Sightseeing (Pokéwalker)

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Sightseeing おかいもの
Yellow Forest jp art.png
Cost: Unlocked by:
0 watts Event
Route city2.png Advantageous
You can find many Pokémon on this Route. Take a long walk and see if you can find them all!

Sightseeing (Japanese: おかいもの Shopping) is a course for the Pokéwalker. It could be activated by attending a Nintendo event.


Group Pokémon Level Steps Required Steps with advantageous type Rarity Held item Moves
A Spr 4pw 133.png 10 7000 5250 Very Rare None Tail Whip Normal
Tackle Normal
Helping Hand Normal
Eevee Sand-Attack Ground
A Spr 4pw 255 m.png 10 10000 7500 Very Rare None Scratch Normal
Growl Normal
Focus Energy Normal
Torchic Ember Fire
B Spr 4pw 061.png 15 2000 1500 Rare None Bubble Water
Hypnosis Psychic
Water Gun Water
Poliwhirl DoubleSlap Normal
B Spr 4pw 279.png 15 3000 2250 Rare None Water Sport Water
Wing Attack Flying
Supersonic Normal
Pelipper Water Gun Water
C Spr 4pw 025 f.png 8 0 0 Very Common None ThunderShock Electric
Growl Normal
Tail Whip Normal
Pikachu Thunder Wave Electric
C Spr 4pw 052.png 10 0 0 Very Common None Scratch Normal
Growl Normal
Bite Dark
Meowth Fake Out Normal


Item Steps Required Rarity
Rare Candy Rare Candy 5000+ steps Very Rare
Old Gateau Old Gateau 4500+ steps Very Rare
Energy Root Energy Root 3500+ steps Very Rare
EnergyPowder EnergyPowder 3000+ steps Very Rare
Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk 2600+ steps Rare
Fresh Water Fresh Water 2200+ steps Rare
Soda Pop Soda Pop 1800+ steps Rare
Lemonade Lemonade 1400+ steps Rare
Lava Cookie Lava Cookie 1000+ steps Common
Honey Honey 0+ steps Very Common


Game Version Duration
Specific Locations
Japanese Nov. 14, 2009 to Jan. 11, 2010
Korean April 17 to May 31, 2010*

Wonder Card


*ふしぎなカード 052MS3.png279MS3.png133MS3.png
コースマップ おかいもの
ポケウォーカーの とくべつなコース
おかいものに でかけよう!
くわしくは オフィシャルサイトへ!
フレンドリィショップで うけとったら
かならず レポートを かいてね。


*이상한 카드 052MS3.png279MS3.png133MS3.png
특별한 코스맵 산책
포켓몬과 함께 산책하는 기분으로
포켓워커에 외출을 해봐요!
받은 뒤에는 리포트를 작성하세요.
자세한 방법은 포켓몬 공식 사이트를


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Virée en Ville
Germany Flag.png German Spaziergang
Italy Flag.png Italian A spasso
South Korea Flag.png Korean 산책 Sanchaek
Spain Flag.png Spanish De turismo

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