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ラスカ Rasuka
Overworld sprite
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Fiore
Generation III
Games Pokémon Ranger
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Leilani (Japanese: ラスカ Rasuka) is a character in Pokémon Ranger.

She works at the Ranger Base under Cameron, and like the other Rangers of Summerland she is rather laid-back.


Summerland Ranger Base

"Oh? I recognize that uniform. Umm... You're a Ringtown Ranger? You're named <player>? What brings you to Summerland? Go-Rock Squat? What's that? Is that like a new dance? Oh, the Go-Rock Squad. I've never heard of them."
"They hold the Capture Challenge down at the Safra Sea. When our Leader enters, he gets caught up in the excitement, so he loses track of time. Like a little kid, huh? ...Whoops, here he is!"
"You may be a rookie but you look way more capable than me or Percy."
  • After Percy's Politoed is returned
"Weren't you scared of the bad guys in the jungle? I couldn't take it. I can't deal with anything like criminals or teams or gangs or anything like that. All I've done is help keep the sea natural and stuff like that."
"Poor <player>... Our Leader has an odd compulsion to give weird gifts that no one wants... He doesn't mean any harm by it, which actually makes it worse."
"Four challenges? Not for me! Not a chance!"
  • After clearing the challenges
"Imagine! The Go-Rock Squad hiding in Summerland! That is so creepy!"
"One of our Leader's gifts is finally going to be useful... It's really cold in Wintown, so make sure you don't catch a cold."

Groudon mission

"Oh, oh! Watch for fires!"
"Oh well. I guess your vacation will have to wait."

Mew mission

"Percy's lost confidence in himself."

After clearing the game

"Oh, hi, <player>. Are you in Summerland for a little rest and recreation? (Giggle...) With you, I doubt that! You're here to patrol. But you should learn to relax every so often so you don't burn out. It's important for Rangers to balance things out so you're not always on the go."


Language Name Origin
Japanese ラスカ Rasuka From 烏座 Karasu-za, Corvus constellation.
English Leilani
French Mélanie Similar to English name.
German Naomi
Italian Laila Similar to English name.
Spanish Lidia Similar to English name.

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