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Route 3

Galar Route 3

There's a tired Corviknight blocking the east exit from Motostoke, so for now head west to continue your journey onto Route 3. There are a few trainers on the route to battle. You can avoid most of these, either by going through the grass instead of the path or by waiting until the trainer is not looking in your direction to sneak past.

When you reach the fork in the road, first head down the south path to quickly grab a hidden Burn Heal before continuing up the north path to meet up with Sonia in the middle of the route. She will give you a bit of exposition into Galar's backstory before giving you an Escape Rope, which allows you to immediately leave from dungeons such as caves or forests. In this game its a key item, so use it often! She will also heal your Pokémon before she leaves you to continue your adventure.

Continue west, and at the next fork you can take the south path to battle an optional trainer, collect some berries from the tree and collect TM037 (Beat Up). Backtrack to the fork and continue on the north path.

You will pass a camp which you can use if you like. Talk to the girl out the front to receive a Cheri Berry. You will also be able to use a flying taxi to travel to this camp if you need to revisit Route 3. Continue west and then north to enter Galar Mine, speaking to the woman near the entrance if you need to heal up your Pokémon.

Galar Mine

Galar Mine

The main path through Galar Mine will be to follow the tracks to the north. Again, there are a few trainers most of which can be avoided with careful movements. Optionally, take the first branch to the south/west to fight a trainer and backtrack to Route 3. Collect three Great Balls on the short dead end path before heading outside to a previously inaccessible cliff on Route 3 where you can grab TM054 (Rock Blast).

Heading back and continuing north following the tracks through the mine, you again have the option to detour to the west to collect TM026 (Scary Face) and a hidden Stardust. Otherwise continue through the mine until you come across Bede just before the exit. You might remember him as the smug trainer you first encountered in Motostoke Stadium, but here he properly introduce himself and will challenge you to a battle.

Once you've defeated Bede, head out of Galar Mine to Route 4.

Route 4

Galar Route 4

Talk to the woman just outside of Galar Mine to heal your Pokémon before you continue. Route 4 is a short path directly north to Turffield, however you can detour through the fields to battle six optional trainers and collect items before you continue.

There is again a camp in this route you can visit and can fly to whenever you need to return here.

Once you're done exploring, take the north route to Turffield where you'll be stopped by a runaway Wooloo being chased by Milo, a Grass Type trainer and the Gym Leader of the Turffield Gym. Head north into Turffield to continue your gym challenge.

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