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PS562 : Pangoro Poses a Problem
X & Y arc
PS564 : Corphish Pinches
Charging After Electrike
Rakurai, Pursue
Shogakukan mini-volume Ch. 11 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 11 in Vol. 4
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 563 in Vol. 57
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 15 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

Charging After Electrike (Japanese: ラクライ、追う Rakurai, Pursue) is the 563rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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X Mega Evolves Kanga and Li'l Kanga to battle the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief's Pangoro. As they start battling, X notices that the Pokémon from downstairs have come upstairs because they heard the ruckus. Kanga and Li'l Kanga are having trouble attacking Pangoro, as it keeps successfully predicting their moves, so X checks his Pokédex and finds the answer. X then wants Salamè to attack Pangoro, but the Lizard Pokémon is too busy with the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief's Spewpa, so X commands Marisso to help Salamè, but he is busy attacking the other Spewpa. Y, Tierno, Shauna, and Alexa are hearing the battle from the bottom floor of Prism Tower. Alexa wonders if X will be able to win the battle by himself, and Tierno and Shauna tell her that X will have a harder time winning if they are hanging around. Shauna asks Alexa if Professor Sycamore is still in Prism Tower, and she says that he left after the interview with the editor-in-chief. Y says that when X wins they have to go to Sycamore's Lab to talk with him. However, Tierno and Shauna don't want to go there because they believe almost everyone in the city is their enemy.

At the battle, X questions why Marisso and Salamè aren't listening to him. The Lumiose Press editor-in-chief tells him that it's because of Spewpa's Rage Powder, which makes the two Scatterdust Pokémon the center of attention. Marisso and Salamè finally defeat the two Spewpa, but they're too tired to continue fighting, so Pangoro grabs the pair and tries to crush them. X tells Salamè to let go of his tail, burning the leaf in Pangoro's mouth. Kanga and Li'l Kanga go to attack Pangoro and finally land a hit on it. Pangoro lets go of Marisso and Salamè and the editor-in-chief questions how X knew Pangoro's secret, X reveals he got it from reading Pangoro's Pokédex entry. It says that Pangoro uses the leaf in its mouth to know what move its opponent uses, so with its leaf gone, Pangoro's useless.

Kanga and Li'l Kanga punch Pangoro out a glass window, fainting it, with an Electrike watching it. However, the editor-in-chief still has Alexa's Helioptile, which he stole earlier. Still, the broken glass Pangoro fell out of lets the sun come into the room, allowing Helioptile to recharge its energy and electrocute the editor-in-chief. Helioptile reunites with Alexa, who gives the group an article written three years ago before she leaves, Trevor then wakes up and Y tells him that they're leaving the city. Trevor doesn't want to leave because he has to talk with Professor Sycamore, but X reveals that he talked with Sycamore about the Pokémon that attacked Vaniville Town, Sycamore said that the Pokémon with antlers is Xerneas and the Pokémon with wings is Yveltal.

Back at Prism Tower, Bonnie comes down and sees the Electric Pokémon around the unconscious editor-in-chief, she counts the Pokémon and discovers there's still one missing, that Pokémon is the same Electrike that watched X battle. Bonnie contacts her brother Clemont who was rock climbing with Grant, Grant sees the famous Rhyhorn racer Grace sitting on a bench. Just then, Team Flare Grunts come and take Grace somewhere, with Clemont and Grant unsure of what happened.

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PS562 : Pangoro Poses a Problem
X & Y arc
PS564 : Corphish Pinches
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