Volcano Path (Pokéwalker)

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Volcano Path かざんのこみち
Volcano Route
Yellow Forest jp art.png
Cost: Unlocked by:
10,000 watts Receiving the National Dex
Route paths2.png Advantageous
A path through a currently active volcano. Very fiery and rare Pokémon live here.

Volcano Path (Japanese: かざんのこみち Volcano Route) is a course for the Pokéwalker that is unlocked by saving up 10,000 watts after receiving the National Pokédex.


Group Pokémon Level Steps Required Steps with advantageous type Rarity Held item Moves
A Spr 4pw 218.png 31 5000 3750 Very Common None Ember Fire
Recover Normal
AncientPower Rock
Slugma Amnesia Psychic
A Spr 4pw 307 m.png 32 5000 3750 Very Common None Feint Normal
Calm Mind Psychic
Force Palm Fighting
Meditite Hi Jump Kick Fighting
B Spr 4pw 111 m.png 25 2000 1500 Very Common None Stomp Normal
Fury Attack Normal
Scary Face Normal
Rhyhorn Rock Blast Rock
B Spr 4pw 228.png 27 2000 1500 Very Common None Roar Normal
Bite Dark
Odor Sleuth Normal
Houndour Beat Up Dark
C Spr 4pw 074.png 29 0 0 Very Common None Selfdestruct Normal
Rollout Rock
Rock Blast Rock
Geodude Earthquake Ground
C Spr 4pw 077.png 19 0 0 Very Common None Tail Whip Normal
Ember Fire
Flame Wheel Fire
Ponyta Stomp Normal


Item Steps Required Rarity
Apicot Berry Apicot Berry 8000+ steps Very Rare
Sun Stone Sun Stone 5500+ steps Very Rare
Moon Stone Moon Stone 5000+ steps Rare
Flame Orb Flame Orb 4000+ steps Very Rare
Lava Cookie Lava Cookie 3000+ steps Very Rare
Revive Revive 2000+ steps Rare
Pinap Berry Pinap Berry 1000+ steps Rare
Red Shard Red Shard 500+ steps Rare
Ice Heal Ice Heal 100+ steps Common
Potion Potion 0+ steps Very Common

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Sente de Volcan
Germany Flag.png German Vulkanpfad
Italy Flag.png Italian Sentiero Focoso
South Korea Flag.png Korean 화산의 좁은 길 Hwasan-ui Job-eun Gil
Spain Flag.png Spanish Sendero Volcán

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