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ピーコちゃん Peeko-chan
Poké Ball
Peeko in the anime
Debuts in On a Wingull and a Prayer!
Caught at Hoenn
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Current location With Mr. Briney
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Wingull Chinami Nishimura Kayzie Rogers

Peeko (Japanese: ピーコちゃん Peeko-chan) is a female Wingull owned by Mr. Briney. She appears in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Versions as well as in the manga and in the anime.

In the games

Peeko is kidnapped by a Team Magma grunt in Pokémon Ruby, or a Team Aqua grunt in Pokémon Sapphire and Emerald. In either case, the player must go to Rusturf Tunnel and defeat the grunt to rescue her. After she is rescued and returned to Mr. Briney, he will return to his cottage and later offer to sail the player to Dewford Town and Slateport City.

She is referred to by Mr. Briney as "darling", journeying the sea alongside him.

In the anime

Mr. Briney and Peeko


Mr. Briney met Peeko one day while he was fishing and she flew down and landed on his head.

Peeko first appeared in On a Wingull and a Prayer! when May asked him for a way to get to Dewford Town as Ash and his friends were lost. May notices Peeko and is willing to interact with her, only for Peeko to shy away from her due to the fact that she only trusts Mr. Briney. This changed when May brought out Pokémon food. Later, she was kidnapped by a Team Aqua Grunt who was in disguise as a Devon Corporation worker earlier to force Mr. Briney to give him a boat to meet his partners. When the Grunt was about to get away on Mr. Briney's boat with Peeko, Team Rocket interfere using their mecha to steal both Peeko and their Pikachu. This was interrupted by Brock's Lotad's Water Gun which stopped the mecha. With Peeko still trapped in the cage, the Team Aqua Grunt takes her and drives away on Mr. Briney's boat. However, Mr. Briney had a Wingull-shaped boat which was modeled after his Peeko. He takes Ash and the others, and they chase down the Team Aqua Grunt. The two boats race around until Mr. Briney has his boat jump up to block the other boat the Grunt was riding on. With the Grunt stopped, Peeko ends up being returned to Mr. Briney. This did not stop the Grunt as he ended up escaping on Team Aqua's submarine. With the Grunt gone, Peeko and Mr. Briney were reunited.

Peeko appeared in Sharpedo Attack! where she was sitting on Mr. Briney's shoulder during the boat ride to Dewford Town. Along the way, they encounter some Sharpedo when May and Max were swimming. Mr. Briney had Peeko fly to where the two were and they get picked up by her. However, Taillow had to help out since Peeko's strength wasn't enough. Later, when the group docked on an island, Peeko participated in luring the leader of the Sharpedo by serving as some sort of transportation while Ash got the leader's attention. The leader came in and closed the area off, trapping the Sharpedo leader. After clearing the Sharpedo problem and taking the group to Dewford Town, Peeko is last seen waving goodbye to them while she and Mr. Briney set sail back to their hometown.

Personality and characteristics

Peeko was only close to Mr. Briney as seen when May tried interacting with her only for Peeko to hide behind Mr. Briney. Also, Mr. Briney is the same about Peeko. He even modeled a ship after her. He really cared for her as seen when she was kidnapped by a Team Aqua Grunt, he sailed on his boat that was the shape of a Wingull and chased the Grunt.

In the manga

Peeko in the fourth chapter

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Like in other game-based adaptations, Peeko appears as a dainty Wingull that belongs to the old fisherman Briney. She first appears in Blowing Past Nosepass I where she found Ruby caught in the old man's fish nets, and Briney endears her greatly, calling her "Peeko-poo." In Stick This in Your Craw, Crawdaunt I, Ruby was officially introduced to Mr. Briney and Peeko.

The rescue was then revealed to him. In the next chapter, after a Crawdaunt attacked their ship, Peeko distracted the Crawdaunt by attacking it when Ruby was trying to save Mr. Briney. However, Peeko ended up getting a broken beak as she charged straight into Crawdaunt's armored exoskeleton. This was when Crawdaunt's Shell Armor Ability activated, which prevented it from getting hurt by Peeko's attacks. Ruby ended up nursing her beak and healed her wound (he also adorned her with his "brand" of fashionable make-up). When Mr. Briney dropped of Ruby at his destination and met up with Sapphire, Peeko sailed away along with Mr. Briney.

Mr. Briney and Peeko in Pokémon Adventures

Peeko was revealed to have evolved into a Pelipper in Mirage is Far Away when he was already promoted to captain and contacted Kimberly, his old friend regarding Mew at Faraway Island.

Peeko was last seen in VS Shedinja where she is still shown hovering around her owner.

Moves used

Peeko Quick Attack Adventures.png
Using Quick Attack
Move First Used In
Quick Attack Stick This in Your Craw, Crawdaunt II
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire manga

Peeko in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire
Mr. Briney and Peeko

Peeko makes an appearance in We've Found Team Magma's Secret!!. Peeko is considered to be Mr. Briney's best friend since he takes her everywhere he goes.

When Red was at a restaurant, he was wondering if Mr. Briney was going to eat his meal in the shape of a bird. Mr. Briney revealed to the group that it was Peeko and he wasn't. He liked to dressed her up. After that, Peeko started becoming affectionate towards Clefairy, often hugging him, much to his displeasure. Team Magma and Maxie arrived, wanting Peeko in which Mr. Briney refused to give to them. Using force, Maxie plays tug-of-war with Clefairy using Peeko as the rope. Mr. Briney stops the game and takes Peeko and lets her fly away. Team Magma and Clefairy chase after her, with Clefairy using a hot-air balloon as a mode of flight transportation. The balloon landed on Peeko and a can flies out of there which revealed that Peeko did not want to be with Team Magma or Clefairy.


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