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Now you have reached Motostoke, alongside Hop. You will meet up with Sonia by the Pokémon Center just on the side. You can restore your Pokémon here if you wish. You will also receive Leon's League Card.

There's a lot to do in this town, so go through each building to see what you can do: there's a boutique and a hair salon if you want to change your appearance on the lower tier, as well as a slew of items scattered across the town.

Eventually you will meet up with Leon, and he will give you a boosting item depending on what starter you chose. Afterwards, head for Motostoke Gym and sign up for the Gym Challenge. You will also meet a rather snarky person along the way: he will become relevant later on.


Budew Drop Inn, Team Yell

You and Hop will have rooms reserved at the Budew Drop Inn to the left for the night. However, you end up having to deal with a loud, belligerent group of people known as Team Yell who are attempting to obstruct Gym Challengers from signing in. You will deal with each of the Grunts, two of them being a double battle involving you and Hop.

After you deal with the Team Yell Grunts, a Trainer named Marnie will step in and tell them off, revealing they are her fans who are overly belligerent and go too far in trying to support her and apologizes for their behavior. Sign in for the night.

Gym Challenge Introduction

Head straight to the Motostoke Stadium: a League Staff Member will offer to take you there. Sign up, and you will be treated to a cutscene where Rose introduces all of the Gym Leaders of the Galar region, and you and all other Gym Challengers will also step into the stadium as everyone cheers you on.

After the cutscene, leave the stadium and head west, where you will be treated to a battle with Hop. Before that, a league staff member will appear and give you the right to use the Corviknight Flying Taxi, now allowing you to immediately travel to towns you have already visited.

Grookey If the player chose Grookey:

Scorbunny If the player chose Scorbunny:

Sobble If the player chose Sobble:


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