Deepsea Floor

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Deepsea Floor 深海
Deepsea Bottom
Deepsea Floor RTDX.png
Description: It is said there is an exquisitely beautiful spot at the bottom of this deep sea. The water is blue and eternally clear.
Predominant type: Water
Capacity: 12
Method to obtain: Buy for 5,500 Poké
Friend Area

Deepsea Floor (Japanese: 深海 Deepsea Bottom), formatted as Deep-Sea Floor in Red and Blue Rescue Team, is a Friend Area. It has a capacity of twelve Pokémon, all of which are either obtainable in Silver Trench or evolve from Pokémon found there. It is available for purchase for 5,500 Poké from the Wigglytuff Club after completing the main storyline. It is in the Southern Sea area, along with Seafloor Cave and Treasure Sea.


Like the name suggests, this area is located at the bottom of the sea. In the center is what appears to be a bioluminescent sea anemone.


Pokémon Location
Omanyte Omanyte Stormy Sea (B1F-B9F)
Silver Trench (B1F-B9F)
Far-off Sea (B1F-B9F)
Marvelous Sea (B1F-B9F)
Fantasy Strait (B1F-B9F)
Omastar Omastar Evolve Omanyte
Kabuto Kabuto Silver Trench (B5F-B13F)
Grand Sea (B5F-B13F)
Fantasy Strait (B5F-B13F)
Kabutops Kabutops Evolve Kabuto
Chinchou Chinchou Silver Trench (B70F-B79F)
Lanturn Lanturn Evolve Chinchou
Lileep Lileep Silver Trench (B80F-B89F)
Cradily Cradily Evolve Lileep
Silver Trench (B90F-B98F)
Team Constrictor (B3F)
Clamperl Clamperl Silver Trench (B65F-B79F)
Far-off Sea (B65F-B75F)
Huntail Huntail Evolve Clamperl
Gorebyss Gorebyss Evolve Clamperl
Relicanth Relicanth Silver Trench (B80F-B89F)


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Fonds Marins
Germany Flag.png German Tiefseeboden
Italy Flag.png Italian Abissi Marini
South Korea Flag.png Korean 깊은 해저
Spain Flag.png Spanish Fosa Abisal

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