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V Starter Decks.jpg
Collective box art
Release date July 10, 2020

The V Starter Decks (Japanese: Vスタートデッキ V Start Decks) are a set of Japanese-exclusive Standard Decks for the Pokémon Trading Card Game released on July 10, 2020.


A set of nine GX Starter Decks were released during the Sun & Moon Era aimed at introducing people to the TCG. Following the popularity of these products, another set of nine 60-card decks were released in the Sword & Shield Era, focusing on a particular Pokémon V and a selection of Pokémon associated with its type. These decks include:

Grass Venusaur V Deck (Japanese: Vスタートデッキ草フシギバナ)
Fire Incineroar V Deck (Japanese: Vスタートデッキ炎ガオガエン)
Water Wailord V Deck (Japanese: Vスタートデッキ水ホエルオー)
Lightning Pikachu V Deck (Japanese: Vスタートデッキ雷ピカチュウ)
Psychic Mew V Deck (Japanese: Vスタートデッキ超ミュウ)
Fighting Lucario V Deck (Japanese: Vスタートデッキ闘ルカリオ)
Darkness Galarian Slowbro V Deck (Japanese: Vスタートデッキ悪ガラルヤドラン)
Metal Duraludon V Deck (Japanese: Vスタートデッキ鋼ジュラルドン)
Colorless Eevee V Deck (Japanese: Vスタートデッキ無色イーブイ)

Each deck contains a fixed selection of cards, which together form a numbered master set. These cards consist mostly of reprints from prior Sword & Shield Era expansions and subsets, as well as some Trainer cards from the Sun & Moon Era, which retain their original layout. Unlike the GX Starter Decks however, each V Starter Deck includes a handful of new cards, including the focal Pokémon V. Each deck also comes packaged with a cardboard sheet containing 31 damage counters and a pair of Special Condition markers, plus a card detailing set-up rules with a QR code for the official Pokémon Card Game website. All cards are Non Holofoil.

The V Starter Decks had a similar marketing push to their predecessors, becoming the focus of purchase campaigns and Limited format battles offering exclusive promotional cards. They were also sold at the same price point of ¥500 plus tax.

