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Convert table to... not a table, more space for details, images (such as a picture of the in-game location, an example of their clothing brand and/or a trainer who uses their logo)

Which companies advertise in which stadiums? (I think all the respective Leader sponsors do, who else does if anyone? Who advertises in Wyndon?)

Japanese name for each company (since Bulbapedia likes having those)

Find out what the names of the three unknown clothing brands are.

List which clothing boutiques sell which brands? Also what style of clothing (casual, formal, punk, exercise, etc.)

Gym uniform shirts, shorts, gloves are made by unknown. Tracksuit, socks, shoes made by DENSOKU. Uniform as a whole by the Galar League (Any other company do this with uniforms?)

List what each company does and if they have any in-game stores. (See 39, Grow Sures for example) [DONE]

Add Galarian Star Tournament uniform to the respective sponsors. [DONE]

Add in-game locations for each company [DONE]

List of companies

Company name Company location Sponsored Trainers Notes
LASS LASS Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front right) Clothing brand, Exclusive designer wear, sold in Wedgehurst & Motostoke (Style Card), also sold in Wyndon
Mach Motors Mach Motors Ground Gym uniform Car manufacturer, Advertised in Wyndon
Yoshida's Coffee Yoshida's Coffee Motostoke, Hammerlocke, Wyndon Leon, Café Master, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back left leg) Battle Café
Surf Shipping Surf Shipping Motostoke, located in the upper district warehouses around the Pokémon Centre Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front top left) Shipping company
Wyndon Monorail Wyndon Monorail Wyndon Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front belly) Monorail company
Good Fit Good Fit Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back neck) Clothing brand, Shoe brand (Loafers), sold in Wyndon
Porcini Porcini Clothing brand, Business clothing (button up tops, pleated dress), Sold in Circhester
Bob's Your Uncle Bob's Your Uncle Circhester Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front bottom right) Restaurant, Advertised in Wyndon
Dream Dairy Dream Dairy Leon, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front right leg) Ranch & farm
Rondo Floral Rondo Floral Motostoke, Turffield Bug Gym uniform, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front right leg) Flower shop, two in Motostoke
DENSOKU DENSOKU Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front lower bellow) Clothing brand, Exercise/sports clothing, sold in Motostoke, Hammerlocke & Wyndon
Galar Taxi Galar Taxi Galar, Wyndon, Fields of Honor Leon, Cabbies, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front left) Flying Taxi company
Daily Discovery Daily Discovery Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Left sleeve) Clothing brand, Everyday casual clothing, sold in Wedgehurst, Motostoke & Circhester, Advertised in Wyndon (Featuring Wooloo)
The Captain's Table The Captain's Table Hulbury Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front botom left) Seafood restaurant
Turffield Orchards Turffield Orchards Turffield Milo, Turffield Stadium Gym Trainers, Grass Gym uniform Vegetable farm
Jetsetter Jetsetter Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Left sleeve bottom) Clothing brand, Designer clothing, sold in Hammerlocke & Wyndon (Style Card), also sold in Circhester (Satin Varsity Jacket only), Marnie's outfit
Celebrity Celebrity Clothing brand, Fancy Sweaters & Party Gloves, Sold in Circhester & Wyndon (Style Card)
Cozy Fried Kitchen Cozy Fried Kitchen Leon, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back bottom right) Restaurant, Advertised in Wyndon
Steelix Railcars Steelix Railcars Steel Gym uniform Railcar manufacturer
MCR Freight MCR Freight Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back left leg) Freight and transport company
Macro Cosmos Rail Macro Cosmos Rail Wedgehurst, Meetup Spot, Motostoke, Hulbury, Hammerlocke, Route 10, Wyndon, Slippery Slope Rail Staff Railway & electrical company
Bookmark Bookmark Motostoke Leon, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back bottom left) Book shop, two in Motostoke
Wailord Aquaculture Wailord Aquaculture Nessa, Hulbury Stadium Gym Trainers, Water Gym uniform Fishing company
DEFOG DEFOG Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front right leg) Clothing brand, Glasses & sunglasses, sold in Motostoke & Hammerlocke, Advertised in Wyndon (Featuring a Grooky wearing glasses)
Lapras Shipwrights Lapras Shipwrights Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back right leg) Ship construction company
Sonoqui Sonoqui Wedgehurst, Motostoke, Hammerlocke, Circhester, Wyndon Clothing boutique,
Rose of the Rondelands Rose of the Rondelands Wyndon Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front left leg) 5-star Hotel
Budew Drop Inn Budew Drop Inn Motostoke Hotel
Huo Guo Hot Pot Huo Guo Hot Pot Kabu, Motostoke Stadium Gym Trainers, Fire Gym uniform Restaurant
Macro Cosmos Air Macro Cosmos Air Rose Tower Adalyn and Justin, Flying Gym uniform Airport company
Macro Cosmos Tech Macro Cosmos Tech Research & Development company, Advertised in Motostoke (Featuring a bike and Pikachu)
