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Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire
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Come What May!
AG051   EP325
VS Charem! Contest Battle!!
First broadcast
Japan November 13, 2003
United States November 6, 2004
English themes
Opening This Dream
Japanese themes
Opening アドバンス・アドベンチャー
Ending そこに空があるから
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 米村正二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
Additional credits

Come What May! (Japanese: VSチャーレム!コンテストバトル!! VS Charem! Contest Battle!!) is the 51st episode of Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, and the 325th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on November 13, 2003, and in the United States on November 6, 2004.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


May is competing in her second Pokémon Contest and manages to make it to the next round along with Drew, Grace, and a disguised Jessie. Jessie has attached a device to her Dustox that produces beautiful rainbows when it performs an attack, making the attack even more beautiful.

May battles against Jessie, with Beautifly delivering enough of a beating to break the rainbow device and defeat Dustox. Caught cheating, Jessie is disqualified. Team Rocket tries to make trouble, but Pikachu sends them blasting off.

In the next battle, Grace takes on Drew and beats his Roselia in a decisive victory with her Medicham.

Grace moves on to the finals to battle May. Medicham takes a commanding lead until May tries a combo involving Tackle and Silver Wind, pinning Medicham down. May takes the lead with one minute to go. The two Pokémon meet in a head-on collision, and though both Pokémon go down, May has more points and is declared the winner.

Drew congratulates May, and then the kids are off to Lavaridge Town for Ash's next Gym Battle.


The Fallarbor Town Pokémon Contest has finally begun, and May is more determined than ever to win, with Ash, Max, and Brock cheering her on in the audience. Drew and his Roselia advance to the Contest Battles with a score of 29.6, Grace and her Medicham make it through with a score of 29.5, and May and Beautifly’s twirling Silver Wind achieve a score of 25.9. Contestant 22, Jessie floats onto the stage disguised as “Jessica”. She calls out her Dustox, and with a rainbow device hidden behind a bow tie, she has it perform rainbow attacks, earning the best score of the day, a 29.7. Drew, Grace, Jessica and May, who narrowly beat another Coordinator by a tenth of a point, are revealed as the top four and will advance onto the second round.

The second round starts with May battling Jessica. Jessica sends out Dustox and tells it to use Tackle and add rainbow, a move that Meowth is operating backstage. May tells Beautifly to dodge it and use String Shot. Dustox uses Whirlwind to send the attack back and hit Beautifly, making May lose points. Dustox uses a Poison Sting, which May knocks back with Gust, making it lose points and damaging the rainbow device. Dustox uses Tackle and May counters it with Silver Wind. Dustox loses even more points and damages the device even further. May congratulates Beautifly while Jessica furiously demands a rainbow Psybeam, which fails when Meowth discovers the remote is broken. Beautifly uses Tackle, which sends Dustox flying back into Jessica, losing all of their points at the 1:58 minute mark.

May is declared the winner, though Jessica is set on getting her revenge. As Dustox returns to the air, the rainbow device hits the ground and the whole audience sees that Jessica cheated. Raoul Contesta stands up and attempts to disqualify her, at which point Jessica screams and throws a yellow Poké Ball prop which releases yellow dust. When the dust clears, Jessica is revealed to be Jessie, with the rest of Team Rocket standing right there. They tell the audience that they want their Pokémon, and are about to battle with their own. Ash jumps up and tells Pikachu to quickly use Thunderbolt to blast Team Rocket off. Vivian Meridian apologizes for the interruption before the second round continues with Grace versus Drew. Grace sends out Medicham and Drew sends out Roselia. Drew starts off with Magical Leaf, which Grace uses Meditate to dodge. Medicham uses Ice Punch, which Roselia gracefully dodges before it uses Petal Dance, which Medicham stops in midair with Confusion and sends back, causing Roselia to lose points. Drew commands Roselia to use Solar Beam. Grace tells Medicham to use Ice Punch on the ground, which builds a shield around Roselia, causing it to hit itself. Grace wins the battle after knocking it out with a powerful High Jump Kick.

The final battle pits May's Beautifly against Grace's Medicham. May starts with Tackle, which Medicham dodges with Meditate. Grace follows up with an Ice Punch, but Beautifly batters Medicham away with a Gust. Just before it falls to the ground, Medicham uses Confusion to levitate, limiting the number of points lost. Beautifly tries a String Shot which Medicham sends back with another Confusion, damaging and tangling up Beautifly. Medicham uses Ice Punch, encasing Beautifly in ice. As Beautifly breaks free, Medicham rushes in for a High Jump Kick. Beautifly dodges and uses Silver Wind, hitting Medicham and causing it to hurt its knee, costing Grace major points. Beautifly uses a Tackle and String Shot combo, though Medicham uses Confusion to stop it. Still spinning, Beautifly overcomes this with a Silver Wind and encases Medicham in silky thread. May uses Tackle as Medicham breaks out of the string and dodges. Beautifly uses Silver Wind and traps Medicham's hands, immobilizing it. Then Beautifly uses a Tackle and Silver Wind combo to inflict more damage on Medicham. Medicham tries to turn it around with a High Jump Kick, which May tells Beautifly to counter with Tackle. The two approach each other head-on and collide just as time runs out. May is declared the winner of the Fallarbor Contest, as she was the one with more points. She is astounded by her victory over Grace before hugging Beautifly for its efforts. Raoul hands May the pink Fallarbor Ribbon, which she happily places into her Ribbon case. Drew later approaches the group and declares that things would have been different if he battled May. He throws a rose to May before walking off in a smug manner. May, however, is more confident in her Coordinator ambitions while Ash has his sights set on his Lavaridge Gym match.

Major events

May holding the Fallarbor Ribbon
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Pokémon debuts




Pokémon Trainer's Choice

Pokémon Trainer's Choice: Bagon



  • Jessie was disqualified from the Fallarbor Contest, despite being already eliminated due to losing her Contest Battle against May.
  • When James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet are rubbing Jessie's and Dustox's backs, Wobbuffet pops up for agreement for their speech. At the same time, the sound that is usually heard when Wobbuffet pops out from its Poké Ball is heard, even though it was outside of its Ball already.
  • At the start of the episode, instead of High Jump Kick, Grace commands Medicham to use "Hi Jump".

Dub edits

Pokémon Trainer's Choice

  • Question: Trainers, which one of these Pokémon evolves into Shelgon?
  • Choices: Bagon, Aron, Zangoose
  • Answer: OK, Trainers, if you chose Bagon, you were right!

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