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Up-Grade Up-Grade
Ice Heal Ice Heal
Poké Balls
TMs & HMs
TM Ghost TM03 (Curse)
TM Normal TM04 (Focus Energy)
TM Fire TM08 (Fire Spin)
TM Grass TM19 (Aromatherapy)
TM Normal TM21 (Skull Bash)
TM Grass TM30 (Vine Whip)
TM Dark TM34 (Crunch)
TM Ground TM38 (Sand Tomb)
TM Ghost TM41 (Grudge)
TM Psychic TM47 (Miracle Eye)
TM Normal TM48 (Hidden Power)
TM Fighting TM50 (Mach Punch)
TM Normal TM57 (ExtremeSpeed)
TM Bug TM59 (String Shot)
TM Steel TM84 (Steel Wing)
HM Normal HM01 (Cut)
HM Flying HM02 (Fly)
HM Water HM03 (Surf)
HM Normal HM04 (Strength)
HM Water HM05 (Whirlpool)
HM Fighting HM06 (Rock Smash)
HM Water HM07 (Waterfall)
HM Normal HM08 (Rock Climb)
Pecha Berry Pecha Berry ×4
Wacan Berry Wacan Berry ×5
Rindo Berry Rindo Berry ×15
Yache Berry Yache Berry ×10
Chople Berry Chople Berry ×10
Kebia Berry Kebia Berry ×9
Shuca Berry Shuca Berry ×2
Coba Berry Coba Berry ×5
Payapa Berry Payapa Berry ×6
Tanga Berry Tanga Berry ×13
Kasib Berry Kasib Berry ×15
Haban Berry Haban Berry ×6
Chilan Berry Chilan Berry ×3
Liechi Berry Liechi Berry
Petaya Berry Petaya Berry
Steel Mail Steel Mail ×210
Bubble Mail Bubble Mail
Brick Mail Brick Mail
Battle items
Key Items
Vs. Recorder Vs. Recorder
Card Key Card Key
Pal Pad Pal Pad
Apricorn Box Apricorn Box
Basement Key IV Basement Key
Bicycle Bicycle
Old Rod III Old Rod
Rage Candy Bar RageCandyBar
Coin Case Coin Case
Fashion Case Fashion Case
Berry Pots Berry Pots
Squirt Bottle SquirtBottle
Rainbow Wing Rainbow Wing
Silver Wing IV Silver Wing
Clear Bell Clear Bell
Blue Card Blue Card
S.S. Ticket S.S. Ticket
Super Rod III Super Rod
Pass Pass
GB Sounds GB Sounds

Apricorn Box

Red Apricorn Red Apricorn
Yellow Apricorn Ylw Apricorn ×2
Blue Apricorn Blu Apricorn ×4
Green Apricorn Grn Apricorn
Pink Apricorn Pnk Apricorn ×3
Black Apricorn Blk Apricorn ×5

Gameplay Additions

Red in this game is replaced by Leaf (albeit retaining the name "Red" due to hacking difficulties) who has a team based on the FireRed run.

Sandslash is given the Ground/Fire Typing.[1]


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