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Rustboro City

Rustboro City

Back in Rustboro, the man you saved earlier in Petalburg Woods will give you a Great Ball and bring you to Devon Corporation's president, Mr. Stone, who will ask two favors of you: to bring a letter to Steven in Dewford Town and the Devon Goods to Captain Stern in Slateport City. You will also receive your PokéNav, an electronic device that has a map function, a way to check the condition of your Pokémon for Contests, and a listing of the Ribbons your Pokémon have. You can also register your PokéNav with certain Trainers for a rematch with them later on. You can even rematch Gym Leaders this way!

By the time you get the PokéNav, you've already missed a few. Here's the ones you've missed:

  • Your mom and Professor Birch in Littleroot Town.
  • Youngster Calvin on Route 102.
  • Lady Cindy in Route 104 (South section).
  • Bug Catcher James in the Petalburg Woods.
  • Rich Boy Winston and Lass Haley in Route 104 (North section).
  • School Kids Karen and Jerry in Route 116.
  • Roxanne at the Rustboro Gym (she will do so at some point after you defeat Brawly, the next Gym).

The rematch trainers change their teams' levels (and possibly evolve their Pokémon) up to four times. However, you can rebattle them indefinitely.

To know when a trainer wants a rematch, use the Match Call and look for the Poke Ball symbol near a trainer's feet. Note that the more often you travel on the route or cave where any of these unique Trainers are located, the greater chance the trainer in that area will be ready for a rematch.

When you go back outside, your rival will be waiting for you, wanting a second battle. Here you'll register his/her in your PokéNav. This time, (s)he will also have a new Pokémon (either Lotad, Slugma/Torkoal, or Wingull), and his/her starter will be more powerful. When you win, (s)he will tell you that Mr. Briney is a sailor.

Treecko If the player chose Treecko:

Torchic If the player chose Torchic:

Mudkip If the player chose Mudkip:

Dewford Town

Dewford Town

After the battle, return to the empty house on the southern part of Route 104 and you will see that it's not empty— Mr. Briney will be there. Talk to him, and he'll offer to take you to Dewford Town so you can deliver the letter to Steven. On the way to Dewford, Norman will call, and you will register him in PokéNav. After that, you will make land in Dewford.

When you do, you will find several things. First, a boy outside of a house--the Dewford Hall--will let you set the current "trend". There will also be a Pokémon Center, a few more houses, and a Gym. Inside one of the houses is a man who gives you a Silk Scarf.

To the south of the pier, you can see a fisherman. He will give you the Old Rod. If you use it to fish, you can find Magikarp and Tentacool in pretty much any body of water. Magikarp has terrible stats and cannot attack until it reaches level 15, so it's a pain to train; but once it reaches level 20 it evolves into Gyarados, a powerful Water/Flying-type. Tentacool evolves into Tentacruel into level 30, and is capable of learn many HMs.

Dewford Hall

If someone says something "trendy" there, it quickly spreads throughout the rest of Hoenn. There is a boy that lets the player change the "trendy" phrase. Changing this affects where Feebas appears in Route 119 (you'll get there much later).

Head out to Route 106.

Route 106

Route 106

Further west is Granite Cave. A hiker there will give you HM05, Flash. This HM makes it much easier to navigate the lower levels of Granite Cave, and other caves in this region are easier to get through when you have Flash as well. However, you can't use it until you've defeated Brawly, the Gym Leader!

Dewford Gym

Map of the Dewford Gym's interior

Brawly's highest-leveled Pokémon is Lv. 19. Training your team to that level before before continuing is highly recommended. This Gym specializes in Fighting-types, so Flying- and Psychic-type moves will work well here. Don't use Rock-, Normal-, or Steel-types, as they will be easily defeated. When you're ready, enter the Gym.

The Dewford Gym has some Trainers that you will need to battle, and a big obstacle: the room is pitch black. However, the more Trainers you defeat, the less dark it becomes, making it easier to find Brawly.

Dewford Gym
The Knuckle Badge

When you challenge Brawly, you'll discover in battle that he has a Machop, a Meditite and a Makuhita. All three are weak to Flying-type attacks, and they all know Bulk Up, a move that simultaneously boosts their Attack and Defense. Brawly sends out Machop first. A good super-effective attack will take it out in one hit. Meditite knows a very powerful move— Focus Punch, which has 150 base power! However, you don't need to worry about getting hit by this move if you don't use Status-altering moves. Stick with attacking, and Focus Punch will be unable to hit. You should be able to take out Meditite reasonably quickly— don't let Light Screen and Reflect worry you. Makuhita is Brawly's best Pokémon. Its Attack stat gives a lot of power to its moves, which are Arm Thrust, Vital Throw, Reversal, and the aforementioned Bulk Up. Arm thrust strikes multiple times in the same turn, and hits two to five times. Vital Throw is an attack that cannot miss but always strikes last. Reversal gets more powerful the less HP Makuhita has, so watch out! The best strategy in this Gym is to just keep attacking.

Once you defeat Brawly, he will award you the Knuckle Badge. He will also give you TM08 (Bulk Up) and register himself in your PokéNav. You now have the ability to use Flash, so your next destination is Granite Cave!

