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Basic information

Ok so I started playing Pokemon when I was about 5.I loved the cards,games,anime,and everything else that involved it or was incorporated with it.I bought almost every card game item i could see in the stores.I had every card in existance until my so called "Friend" stole them all.Since then i've gotten some Theme decks but i kinda lost them all and my interest was never sparked again.My interest in the card game kinda took off again after i bought Pokemon Rumble on the Wii shop channel.My first game was Pokemon Gold version which I received from my friend named Dennis.After I beat it I lost it and my interest in Pokemon faded away.My next game after that was Sapphire which re-sparked my enthusiasm for Pokemon.My newly gained Step-Sister then got Pokemon Ruby and it became a "Family-Competition".My cousin also joined the competition to have the best Pokemon.My cousin was usually the best,with me following and my sister in last.After All this happened I recieved a letter from nintendo containing a Pokemon Emerald Version poster.I hung it up on my wall and saved all money and bought it.I beat it in a week and proceeded to train Rayquaza to Lv.86.By the time Rayquaza reached this level Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out and i Bought Diamond on the day it came out.I was so excited that I beat it in 3 days.About 2 weeks after i got Diamond my mom took us back to the store for my sisters birthday and she got pearl and my mom got me it too because she kinda forced me to get it.I then beat pearl.I lost Pearl and decided to restart my Diamond and that leaves me in my position of where i am now.

Pokemon Games

Okay so my first Poke'mon game was Poke'mon Gold Version.I no longer have it.I now have both Dimond and Pearl Version but i lost my pearl so I only have diamond.

Pokemon Diamond

Heres My current Pokemon in Diamond.I just started so I dont have much.

Pokemon Rumble

Rank:S-Rank Avanced

Trading Card Game

I have no decks but just for the heck of it I'm going to make an Empoleon deck in the Future including Empoleon Lv.X

Top 10 Pokemon

  • 1.Empoleon
  • 2.Typhlosion
  • 3.Cyndaquail
  • 4.Sceptile
  • 5.Furret
  • 6.Blastoise
  • 7.Charizard
  • 8.Charmander
  • 9.Gliscor
  • 10.Walrein

Other Games I Play

Basically the list of all other games that I play.

  • Magic The Gathering
  • Super Mario Bros.(ALL)
  • Star Wars:The Force Unleashed

My Work in Photoshop

142a7w7.jpg MORE COMING SOON!

Social Networking

Youtube Account=SubterraSobaku Facebook Name=D.j. Ploss