Beautiful Beach (Pokéwalker)

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Beautiful Beach きれいうみべ
Pretty Seaside
Yellow Forest jp art.png
Cost: Unlocked by:
200 watts Default
Route sea2.png Advantageous
This beautiful sea is a popular place for a Stroll. You can meet many Water-type Pokémon.

Beautiful Beach (Japanese: きれいなうみべ Pretty Seaside) is a course for the Pokéwalker that is unlocked by saving up 200 watts.

The course features mainly Water-type Pokémon.


Group Pokémon Level Steps Required Steps with advantageous type Rarity Held item Moves
A Spr 4pw 054.png 10 4000 3000 Very Common None Water Sport Water
Scratch Normal
Tail Whip Normal
Psyduck Water Gun Water
A Spr 4pw 120.png 10 5000 3750 Very Common None Tackle Normal
Harden Normal
Water Gun Water
Staryu Rapid Spin Normal
B Spr 4pw 060.png 8 1500 1125 Very Common None Water Sport Water
Bubble Water
Hypnosis Psychic
Poliwag -- --
B Spr 4pw 079.png 8 1000 750 Very Common None Curse ???
Yawn Normal
Tackle Normal
Slowpoke Growl Normal
C Spr 4pw 191.png 6 0 0 Very Common None Absorb Grass
Growth Normal
Mega Drain Grass
Sunkern -- --
C Spr 4pw 194 m.png 6 0 0 Very Common None Water Gun Water
Tail Whip Normal
Mud Sport Ground
Wooper -- --


Item Steps Required Rarity
Dive Ball Dive Ball 5000+ steps Rare
Big Pearl Big Pearl 4000+ steps Rare
Blue Shard Blue Shard 3000+ steps Rare
Heart Scale Heart Scale 2000+ steps Rare
Leppa Berry Leppa Berry 1800+ steps Rare
Full Heal Full Heal 1500+ steps Rare
Aspear Berry Aspear Berry 1000+ steps Rare
Soda Pop Soda Pop 800+ steps Common
Rawst Berry Rawst Berry 100+ steps Common
Fresh Water Fresh Water 0+ steps Very Common

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese きれいうみべ
France Flag.png French Jolie Plage
Germany Flag.png German Malerische Küste
Italy Flag.png Italian Spiaggia Amena
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아름다운 해변 Aleumda'un Haebyeon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Costa Bella


  • While seeing the Pokéwalker diary after walking in this route, the player can hear the music that plays when the player is surfing.

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