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Greetings random user who happened upon my page. If you have not figured it out already, I am Schiffy, a simple man with a simple goal: World Domination. However, it's not going so well. Russia's being somewhat picky with my demands.

Anyway, welcome to my page. Feel free to look around. Stay as long as you want. And when you leave (if you ever do...), try not to fall in the spiked pit on your way out. I really hate cleaning the blood out of that thing.

Friend Codes
I will gladly exchange 3DS Friend Codes with anyone. My code and my Friend Safari can be found in the "Pokémon Games" section to the right. If you want me to add yours, leave me your code and I will add it when I am able.

My Userspace
The following notice applies to all non-Bulbapedia Staff
At the bottom of this page you will find a list of my user subpages with a brief description of each. As a general rule, I do not mind people editing my subpages, depending on the circumstances. If you see on any one of my subpages a redlink, a broken image, or any sort of coding error that prevents a template or HTML-tags from working as intended, and you feel it would be faster to fix the error yourself rather than asking me to do so, you may.

Contacting me
If you need to contact me for any reason, here are the ways to get a fast response:

  • My talk page here.
  • My talk pages on any of the other wikis listed on this page.
  • For more instant and continuous responses, you may find me on Skype as schiffy94. I will generally accept contact requests as long as I know who they are from.
  • I don't really use the forums all that much, but my profile can be found here.


Sacred Gold

NOTE: All information on Pokémon in this party (types, move types, learnsets, etc.) is correct as the game is a hacked version of Heart Gold that holds the displayed changes, some of which contradict official media.

Blaze Black 2

NOTE: All information on Pokémon in this party (types, move types, learnsets, etc.) is correct as the game is a hacked version of Black 2 that holds the displayed changes, some of which contradict official media.

Random Platinum

The following team is in an altered version of Pokémon Platinum generated by the Universal Pokémon Randomizer, also known as "UPRandomizer". The team in the template below is not supposed to make sense in line with Vanilla Pokémon Platinum. Learnsets and compatible TMs and HMs were assigned randomly (in this specific generation, I did not opt to alter any Pokémon's types, though the option was available).

Personal To-Do list

  • Change all German interlanguage links on the route pages from [[de:Route #]] to [[de:Route # (Region)]]
  • Change Route links to {{rt}} where applicable
  • Change all {{Project Routes}} transclusions to the proper {{Project Routes notice}}
  • Empty out Manga chapters in need of Japanese names as much as possible. (Only 33 more to go!)
  • Get more GTI information up (WHAT IS SLEEP!?)
  • Get it through my thick skull that Judgment is not spelled "Judgement" in the Pokémon games!

Subpage list

NOTE: I keep all of my subpages, and by extension their respective talk pages, on my watchlist, which I check regularly.

  1. /Sandbox - My occasionally-used personal sandbox.
  2. /Teams - A running list of teams I have in various Pokémon games, hacks included.
  3. /Countdown - An attempt at a countdown timer template (only works with a specific .js import)
  4. /Unused Type Combinations - A list of type combinations that have not been used in official (non-hacked) Pokémon games and their weaknesses and resistances, as of Gen VI. This list only includes the official 802 Pokémon. Type combinations used only for Pokéstar Studios opponents are counted as unused.
  5. /User Friend Safari - a free-to-use usertag for telling viewers what is in your Friend Safari. Example shown among my userboxes (five other people are using this right now, I feel special).
  6. /User Helix - another free-to-use usertag showing your love for the one true god, Lord Helix.
  7. /Template:Warrior - A template idea to replace the hard coded tables on List of Pokémon Conquest characters.
  8. /Barry color, /Barry color dark, and /Barry color light - you can totally ignore these.
  9. /ToDo - a personal Bulbapedia To-Do list.
  10. /Buried Ruins - rough draft for a side dungeon in GTI.

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