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Isle of Armor

If you have already healed your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, and either have downloaded the Expansion Pass or own the DLC bundle, the nurse in charge will note that you can now encounter a strange Pokémon at Wedgehurst station. You can technically start this whenever you want, but after having signed up for the Gym Challenge, now is the most optimal time to start the Isle of Armor expansion pass campaign. You can also technically access the Crown Tundra now because you have the Crown Pass, but starting the Crown Tundra now is not advised as that is a very high level campaign, so it is best to wait to do the Crown Tundra until post-game.

You can either take a train from Motostoke Station back to Wedgehurst or fly back there with the Flying Taxi, but either way, head back to Wedgehurst from Motostoke, and go to the station. You will meet up with a person named Klara (in Sword) or Avery (in Shield) who is headed to the Isle of Armor. A Galarian Slowpoke will show up at the station, and the Ticket man will ask you to capture it, as it is a general nuisance to the operation of the trains. This Slowpoke will respawn indefinitely until captured.

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Special Pokémon
Sw Sh
Premier Ball
Only one
12 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Meeting Klara/Avery

After you have captured the Slowpoke, show your Armor Pass to the Ticket man in front of the station, which will grant you the right to go to the Isle of Armor. The Train will take you to Armor Station, where you will come across a scientist who will update your Pokédex to include the new Isle of Armor Pokédex. This will include many Pokémon who were not in the mainland Galar region, so while you're here, take your chance at finding the many Pokémon the Isle of Armor has to offer.

Upon arrival, you will meet with a man who is supposed to sign up as a student in a place called the Master Dojo, but is intimidated by the presence of a strange person who is to escort him (Klara/Avery), and flees immediately upon their entering the building. Klara/Avery will try to escort a confused you into the Master Dojo, saying they are there to escort the new student. Klara or Avery are puzzled by your confusion, but will ask you to step outside and engage them in a formal battle. Regardless of version, Klara or Avery will use two Pokémon each.

Afterwards, Klara or Avery will be shocked at their loss and attempt to discourage you from entering the Master Dojo, a building not too far ahead from the station. Ignore their demand and head for the Master Dojo. But before you do so, there is quite a bit to do here off the bat.

Fields of Honor

The Fields of Honor is the first sub-area of the Isle of Armor that you will come across. The Isle of Armor acts just as the Wild Area does: you can freely rotate your camera and explore to your heart's content. But here, there are immediately a handful of new Pokémon, some of which you can catch to join your adventure.

Random encounters

Visible encounters

Diglett Quest

Upon crossing the first bridge, you will come across an Alolan Diglett. A Worker will step forth and claim that it is his Pokémon, and ask you to find the remaining 150 of his Diglett across the Isle of Armor. You can immediately find 18 of these Diglett in the Fields of Honor: take note of small hairs that stick out when you find them. After you find 5 of them, you can obtain an Alolan Meowth with its Hidden Ability Rattled at Level 5. After you find 10 of them, you can obtain a Kantonian Slowpoke with Regenerator.

Master Dojo

After you've done everything you can do in the Fields of Honor, head straight for the Master Dojo, a notable small building that stands out in the Fields of Honor. You will come across Klara or Avery telling a woman that the new student they were supposed to escort left the Isle of Armor, only for you to show up to their surprise. Klara or Avery will be shocked after they are revealed to have lied, and will subtly threaten you. Honey welcomes you, despite your name not being that of the supposed new student they heard. Regardless, you will be welcomed into the Master Dojo.

Upon entering the Dojo, you will be greeted by a group of students and a the Dojo Master, a man named Mustard, who is cheesed to meet you. Mustard will immediately challenge you to a battle. Save your progress before battling him. Despite how early the game is, he can be quite a tough opponent, so be prepared to have a team with good matchups against him.

After defeating Mustard, you will be enrolled as a new student of the Master Dojo and receive the Dojo Uniform, which your character will wear effective immediately. With the Dojo now at full capacity, Mustard will declare that you and the rest of the students will partake in three trials to obtain the "secret armor" of the Dojo. Klara and Avery will immediately step in to report that they have not received their uniform, which Mustard gives to them, but not before a fast Galarian Slowpoke arrives and steals it. The scene will shift towards a trio of fast Slowpoke who each have pieces of Klara or Avery's uniform, and they will laugh before running off and outside into the wild.

Mustard will declare the first trial to be for the students to chase down and defeat each of the three Slowpoke and to get back Klara/Avery's uniform in the process. You are likely not ready for this trial yet, so it is best to wait on starting this and return to mainland Galar to continue the main story for a little while until then.

There is also a room in the Dojo where you can restore your Pokémon and change your outfit as you please.

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