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Pokémon Johto Trading Cards series 1

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Pokémon Johto Trading Cards series 1 was a set of Pokémon-themed trading cards manufactured by Topps. There were 90 cards in total: 62 Pokémon cards, 27 episode cards and a checklist card. Each of these 90 cards also had a foil card version. In addition, there were 96 bonus "chase cards" not included on the checklist: 62 sticker cards, 15 die-cut embossed cards, 10 pop-up cards, and 9 hologram cards.

Cards in the Johto Trading Cards series 1


Episode cards

  • Snap01 The Lovable Totodile
  • Snap02 Old Friends and New
  • Snap03 Cute and Snuggly
  • Snap04 Chikorita Challenge!
  • Snap05 Unstoppable Team!
  • Snap06 Heracross vs. Pinsir!
  • Snap07 Heracross vs. Mecha Pinsir!
  • Snap08 Is It a Donphan?
  • Snap09 The Donphan Herd
  • Snap10 Hoothoot Hide and Seek
  • Snap11 Hoothoot Saves the Day
  • Snap12 Joint Bellossom Attack!
  • Snap13 Guest Dancer: Pikachu!
  • Snap14 Hello Spinarak!
  • Snap15 Spinning a Web for Thieves
  • Snap16 Snubbull Trouble
  • Snap17 Ferocious Fighter
  • Snap18 Stantler Stampede!
  • Snap19 Stantler Rescue!
  • Snap20 Quagsire Sighting!
  • Snap21 Captured Quagsire!
  • Snap22 Ledyba Times Six!
  • Snap23 Ledyba Capture!
  • Snap24 Fighting Mad Ledyba!
  • Snap25 Nurse Blissey!
  • Snap26 Doctor's Examination
  • Snap27 Blissey Surprise!


  • Checklist

Chase cards

Sticker Cards

There are 62 sticker cards in the set, numbered in National Pokédex order. The sticker portion forms an oval on the front of the card, in which the Pokémon is contained.

The Pokémon that appear on the sticker cards are the same as those in the regular set but have different poses.

Die-cut Embossed Cards

There are 15 die-cut embossed evolution cards in the set, representing five three-stage evolutionary lines. The image of each Pokémon and the Pokémon logo are embossed.

  1. Chikorita
  2. Bayleef
  3. Meganium
  4. Cyndaquil
  5. Quilava
  6. Typhlosion
  7. Totodile
  8. Croconaw
  9. Feraligatr
  10. Mareep
  11. Flaaffy
  12. Ampharos
  13. Hoppip
  14. Skiploom
  15. Jumpluff

Pop-up Cards

There are 10 pop-up cards in the set. Each pop-up card has an image of a Pokémon which can be punched out and then propped up using the rest of the card for support.

  1. Hoppip
  2. Aipom
  3. Wooper
  4. Murkrow
  5. Wobbuffet
  6. Gligar
  7. Shuckle
  8. Teddiursa
  9. Smeargle
  10. Elekid

Hologram Cards

There are 9 hologram cards in the set. Each card has an image of a Pokémon with a shiny background.

  1. Chikorita
  2. Cyndaquil
  3. ???*
  4. Furret
  5. Noctowl
  6.  ???
  7. Granbull
  8. Ursaring
  9. Mantine

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