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Decrepit Lab れた研究所
Decrepit Laboratory
Decrepit Lab RTDX.png
Description: An abandoned lab built by humans long ago. Left to fall into disrepair, it is now home to Pokémon.
Predominant type: Psychic
Capacity: 7
Method to obtain: Buy for 1,000 Poké
Friend Area

Decrepit Lab (Japanese: れた研究所 Decrepit Laboratory) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team that can be bought for 1,000 Poké at the Wigglytuff Club. It is found in the Ruins area along with the Power Plant. It has a capacity of seven Pokémon, with most of them having some sort of Psychic powers.


Decrepit Lab is a small laboratory in poor condition, with many complex panels, screens, and computers. In the center is a large red button.


Pokémon Location
063 Abra Buried Relic (B10F, B20F, B30F)
Wish Cave (B38F-B42F)
Solar Cave (B1F-B8F)
064 Kadabra Evolve Abra
Buried Relic (B40F-B49F)
Wish Cave (B46F-B50F)
Solar Cave (B13F-B20F)
065 Alakazam Evolve Kadabra
122 Mr. Mime Buried Relic (B50F-B69F)
Solar Cave (B7F-B12F)
132 Ditto Frosty Forest (4F-9F)
Fiery Field (10F, 20F)
Buried Relic (B16F-B24F, B26F-34F)
Wish Cave (B53F-B64F)
Joyous Tower (53F-64F)
Oddity Cave (B1F-B15F)
137 Porygon Buried Relic (B5F-B10F) (Red)
233 Porygon2 Evolve Porygon (Red)
Buried Relic (B10F-B14F, B16F-B18F) (Blue)
Wish Cave (B79F-B84F) (Blue)
Joyous Tower (80F-84F) (Blue)
439 Mime Jr.RTDX Mt. Steel
Wish CaveRTDX
474 Porygon-ZRTDX Evolve Porygon2RTDX


Decrepit Lab.png
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In other languages

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Language Title
France Flag.png French Labo Abandonné
Germany Flag.png German Altes Labor
Italy Flag.png Italian Laboratorio Cadente
Spain Flag.png Spanish Vieja Central

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