the back of each card is a short bio explaining their role in the series.

Front and back of a Cacnea card

The remaining cards feature Pokémon. Unlike in Topps's previous sets, these Pokémon cards are ordered alphabetically instead of by their Pokédex numbers. All Pokémon appearing in this set were introduced in Generation III.

  1. Ash
  2. Team Aqua
  3. Professor Birch
  4. Brock
  5. Team Rocket
  6. Team Magma
  7. May
  8. Max
  9. Absol
  10. Aggron
  11. Altaria
  12. Anorith
  13. Armaldo
  14. Aron
  15. Azurill
  16. Bagon
  17. Banette
  18. Beautifly
  19. Blaziken
  20. Cacnea
  21. Cacturne
  22. Camerupt
  23. Carvanha
  24. Castform
  25. Combusken
  26. Corphish
  27. Cradily
  28. Crawdaunt
  29. Delcatty
  30. Duskull
  31. Dustox
  32. Exploud
  33. Feebas
  34. Gardevoir
  35. Glalie
  36. Groudon
  37. Grovyle
  38. Grumpig
  39. Hariyama
  40. Illumise
  41. Kecleon
  42. Kirlia
  43. Kyogre
  44. Lairon
  45. Latias
  46. Latios
  47. Lileep
  48. Linoone
  49. Lotad
  50. Loudred
  51. Ludicolo
  52. Makuhita
  53. Marshtomp
  54. Masquerain
  55. Medicham
  56. Meditite
  57. Minun
  58. Mudkip
  59. Nosepass
  60. Numel
  61. Nuzleaf
  62. Pelipper
  63. Plusle
  64. Poochyena
  65. Ralts
  66. Roselia
  67. Sableye
  68. Salamence
  69. Sceptile
  70. Sealeo
  71. Seedot
  72. Seviper
  73. Sharpedo
  74. Shiftry
  75. Shroomish
  76. Skitty
  77. Slakoth
  78. Spinda
  79. Spoink
  80. Swampert
  81. Taillow
  82. Torchic
  83. Trapinch
  84. Treecko
  85. Vigoroth
  86. Volbeat
  87. Whiscash
  88. Wynaut
  89. Zigzagoon


  • Checklist

Chase cards

Embossed evolution cards

Embossed evolution card #2: Grovyle

There are 18 embossed evolution cards in the set, representing six three-stage evolutionary lines. Each evolution card is die-cut in a way that when the three stages of the evolutionary line are placed together, the shapes of the cards will fit together. Additionally, the image of the Pokémon and the Pokémon logo are embossed.

  1. Treecko
  2. Grovyle
  3. Sceptile
  4. Mudkip
  5. Marshtomp
  6. Swampert
  7. Torchic
  8. Combusken
  9. Blaziken
  10. Ralts
  11. Kirlia
  12. Gardevoir
  13. Whismur
  14. Loudred
  15. Exploud
  16. Aron
  17. Lairon
  18. Aggron

Pop-up cards

Pop-up card #7: Latios & Latias

There are 10 pop-up cards in the set. Each pop-up card has an image of a Pokémon which can be punched out and then propped up using the rest of the card for support.

  1. Torchic
  2. Mudkip
  3. Pikachu
  4. Treecko
  5. Combusken
  6. Groudon
  7. Latios & Latias
  8. Sceptile
  9. Kyogre
  10. Absol

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