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Castelia City

Castelia City

Castelia City is home to many towering skyscrapers, and is the largest city in Unova. The elegant cruise ship, the Royal Unova, docks near the Pokémon Center, and other ships provide transportation to Virbank City and Liberty Garden. The Castelia Sewers connect the city to otherwise-inaccessible areas.

When you and Hugh leave the ship, he asks that you register each other in the Xtransceiver. If you call him up, he will give you advice about where to go next on your journey. Pop Roxie will be waiting here, so you can return to Virbank City anytime.

Oceanfront Road

Harlequin Hunt

When you step onto Oceanfront Road, you are stopped by a Harlequin, who is advertising the Castelia Harlequin Hunt. To complete the hunt, you need to speak to three other Harlequins scattered across the city; one is waiting in the Medal Office, another is in Passerby Analytics HQ, and the third is hiding out in the Battle Company building. This Harlequin gives you a Bicycle to help you travel around the city faster. After you meet the three others, you can talk to this clown again to receive a Rare Candy.

Bridge Gate

The gate on the city's east side leads to Skyarrow Bridge. Talk to the dark-haired woman inside to get a Quick Claw. A Worker blocks the way to the bridge; his team is busy inspecting the bridge, so it may be a while until it is open to the public again.

The Royal Unova

At the Cruise Ship Dock, the Royal Unova can be boarded in the evening for a fare of PokémonDollar.png1,000. Defeating a certain number of Trainers earns you a prize, but both of these change depending on the day. The ship returns to port after a certain amount of time has passed.

Season Embarking Times
Spring 5:00pm - 7:59pm
Summer 7:00pm - 8:59pm
Autumn 5:00pm - 7:59pm
Winter 5:00pm - 6:59pm
Day of the Week Number of Trainers Prize
Sunday Seven people Rare Candy
Monday Four people Lava Cookie
Tuesday Three people Berry Juice
Wednesday Four people Lava Cookie
Thursday Five people Old Gateau
Friday Four people Lava Cookie
Saturday Six people RageCandyBar

Battle Company


The Battle Company stands to the left of the Harlequin. Inside, a Janitor near the entrance gives you an Exp. Share, which lets a Pokémon earn experience even if it does not battle. To the right, a female Ace Trainer asks which Pokémon that you took on your journey, and gives you a special item for it; a Miracle Seed for Snivy, a Charcoal for Tepig, or a Mystic Water for Oshawott. The first of the three Hunted Harlequins is seated at the other table.


Battle the Clerk♂ near the elevator to get a couple of Quick Balls, then fight the Clerk♂ in the center of the room to receive 5 Timer Balls. There is a Guard Spec. near the female Clerk, and the Scientist gives you a Scope Lens.


Grab the Ether to the left, then go right to meet the Janitor from the entrance. The elderly man used to be the Battle Company's President, a title that now rests with his grandson. When you defeat him, he claims that his dream as president is to release a device that lets people talk to Pokémon.

Location of Unity Tower in Unova

Unity Pier

Unity Pier is across from Narrow Street, in the center-west part of the city. The blue ship here ferries people to Unity Tower, which is only accessible after completing an international trade. If you talk to the girl she will give you one Destiny Knot.

Liberty Pier

The ship at the westernmost pier travels to Liberty Garden. Unlike Black and White, the Liberty Pass is not required to reach the island.

Location of Liberty Garden in Unova
Liberty Garden

Liberty Garden is an island that was bought 200 years ago by a wealthy person who wished for a world where humans and Pokémon could live freely. The lighthouse in the center of the island has a small room with evidence that a small Pokémon once lived here alone.

Passerby Analytics HQ

When you enter the Passerby Analytics HQ across from Liberty Pier and talk to the lead researcher, he will appoint you to a job as a statistician. This title lets you receive Passerby Survey requests, and interact with other players. Complete the questionnaires to receive a variety of items. He will reward you with a Soda Pop when you complete all the surveys.

Castelia Street

Castelia Street building

In the building on the left side of the street, a female Guitarist on the eleventh floor will give you TM44 (Rest).

Game Freak


Across the street, you can visit with Game Freak, the people who made Black 2 and White 2. You can battle Morimoto and Nishino each once per day. There is also a Revive lying nearby. If you meet with the Game Director at the desk in the corner after completing the Pokédex, he will reward you with a certificate that will be posted on the wall of your bedroom.

Mode Street



This ice cream shop offers its famous soft-serve treat to customers only once per day. These tasty treats eliminate any status problems a Pokémon might have. They can be bought individually or by the dozen for PokémonDollar.png100 apiece, except in winter.

Studio Castelia

Across from Casteliacone is Studio Castelia, which displays many paintings from local artists. The man near the sculptures wants to see a different type of Pokémon every day. If you show him a Pokémon of the correct type, he will reward you with either a Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, or Aspear Berry.