No. 1 Pharmacy No. 1 Pharmacy Leon, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front left leg) Pharmacy
RKS Laboratories RKS Laboratories Klara, Poison Gym uniform Research laboratory
Pelipper Couriers Pelipper Couriers Leon, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front top right) Air delivery company, Advertised in Wyndon
Hotel Ionia Hotel Ionia Circhester Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back right leg) Hotel
Macro Cosmos Media Macro Cosmos Media Television show company
Macro Cosmos Television Macro Cosmos Television Interviewers, Cameramen, Reporters Television and film company
MCA Cargo MCA Cargo Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back left leg) Air delivery company
Grow Sures Grow Sures Wedgehurst Leon, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front top middle) Produce & Berry shop
Macro Cosmos Construction Macro Cosmos Construction Rose Tower Bea, Stow-on-Side Stadium Gym TrainersSw, Fighting Gym uniform, Jane and Mateo Construction company
MC Insurance MC Insurance Rose Tower Allister, Stow-on-Side Stadium Gym TrainersSh, Ghost Gym uniform, Kevin and Carla Insurance firm
MC Brokerage MC Brokerage Brokerage firm
Hammerlocke University Hammerlocke University Hammerlocke University
Galar Fire Station Galar Fire Station Motostoke, next to the upper Pokémon Centre Fire Station
Timburr Builders Timburr Builders Leon, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back right) Construction company
HIJIKI OKA HIJIKI OKA Opal*, Ballonlea Stadium Gym Trainers, Gym Leader Bede, Fairy Gym uniform Clothing brand, Punk clothing, sold in Circhester & Wyndon
Galar Post Office Galar Post Office Galar Postmen, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back left) Postal company
Macro Cosmos Energy Macro Cosmos Energy Electric Gym uniform Energy company
Gramophone Records Gramophone Records Motostoke Leon, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back right leg) Record shop, two in Motostoke
Northern Delights Northern Delights Melony, Circhester Stadium Gym TrainersSh, Ice Gym uniform Ice-cream shop
Telescreen Telescreen Avery, Psychic Gym uniform Telephone service provider
Galar Minerals Galar Minerals Galar Gordie, Circhester Stadium Gym TrainersSw, Rock Gym uniform Mining company, also removes metal impurities
Macro Cosmos Living Macro Cosmos Living Mass produced food products
Macro Cosmos Bank Macro Cosmos Bank Raihan, Hammerlocke Stadium Gym Trainers, Dragon Gym uniform Banking company
Spikemuth Chamber of Commerce Spikemuth Chamber of Commerce Spikemuth Team Yell Grunts, Spikemuth Gym Trainers, Piers, Gym Leader Marnie, Dark Gym uniform Chamber of Commerce, Also makes clothing, specifically the Team Yell outfits (that aren't part of the Gym uniform), sold in Circhester (Style Card)
Macro Net Macro Net Internet service provider
Galar Police Station Galar Police Station Galar Police Officers Police station
?????? ?????? Hands out anonymous Poké Job request asking for Ghost types
Galar League Galar League Galar Gym Challengers, Gym Leaders, League Staff, Galarian Star Tournament uniform Used to represent Gym Challengers in tournaments, Advertised all over Galar
Galar League Champion Cup Wyndon Stadium Leon, Hop, Rose, Gym Challengers, Ball Guy Used to represent Leon in tournaments, also used on Leon, Hop, Rose & Ball Guy's League cards
Galar League Galar League Wyndon Stadium Leon Used to represent Leon, Advertised in Wyndon
Company Icon Ball Guy.png Ball Guy Galar Ball Guy Ball Guy's clothing brand
Macro Cosmos Rose Tower Macro Cosmos Rose Tower, Energy Plant Rose, Oleana, Bede Advertised in Wyndon as Rose Tower
Game Freak Game Freak Leon, Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Front right leg)
Silph Co. Saffron City Normal Gym uniform Kanto based company
Company Icon Other1.png Unknown League Staff, Every Gym uniform Clothing brand Company that makes the Gym uniforms
Company Icon Other2.png Unknown Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back upper left leg) Clothing brand, Outdoor clothing, sold in Wedgehurst & Motostoke, Expedition Uniform
Company Icon Other3.png Unknown Galarian Star Tournament uniform (Back middle bottom shirt Clothing brand, (Women's clothing?) Simple Shirt Dress, Sweatshirt, Parka, Frilly Short Skirt, Ribbon socks, Boater Hat, Knight Cap sold in Hammerlocke, Circhester & Wyndon
Master Dojo Master Dojo Master Dojo Mustard, Honey, Klara, Avery Master Dojo Students, Dojo uniform Used to represent the Dojo Uniform, also appears on Mustard, Honey, Klara & Avery's League cards
Klara Poison Gym Galar Klara, Poison Gym uniform, Klara 4-ever Casual Tee Gym & clothing brand, represents Klara in tournaments
Avery Psychic Gym Galar Avery, Psychic Gym uniform, Avery 4-ever Casual Tee Gym & clothing brand, represents Avery in tournaments


  • The only sponsor for the Galarian Star Tournament uniform that also sponsors another trainer (besides Leon) is Rondo Floral, who also sponsors the Bug type uniform
  • The following companies don't sponsor any trainers at all: Porcini, Celebrity, Sonoqui, Budew Drop Inn, Galar Fire Station, Galar Police Station, Hammerlocke University, Macro Cosmos Rail, Macro Cosmos Tech, Macro Cosmos Media, Macro Cosmos Television, Macro Cosmos Energy, Macro Cosmos Living, Macro Net and MC Brokerage.