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After arriving in Motostoke, head straight to the Pokémon Center to meetup with Sonia where she will give you an introduction to Rotomi which you can use to access boxes, Loto-ID, Poké Jobs and Card Maker. Before leaving the Pokémon Center, you can speak to the lass in the far right to trade your Bunnelby in exchange for a Skwovet. Head outside once you're done.

Back outside, Sonia will remind you to register for the gym challenge when you're ready. Before you do though, feel free to explore the lower tier to use any of the services provided such as the hair salon or the boutique. Head north to get into the lift for the upper tier when you're done.

Leon will stop you to gift you an item that will boost the power of moves of the same type as your selected starter Pokémon. Head straight to the stadium where you'll finally sign up for the gym challenge, and have a brief run-in with another mysterious trainer. Once you've signed up, head outside and go west to the Budew Drop Inn.

Budew Drop Inn

When you enter the inn, you will have to deal with the belligerent group of people known as Team Yell who are attempting to obstruct Gym Challengers from signing in. Quickly battle the first two grunts, before teaming up with Hop to take out the last two in a Multi Battle.

After you deal with the Team Yell Grunts, a Trainer named Marnie will step in and tell them off, revealing they are her fans who are overly belligerent and go too far in trying to support her. She apologizes for their behavior and you can sign in for the night.

Motostoke Stadium

Return to the stadium in the morning for the Gym Challenge opening ceremony. After the ceremony, you'll get access to the Flying Taxi service which allow you to fast travel to locations to which you've been before. To continue your journey, head west to Route 3 and meetup with Hop for a battle.

Grookey If the player chose Grookey: Scorbunny If the player chose Scorbunny: Sobble If the player chose Sobble:

After the battle, if you have the DLC, you can start working on that next. Otherwise you can continue west onto Route 3.

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