Set list

V Starter Decks
SetSymbolV Starter Decks.png
No. Mark Card name Type
001/127 D VenusaurV Grass Promotion
002/127 D Weedle Grass Promotion
003/127 D Kakuna Grass Promotion
004/127 D Beedrill Grass Promotion
005/127 D Heracross Grass Promotion
006/127 D Snover Grass Promotion
007/127 D Abomasnow Grass Promotion
008/127 D Gossifleur Grass Promotion
009/127 D Eldegoss Grass Promotion
010/127 D Vulpix Fire Promotion
011/127 D Ninetales Fire Promotion
012/127 C Ponyta Fire Promotion
013/127 C Rapidash Fire Promotion
014/127 C Entei Fire Promotion
015/127 D IncineroarV Fire Promotion
016/127 D Scorbunny Fire Promotion
017/127 D Sizzlipede Fire Promotion
018/127 D Centiskorch Fire Promotion
019/127 D Krabby Water Promotion
020/127 D Wingull Water Promotion
021/127 D Pelipper Water Promotion
022/127 D Carvanha Water Promotion
023/127 D Sharpedo Water Promotion
024/127 D WailordV Water Promotion
025/127 D Chewtle Water Promotion
026/127 D Drednaw Water Promotion
027/127 D Cramorant Water Promotion
028/127 D PikachuV Lightning Promotion
029/127 D Electabuzz Lightning Promotion
030/127 D Mareep Lightning Promotion
031/127 D Flaaffy Lightning Promotion
032/127 D Ampharos Lightning Promotion
033/127 D Helioptile Lightning Promotion
034/127 D Heliolisk Lightning Promotion
035/127 D Yamper Lightning Promotion
036/127 D Boltund Lightning Promotion
037/127 D Pincurchin Lightning Promotion
038/127 D MewV Psychic Promotion
039/127 D Natu Psychic Promotion
040/127 D Xatu Psychic Promotion
041/127 D Snubbull Psychic Promotion
042/127 D Granbull Psychic Promotion
043/127 D Galarian Corsola Psychic Promotion
044/127 D Hatenna Psychic Promotion
045/127 D Hattrem Psychic Promotion
046/127 D Hatterene Psychic Promotion
047/127 D Indeedee Psychic Promotion
048/127 C Hitmonchan Fighting Promotion
049/127 C Groudon Fighting Promotion
050/127 D LucarioV Fighting Promotion
051/127 C Pancham Fighting Promotion
052/127 C Pangoro Fighting Promotion
053/127 D Rockruff Fighting Promotion
054/127 D Lycanroc Fighting Promotion
055/127 D Silicobra Fighting Promotion
056/127 D Sandaconda Fighting Promotion
057/127 D Ekans Darkness Promotion
058/127 D Arbok Darkness Promotion
059/127 D Galarian SlowbroV Darkness Promotion
060/127 D Grimer Darkness Promotion
061/127 D Skorupi Darkness Promotion
062/127 D Drapion Darkness Promotion
063/127 D Trubbish Darkness Promotion
064/127 D Impidimp Darkness Promotion
065/127 D Morgrem Darkness Promotion
066/127 D Grimmsnarl Darkness Promotion
067/127 D Mawile Metal Promotion
068/127 D Meltan Metal Promotion
069/127 D Melmetal Metal Promotion
070/127 D Corviknight Metal Promotion
071/127 D Cufant Metal Promotion
072/127 D Copperajah Metal Promotion
073/127 D DuraludonV Metal Promotion
074/127 C Tauros Colorless Promotion
075/127 D EeveeV Colorless Promotion
076/127 C Teddiursa Colorless Promotion
077/127 C Ursaring Colorless Promotion
078/127 D Swablu Colorless Promotion
079/127 D Altaria Colorless Promotion
080/127 C Zangoose Colorless Promotion
081/127 D Rookidee Colorless Promotion
082/127 D Corvisquire Colorless Promotion
083/127 D Wooloo Colorless Promotion
084/127 D Dubwool Colorless Promotion
085/127 D Energy Switch I Promotion
086/127 D Energy Search I Promotion
087/127 D Potion I Promotion
088/127 D Quick Ball I Promotion
089/127 D Crushing Hammer I Promotion
090/127 D Evolution Incense I Promotion
091/127 D Great Ball I Promotion
092/127 D Capacious Bucket I Promotion
093/127 D Tool Scrapper I Promotion
094/127 D Pal Pad I Promotion
095/127 D Rare Candy I Promotion
096/127 D Pokégear 3.0 I Promotion
097/127 D Switch I Promotion
098/127 D Pokémon Catcher I Promotion
099/127 D Metal Saucer I Promotion
100/127 C Reset Stamp I Promotion
101/127 D Rotom Bike I Promotion
102/127 D Big Charm I Promotion
103/127 D Vitality Band I Promotion
104/127 D Lucky Egg I Promotion
105/127 D Air Balloon I Promotion
106/127 D Burning Scarf I Promotion
107/127 D Team Yell Grunt Su Promotion
108/127 C Erika's Hospitality Su Promotion
109/127 D Oleana Su Promotion
110/127 C Misty's Determination Su Promotion
111/127 D Dan Su Promotion
112/127 C Sabrina's Suggestion Su Promotion
113/127 D Professor's Research Su Promotion
114/127 D Bede Su Promotion
115/127 D Poké Kid Su Promotion
116/127 D Pokémon Center Lady Su Promotion
117/127 D Hop Su Promotion
118/127 C Bill's Analysis Su Promotion
119/127 C Lt. Surge's Strategy Su Promotion
120/127 D Marnie Su Promotion
121/127 C Rosa Su Promotion
122/127 C Welder Su Promotion
123/127 C Red's Challenge Su Promotion
124/127 C Roller Skater Su Promotion
125/127 C Martial Arts Dojo St Promotion
126/127 D Turffield Stadium St Promotion
127/127 D Twin Energy Colorless E Promotion

Deck lists

Grass Venusaur V Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
001/127 VenusaurV Grass
002/127 Weedle Grass
003/127 Kakuna Grass
004/127 Beedrill Grass
005/127 Heracross Grass
006/127 Snover Grass
007/127 Abomasnow Grass
008/127 Gossifleur Grass
009/127 Eldegoss Grass
087/127 Potion I
091/127 Great Ball I
095/127 Rare Candy I
097/127 Switch I
098/127 Pokémon Catcher I
102/127 Big Charm I
108/127 Erika's Hospitality Su
113/127 Professor's Research Su
115/127 Poké Kid Su
117/127 Hop Su
120/127 Marnie Su
126/127 Turffield Stadium St
Grass Energy Grass E 20×

Fire Incineroar V Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
010/127 Vulpix Fire
011/127 Ninetales Fire
012/127 Ponyta Fire
013/127 Rapidash Fire
014/127 Entei Fire
015/127 IncineroarV Fire
016/127 Scorbunny Fire
017/127 Sizzlipede Fire
018/127 Centiskorch Fire
086/127 Energy Search I
089/127 Crushing Hammer I
091/127 Great Ball I
094/127 Pal Pad I
097/127 Switch I
098/127 Pokémon Catcher I
106/127 Burning Scarf I
113/127 Professor's Research Su
115/127 Poké Kid Su
117/127 Hop Su
120/127 Marnie Su
122/127 Welder Su
Fire Energy Fire E 20×

Water Wailord V Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
019/127 Krabby Water
020/127 Wingull Water
021/127 Pelipper Water
022/127 Carvanha Water
023/127 Sharpedo Water
024/127 WailordV Water
025/127 Chewtle Water
026/127 Drednaw Water
027/127 Cramorant Water
089/127 Crushing Hammer I
091/127 Great Ball I
092/127 Capacious Bucket I
097/127 Switch I
098/127 Pokémon Catcher I
102/127 Big Charm I
110/127 Misty's Determination Su
113/127 Professor's Research Su
114/127 Bede Su
115/127 Poké Kid Su
117/127 Hop Su
120/127 Marnie Su
Water Energy Water E 20×