Granite Cave

The first floor of Granite Cave
Granite Cave B1F
Granite Cave B2F

If you haven't already been to Granite Cave, a hiker there hands out HM05 (Flash). Teach it to one of your Pokémon (Lotad and Nincada are good choices) and then head down into the darkness by going down the first ladder.

When you are get inside, use Flash and the cave will light up. At the stairs, move up, continue west and walk south to the ladder. Then, head all the way west to the place with three boulders. From there, go north and then east. At the slightly bright stone, press A and you will receive an Everstone, and item that, when held, prevents Pokémon from evolving. This item can be more useful than it seems at first glance, so hang on to it. Now, walk to the ladder. Then, go west to another ladder. You will arrive at the part of the cave where Flash is no longer needed. Head all the way west and then south to the door. Steven is inside this next small room. Speak to him and deliver the letter. In return, he will give you TM47 (Steel Wing) and register you in his PokéNav. If you talk to Mr. Stone at Devon Corporation after this event, he will give you the Exp. Share as a reward for delivering the letter.

Once the letter is delivered, Mr. Briney can now take you to Slateport City from the Dewford Town port.

Route 109

Route 109. (You cannot access the southern part of the route until you have Surf.)

Here on the beach are people, Pokémon, and battles all waiting for you! If you beat all the Trainers in the house on the west side of the beach and then talk to the northernmost man inside, he will give you six Soda Pops. These restore more HP than a Super Potion and are cheaper to buy. If you do speak to him again, you can buy additional Soda Pops for PokémonDollar.png300 each.

Slateport City

Slateport City

When you arrive in Slateport, go to Stern's Shipyard and talk to Dock. He asks you to find Captain Stern and give him the Devon Goods. If you try to go to Route 110 in the north, you will find the road blocked by Team Aqua! But it's okay, because there are lots of things to do here in the city.

The Name Rater is in a house in the northern part of the city.

Also a person in the Pokémon Fan Club will give you the Soothe Bell if your lead Pokémon has high happiness. There may be a TV reporter here waiting for an interview. These reporters are all around Hoenn, wanting interviews! After an interview, go to a TV and watch the interview broadcast! The fan club president will give you a scarf if your lead Pokémon has maxed out a stat for a Pokémon Contest. Also here is a tutor who will teach a compatible Pokémon Swagger one time only.

Slateport Market

The Slateport market to the southwest can be quite useful and has four sections:

  • Dolls can be bought from the doll shop in the bottom-left corner and will automatically be transported to your PC for later use. Dolls are decorations that can be placed inside your Secret Base.
  • As you know, TMs are neat little one-time use only machines for teaching Pokémon moves. These are available from the shopkeeper in the middle-right section that only appears after you obtains TM43 (Secret Power) on Route 111.
  • The Energy Guru sells vitamins to boost you Pokémon's stats! Unfortunately, they are quite expensive.
  • The Secret Power Club sells items with which to decorate your Secret Base! They are fun to use; however, you need a Pokémon that knows TM43 (Secret Power) to make a Secret Base. This shop will remain closed until you obtain Secret Power.

Name Rater

The Name Rater allows Trainers to change the nickname of any Pokémon they captured or received in-game. If the Pokémon he's judging is an outsider Pokémon (if it was originally obtained in a different game, via an event, or via an in-game trade), he refuse to change it. However, if both players have identical Trainer IDs and secret IDs (which is extremely unlikely), he will allow name changes.

Oceanic Museum

Go to the Oceanic Museum. The entrance fee is PokémonDollar.png50 (but if you have less than that, you'll be given free admission). Talk to all of the Team Aqua Grunts— one is the guy who you defeated earlier and will give you TM46 (Thief). Go upstairs to find Captain Stern. Just as you are about to give him the Devon Goods, two more grunts will attack in two separate battles. After you defeat them, you will meet Archie, the leader of Team Aqua. He will tell you not to interfere with his plans again, and then Team Aqua will leave Slateport City. After you finally give Captain Stern the Devon Goods, you will be approached by a Scott outside of the museum. He says that he is searching for tough Trainers and will register himself in your PokéNav before leaving.

Battle Tent

Slateport City Battle Tent E.png

"Find it! The ultimate POKÉMON!"

There are three Battle Tents around Hoenn, each with different twists on Pokémon battling. Scott will come out of the Battle Tent if you try to go in and urge you to take the challenge. In this Battle Tent, you will have your Pokémon taken away for safekeeping. Then you will choose three Pokémon out of six choices to "rent", all level 30. You will use those rentals to battle a Trainer who also has three level 30 Pokémon. After the battle, you will be asked if you would like to switch one of your rental Pokémon for a Pokémon you battled against. Then you will battle again, are asked again if you would like to switch, and then have one last battle. You will only be allowed to go to the next battle if you have won the previous one. If you win three times in a row, you will be awarded a Full Heal.

Now that Team Aqua has left, you can go to Route 110, where your rival is waiting. Remember to buy a piece of Harbor Mail for PokémonDollar.png50 before leaving the city, you'll need to trade that to someone later on.

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