Tadpole Pond

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Tadpole Pond 玉ヶ池
Tadpole Pond
Tadpole Pond RTDX.png
Description: Broad leaves float on the surface of this pond. It is the perfect home for tadpole Pokémon. Water Pokémon like it, too.
Predominant type: Water
Capacity: 9
Method to obtain: Buy for 500 Poké
Friend Area

Tadpole Pond (Japanese: 玉ヶ池 Tadpole Pond) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and a rescue team camp in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX in the Eastern Ponds area. In Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, it has a capacity of 3 Pokémon. All of the Pokémon that reside here are Water-type, except for Masquerain, who evolves from a Water type.

It can be purchased from the Wigglytuff Club for 500 Poké.


Tadpole Pond is a moist swamp-like area consisting of several large lily pads and stumps that appears to be surrounded by deep forest.


Generation III

Pokémon Location
Poliwag Poliwag Silent Chasm (B5F-B9F)
Northwind Field (1F-4F)
Waterfall Pond (B1F-B5F)
Poliwhirl Poliwhirl Evolve Poliwag
Northwind Field (10F-16F)
Waterfall Pond (B9F-B13F)
Poliwrath Poliwrath Evolve Poliwhirl
Politoed Politoed Evolve Poliwhirl
Lotad Lotad Waterfall Pond (B1F-B3F)
Lombre Lombre Evolve Lotad
Waterfall Pond (B13F-B16F)
Ludicolo Ludicolo Evolve Lombre
Surskit Surskit Waterfall Pond (B4F-B7F)
Masquerain Masquerain Evolve Surskit

Generation VIII

Pokémon Location
Poliwag Poliwag Silent Chasm (4F-7F)
Northwind Field (1F-5F)
Murky Cave (1F-5F)
Waterfall Pond (1F-5F)
Purity Forest (23F-27F)
Oddity Cave (3F-4F)
Remains Island (3F-4F)
Marvelous Sea (3F-4F)
Fantasy Strait (3F-4F)
Poliwhirl Poliwhirl Northwind Field (14F-19F)
Murky Cave (9F-13F)
Southern Cavern (Fainted Pokémon)
Waterfall Pond (9F-13F)
Poliwrath Poliwrath Northwind Field (23F-28F)
Mt. Faraway (Mystery House)
Murky Cave (17F-19F)
Waterfall Pond (16F-18F)
Politoed Politoed Silver Trench (Mystery House)
Northwind Field (26F-29F)
Lotad Lotad Uproar Forest (Fainted Pokémon)
Murky Cave (1F-5F)
Waterfall Pond (1F-3F)
Far-Off Sea (Fainted Pokémon)
Lombre Lombre Mt. Faraway (Fainted Pokémon)
Murky Cave (15F-19F)
Southern Cavern (Fainted Pokémon)
Waterfall Pond (13F-16F)
Ludicolo Ludicolo Silver Trench (Mystery House)
Wyvern Hill (6F-15F)
Surskit Surskit Mt. Freeze (Fainted Pokémon)
Murky Cave (3F-7F)
Waterfall Pond (4F-7F)
Fantasy Strait (22F-24F)
Masquerain Masquerain Sky Tower (1F-8F)
Pitfall Valley (10F-14F)
Murky Cave (12F-16F, Fainted Pokémon)
Waterfall Pond (12F-14F)
Joyous Tower (70F-73F)
Far-Off Sea (Fainted Pokémon)
Purity Forest (70F-71F)


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Mare aux Têtards
Germany Flag.png German Kaulquappenteich
Italy Flag.png Italian Stagno Girino
South Korea Flag.png Korean 올챙이 연못
Spain Flag.png Spanish Charca Renacuajo

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