Stump Forest

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Mist-Rise Forest 陽炎
Heat Haze Forest
Stump Forest RTDX.png
Description: Mist-Rise Forest, deep inside the Eastern Forest, looks ideal for many Bug-type Pokémon.RB
Predominant type: Bug
Capacity: 14
Method to obtain: Talk to Wigglytuff for the first time
Friend Area

Stump ForestRTDX or Mist-Rise ForestRB (Japanese: 陽炎 Heat Haze Forest) is a rescue team camp. It is automatically given away when visiting the Wigglytuff Club for the first time. It has a capacity of fourteen PokémonRB, all of them at least partially Bug-type. It is one of four camps in the Eastern Forest area.


Stump Forest is a barren forest area with a single large tree stump that has what appears to be fungus steps protruding from its base.


Pokémon Location
010 Caterpie Wish Cave (B2F-B4F)
011 Metapod Evolve Caterpie
Joyous Tower (7F-8F)
012 Butterfree Evolve Metapod
013 Weedle Silent Chasm (B1F-B6F)
Mt. Thunder (1F-4F)
Joyous Tower (28F-34F)
Oddity Cave (B1F-B4F)
014 Kakuna Evolve Weedle
Joyous Tower (9F-13F)
015 Beedrill Evolve Kakuna
165 Ledyba Sinister Woods (7F-10F)
Pitfall Valley (B1F-B6F)
Joyous Tower (22F-25F)
Remains Island (B1F-B6F)
166 Ledian Evolve Ledyba
193 Yanma Silent Chasm (B1F-B8F)
Pitfall Valley (B9F-B15F)
Remains Island (B9F-B15F)
265 Wurmple Joyous Tower (1F-2F)
266 Silcoon Evolve Wurmple
Sinister Woods (4F-6F)
267 Beautifly Evolve Silcoon
268 Cascoon Evolve Wurmple
Sinister Woods (4F-6F)
Murky Cave (1F-2F, 5F, 7F-9F, 11F)
269 Dustox Evolve Cascoon
469 YanmegaRTDX Evolve Yanma (RTDX only)


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Bois des Brumes
Germany Flag.png German Hochnebelwald
Italy Flag.png Italian Foresta Vapore
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아지랑이 숲
Spain Flag.png Spanish Bosque Brumoso

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