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Activating a Steel Zone

Zone (Japanese: ゾーン Zone) is a type of field effect in the Pokémon games that affects all Pokémon on the field. The mechanic was introduced in Pokémon Masters EX. Only one type of zone may be present at a time, with any new zone put in place overwriting the previous zone. Zones can run concurrently alongside weather and terrain. Similar to these field effects, zones will last for 45 seconds (not including sync moves or Max Moves).

There are so far ten types of zones (in order of release): Ghost Zone, Dragon Zone, Steel Zone, Dark Zone, Flying Zone, Bug Zone, Ground Zone, Fighting Zone, Fairy Zone, and Poison Zone. Each zone powers up attacks of that type (e.g., Ghost Zone powers up Ghost-type moves).

Creating zones

Zone effects may be applied through item moves and Skills.

By item move

Item move Zone Playable users
Bug Wish
Masters Bug Wish.png
Bug Zone Ingo (Special Costume) & Accelgor
Dark Wish
Masters Dark Wish.png
Dark Zone Sygna Suit Cyrus & Darkrai
Dragon Wish
Masters Dragon Wish.png
Dragon Zone Lucas & Dialga
Fairy Wish
Masters Fairy Wish.png
Fairy Zone Sygna Suit Wally & Gardevoir
Flying Wish
Masters Flying Wish.png
Flying Zone Skyla (Anniversary 2022) & Tornadus
Ghost Wish
Masters Ghost Wish.png
Ghost Zone Sygna Suit Cynthia (Renegade) & Giratina
Ground Wish
Masters Ground Wish.png
Ground Zone Courtney & Camerupt
Courtney & Mega Camerupt
Poison Wish
Masters Poison Wish.png
Poison Zone Iris (Fall 2022) & Naganadel
Steel Wish
Masters Steel Wish.png
Steel Zone Marnie (Palentine's 2022) and Mawile
By Skill
Passive skill Zone When it is triggered Playable users Recurring opponents
Cynthia's Aura Fighting Zone Upon entry and after using sync move Sygna Suit Cynthia (Aura) & Lucario -
Down to Earth Ground Zone Upon entry - Bertha & Rhyperior (Serious Battle with Powerful Trainers: Take on Bertha!)
Earthen Opening Sync Ground Zone After sync move (first time) Courtney & Camerupt -

Removing zones

Only Defog can clear zone effects.

Name Category Move Gauge MP Base Power Max Power Accuracy Target Effect Tag Description Playable users
Defog Status 2 2 —% An opponent Clears the entire terrain and zone effects. Clears all field effects from the opponents' field of play. Lowers the target's evasiveness by one stat rank. Lisia & Altaria
Darach & Staraptor
Effects on skills

In addition, there are skills that are active only under certain zones:

Skill Zone Effect
Aerial Acceleration 3 Flying Zone Quickly charges the move gauge
Barrel Roll 2 Flying Zone Reduces damage taken from attack moves
Brawling Acceleration 2 Fighting Zone Quickly charges the move gauge
Draconic Acceleration 2 Dragon Zone Quickly charges the move gauge
Draconic Power 2 Dragon Zone Powers up moves
Draconic Sync 4 Dragon Zone Powers up sync moves
Earthen Power 5 Ground Zone Powers up moves
Fairy Zone Extension 3 Fairy Zone Extends the duration of the Fairy Zone
Fighting Zone Triage Tank 4 Fighting Zone Has a 50% chance of restoring the user's HP when hit by an attack move
Haunted Healing 1 Ghost Zone Restores 1/10 of the user's maximum HP when their Pokémon takes an action
Insect Acceleration 2 Bug Zone Quickly charges the move gauge
Insect Healing 1 Bug Zone Restores 1/10 of the user's maximum HP when their Pokémon takes an action
Metallic Acceleration 2 Steel Zone Quickly charges the move gauge
Metallic Surge 5 Steel Zone Powers up sync moves
Poisonous Acceleration 2 Poison Zone Quickly charges the move gauge
Umbral Acceleration 2 Dark Zone Quickly charges the move gauge
Umbral Power 3 Dark Zone Powers up moves
Whimsical Acceleration 2 Fairy Zone Quickly charges the move gauge
Whimsical Stability Fairy Zone The user's stats cannot be lowered

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 領域 Líhngwihk
Mandarin 領域 Lǐngyù
France Flag.png French Zone
Germany Flag.png German Zone
Italy Flag.png Italian Zone
South Korea Flag.png Korean Zone
Spain Flag.png Spanish Zona

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