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S7 redirects here. For the Japanese TCG release with the set symbol S7, see Evolving Skies (TCG).
Pokémon: Advanced Challenge
Season 7
Season7 logo.png
Logo for the season
Opening This Dream
Episodes 52
Region Hoenn
Series Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire
Preceded by Pokémon: Advanced
Followed by Pokémon: Advanced Battle

Pokémon: Advanced Challenge is the seventh season of the dubbed version of the Pokémon anime. It is the second season of Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire. It follows the adventures of Ash, May, Brock, and Max in the Hoenn region, from the outskirts of Mauville City up to past Lilycove City.

It originally aired as part of the 2004-2005 Kids' WB! Saturday morning lineup. The season began with What You Seed is What You Get, which originally aired on September 11, 2004, and ended with Judgment Day!, which originally aired on September 10, 2005.

It is preceded by Pokémon: Advanced and succeeded by Pokémon: Advanced Battle.


A shadow hovers over Ash, May, and friends as they continue their journey through the Hoenn region, and it’s not just that of Mt. Chimney—both Team Magma and Team Aqua put plans into action with our heroes caught in the middle! When not foiling evil schemes, Ash and May chase their personal goals, with Ash battling for three more Gym Badges and May winning her first three Contest Ribbons. The group also gains new Pokémon like Torkoal and Bulbasaur, but could they be too much to handle?

Important events

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Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:


The following Pokémon evolve:


The following Pokémon are released:

Gym battles

Ash battles the following Gym Leaders:

Badge Opponent Epicode Result
Heat Badge Flannery AG056 Victory
Balance Badge Norman AG070 Victory
Feather Badge Winona AG085 Victory

Pokémon Contests

May participates in the following Pokémon Contests:

Location Epicode Result
Fallarbor Town AG051 Victory
Verdanturf Town AG062 Victory
Rubello Town AG078 Defeat
Lilycove City AG091 Victory


Epicode Episode Title #
AG041 What You Seed is What You Get 1
AG043 Let Bagons Be Bagons 2
AG044 The Princess and the Togepi 3
AG045 A Togepi Mirage! 4
AG046 Candid Camerupt! 5
AG042 Love at First Flight 6
AG047 I Feel Skitty! 7
AG048 ZigZag Zangoose! 8
AG049 Maxxed Out! 9
AG050 Pros and Con Artists 10
AG051 Come What May! 11
AG052 Cheer Pressure 12
AG053 Game Winning Assist 13
AG054 Fight for the Meteorite! 14
AG055 Poetry Commotion! 15
AG056 Going, Going, Yawn 16
AG057 Going for a Spinda 17
AG058 All Torkoal, No Play 18
AG059 Manectric Charge 19
AG060 Delcatty Got Your Tongue 20
AG061 Disaster of Disguise 21
AG062 Disguise Da Limit 22
AG063 Take the Lombre Home 23
AG064 True Blue Swablu 24
AG065 Gulpin it Down 25
AG066 Exploud and Clear! 26
AG067 Go Go Ludicolo! 27
AG068 A Double Dilemma 28
AG069 Love, Petalburg Style! 29
AG070 Balance of Power 30
AG071 A Six Pack Attack! 31
AG072 The Bicker the Better 32
AG073 Grass Hysteria! 33
AG074 Hokey Poké Balls! 34
AG075 Whiscash and Ash 35
AG076 Me, Myself and Time 36
AG077 A Fan with a Plan 37
AG078 Cruisin' for a Losin' 38
AG079 Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend 39
AG080 That's Just Swellow 40
AG081 Take This House and Shuppet 41
AG082 A Shroomish Skirmish 42
AG083 Unfair Weather Friends 43
AG084 Who's Flying Now? 44
AG085 Sky High Gym Battle! 45
AG086 Lights, Camerupt, Action! 46
AG087 Crazy as a Lunatone 47
AG088 The Garden of Eatin' 48
AG089 A Scare to Remember! 49
AG090 Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry 50
AG091 Lessons in Lilycove 51
AG092 Judgment Day! 52

Home video releases

North American DVD releases

Main article: List of English language Advanced Challenge home video releases (Region 1)

Australian DVD releases

Main article: List of English language Advanced Challenge home video releases (Region 4)


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