Lightning Pikachu V Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
028/127 PikachuV Lightning
029/127 Electabuzz Lightning
030/127 Mareep Lightning
031/127 Flaaffy Lightning
032/127 Ampharos Lightning
033/127 Helioptile Lightning
034/127 Heliolisk Lightning
035/127 Yamper Lightning
036/127 Boltund Lightning
037/127 Pincurchin Lightning
088/127 Quick Ball I
091/127 Great Ball I
095/127 Rare Candy I
097/127 Switch I
098/127 Pokémon Catcher I
101/127 Rotom Bike I
113/127 Professor's Research Su
115/127 Poké Kid Su
117/127 Hop Su
119/127 Lt. Surge's Strategy Su
120/127 Marnie Su
123/127 Red's Challenge Su
Lightning Energy Lightning E 20×

Psychic Mew V Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
038/127 MewV Psychic
039/127 Natu Psychic
040/127 Xatu Psychic
041/127 Snubbull Psychic
042/127 Granbull Psychic
043/127 Galarian Corsola Psychic
044/127 Hatenna Psychic
045/127 Hattrem Psychic
046/127 Hatterene Psychic
047/127 Indeedee Psychic
085/127 Energy Switch I
090/127 Evolution Incense I
091/127 Great Ball I
095/127 Rare Candy I
097/127 Switch I
098/127 Pokémon Catcher I
105/127 Air Balloon I
112/127 Sabrina's Suggestion Su
113/127 Professor's Research Su
115/127 Poké Kid Su
117/127 Hop Su
120/127 Marnie Su
Psychic Energy Psychic E 20×

Fighting Lucario V Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
048/127 Hitmonchan Fighting
049/127 Groudon Fighting
050/127 LucarioV Fighting
051/127 Pancham Fighting
052/127 Pangoro Fighting
053/127 Rockruff Fighting
054/127 Lycanroc Fighting
055/127 Silicobra Fighting
056/127 Sandaconda Fighting
088/127 Quick Ball I
091/127 Great Ball I
097/127 Switch I
098/127 Pokémon Catcher I
100/127 Reset Stamp I
104/127 Lucky Egg I
111/127 Dan Su
113/127 Professor's Research Su
115/127 Poké Kid Su
117/127 Hop Su
120/127 Marnie Su
125/127 Martial Arts Dojo St
Fighting Energy Fighting E 20×

Darkness Galarian Slowbro V Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
057/127 Ekans Darkness
058/127 Arbok Darkness
059/127 Galarian SlowbroV Darkness
060/127 Grimer Darkness
061/127 Skorupi Darkness
062/127 Drapion Darkness
063/127 Trubbish Darkness
064/127 Impidimp Darkness
065/127 Morgrem Darkness
066/127 Grimmsnarl Darkness
090/127 Evolution Incense I
091/127 Great Ball I
093/127 Tool Scrapper I
095/127 Rare Candy I
097/127 Switch I
098/127 Pokémon Catcher I
107/127 Team Yell Grunt Su
109/127 Oleana Su
113/127 Professor's Research Su
115/127 Poké Kid Su
117/127 Hop Su
120/127 Marnie Su
Darkness Energy Darkness E 20×

Metal Duraludon V Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
067/127 Mawile Metal
068/127 Meltan Metal
069/127 Melmetal Metal
070/127 Corviknight Metal
071/127 Cufant Metal
072/127 Copperajah Metal
073/127 DuraludonV Metal
081/127 Rookidee Colorless
082/127 Corvisquire Colorless
088/127 Quick Ball I
091/127 Great Ball I
095/127 Rare Candy I
097/127 Switch I
098/127 Pokémon Catcher I
099/127 Metal Saucer I
113/127 Professor's Research Su
115/127 Poké Kid Su
116/127 Pokémon Center Lady Su
117/127 Hop Su
120/127 Marnie Su
124/127 Roller Skater Su
Metal Energy Metal E 20×

Colorless Eevee V Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
074/127 Tauros Colorless
075/127 EeveeV Colorless
076/127 Teddiursa Colorless
077/127 Ursaring Colorless
078/127 Swablu Colorless
079/127 Altaria Colorless
080/127 Zangoose Colorless
083/127 Wooloo Colorless
084/127 Dubwool Colorless
087/127 Potion I
091/127 Great Ball I
094/127 Pal Pad I
096/127 Pokégear 3.0 I
097/127 Switch I
098/127 Pokémon Catcher I
103/127 Vitality Band I
113/127 Professor's Research Su
115/127 Poké Kid Su
117/127 Hop Su
118/127 Bill's Analysis Su
120/127 Marnie Su
121/127 Rosa Su
127/127 Twin Energy Colorless E
Grass Energy Grass E
Fire Energy Fire E
Water Energy Water E
Lightning Energy Lightning E
Psychic Energy Psychic E
Fighting Energy Fighting E
Darkness Energy Darkness E
Metal Energy Metal E


500,000 copies of the V Starter Decks had been sold in Japan by July 28, 2020, making it the fastest-selling pre-constructed deck in the history of the TCG.[1]


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