Narrow Street

When you pass by the dumpsters outside Café Sonata, you are stopped by a man looking for his sunglasses, who gives you TM70 (Flash).

Café Sonata

In the center-left part of the city is Café Sonata. Many people stop to relax here after a long day of work. A Meloetta can learn Relic Song from the Musician, and the manager gives you a Moomoo Milk on your first visit.

Gym Street

Western building

On the first floor are three people; the Name Rater, the girl at the table is a Pokémon groomer, and woman is the Feeling Checker. The Medal Office is located on the second floor; here you can check your Medal rank and number of Medals. Visit after collecting 50 Medals for your first rank-up ceremony. Fennel's Lab is on the third floor; she and her assistant explain the Game Sync, while Amanita explains the PC Boxes and Pal Pad.

Burgh is away

Clyde is blocking the entrance to Castelia Gym, and claims that Burgh is not here. Just then a girl named Iris, who used to be the Opelucid Gym Leader, shows up. The two of you talk about Team Plasma, and she says that she may know a place where suspicious people would go to hide. Follow her east along Oceanfront Road to Thumb Pier, where you can enter the Castelia Sewers. Hugh arrives suddenly and enters the tunnels without a blink, so follow him inside.

Castelia Sewers

Inside the Sewers

The water level inside the Castelia Sewers changes depending on the season. As the waters rise in spring and summer, and recede in autumn and winter, new areas become accessible while others are closed off. Traveling through the Sewers is the only way to reach Back Street and the Empty Lot.

Snivy (Pokémon) If the player chose Snivy: Tepig (Pokémon) If the player chose Tepig: Oshawott (Pokémon) If the player chose Oshawott:

Inside the Sewers, your rival suggests that the two of you team up. He will help you battle wild Pokémon, but not against other Trainers. He heals your Pokémon after every battle, so take advantage of this to train your team. With him around, wild Pokémon will appear in pairs, so knock one out before trying to catch the other.

Walk north over the water and turn left. At the end of the walkway is a TwistedSpoon and a pair of Team Plasma Grunts. Once you and your rival beat them in a Double Battle, they run off claiming that they got the Pokémon they needed. Hugh is anxious to look for more Plasma members, but the Gym Leader, Burgh, arrives and claims that he did not see any other suspicious people. Hugh gives you HM04 (Strength) as thanks for your help, then leaves. Just then, a mysterious man in a white coat exits the cave, and it seems that he was watching your battle. He praises the way you battled and leaves. Burgh leaves as well, leaving you free to explore the sewers.

Not far to the south is a stairway leading up to the Empty Lot. This tiny park has a ring of tall and dark grass, a Miracle Seed, and a man who claims that this is where it all started for Castelia.

Go south from the stairway, then head west from Janitor Felix. Grab the X Special and continue west to the next island. Go north from the northwest corner to reach Doctor Heath, and the Leftovers to the right. In the nearby room, a female Scientist is trying to turn poison into medicine, and will give either a Potion, Super Potion, or Revive once per day, depending on her experiment's results. Head back south, then go west to reach a Rare Bone. Now head east to the exit; you've got another Gym to challenge!

Castelia Gym

Castelia City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Burgh

Premier Insect Artist

The Castelia Gym specializes in Bug-type Pokémon, and the building's theme is based on cocoons. Some of the cocoons are connected by strands of silk, and when you approach them, they pull you in and transport you to another one. Some of them have more than one entrance, and the direction they take you depends on which way you are facing. Battle Harlequin Gary and enter the east cocoon from the right side, then fight Harlequin Anders and enter the next cocoon from the left side to reach Burgh.

Burgh's Swadloon and Leavanny have a double weakness to Fire- and Flying-type attacks, his Shelmet and Karrablast are weak to Fire-, Flying- and Rock-type moves while his Dwebble is vulnerable to Water- and Rock-type moves. If you can't exploit these weaknesses, an alternative tactic is to use TM70 (Flash) to lower his Pokémon's accuracy.

Main Room Top Floor
Castelia Gym B2W2.png Castelia Gym Top Floor B2W2.png
Castelia Gym
The Insect Badge

Easy Mode/Normal Mode

Challenge Mode

After the battle, Burgh awards you the Insect Badge, which makes all Pokémon of level 40 or less obey you. He also gives you TM76 (Struggle Bug) as a prize.

Central Plaza

Talk to the old man near the fountain to add the Entralink Funfest Mission, Train with Martial Artists. Nearby, the man in the white coat identifies himself as Colress and asks to battle you for research purposes. He will wait for you on Route 4.

Street to Route 4

In the building on the left, an old man gives you an Amulet Coin on the first floor. There are two buildings on the right. On 47F of the south building, a girl will give you TM45 (Attract). In the north building, a Scientist on the first floor gives you an Eviolite if you've seen at least 40 different Pokémon, and a Charcoal lies on 47F.

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