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High-Class Decks.jpg
Collective box art
Release date May 28, 2021
Coin SGG Silver Gigantamax Gengar Coin.png/SGI Silver Gigantamax Inteleon Coin.png

The High-Class Decks (Japanese: ハイクラスデッキ) are a pair of Japanese-exclusive Standard Decks released for the Pokémon Trading Card Game alongside the Eevee Heroes subset on May 28, 2021.


The two High-Class Decks, the Gengar VMAX High-Class Deck (Japanese: ハイクラスデッキ ゲンガーVMAX High-Class Deck: GangarVMAX) and the Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck (Japanese: ハイクラスデッキ インテレオンVMAX High-Class Deck: IntereonVMAX), each comprise a fixed selection of 60 Holofoil cards and feature their titular Pokémon as Pokémon V and as Pokémon VMAX that depict their Gigantamax form. The two decks also support either the Single Strike or Rapid Strike mechanic and come packaged with a player's guide, a coin, and a sheet containing 36 damage counters and 2 status markers.

The Gengar VMAX & Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck Double Box (Japanese: ハイクラスデッキダブルBOX ゲンガーVMAX&インテレオンVMAX High-Class Deck Double Box: GangarVMAX & IntereonVMAX) was also available from retailers on the same day. It includes the cards from the two High-Class Decks, the player's guides and the same two coins, plus a set of acrylic damage counters and status markers, a damage counter case, and two alternate art S-P Promotional cards: Empoleon V, and Tyranitar V.

Deck lists

Gengar VMAX High-Class Deck
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
001/019 GengarV Darkness
002/019 GengarVMAX Darkness
003/019 CrobatV Darkness
004/019 Houndour Darkness
005/019 Houndoom Darkness
006/019 Yveltal Darkness
007/019 Morpeko Darkness
008/019 Urn of Vitality Item
009/019 Quick Ball Item
010/019 Evolution Incense Item
011/019 Pokégear 3.0 Item
012/019 Switch Item
013/019 Bruno Supporter
014/019 Professor's Research Supporter
015/019 Adventurer's Discovery Supporter
016/019 Boss's Orders Supporter
017/019 Marnie Supporter
018/019 Tower of Darkness Stadium
019/019 Single Strike Energy Energy Fighting20px
020/019 GengarVMAX Darkness
Darkness Energy Energy Darkness20px

Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
001/022 Lapras Water
002/022 Remoraid Water
003/022 Octillery Water
004/022 Basculin Water
005/022 InteleonV Water
006/022 InteleonVMAX Water
007/022 CrobatV Darkness
008/022 Buneary Colorless
009/022 Lopunny Colorless
010/022 Hawlucha Colorless
011/022 Energy Retrieval Item
012/022 Quick Ball Item
013/022 Evolution Incense Item
014/022 Pokégear 3.0 Item
015/022 Switch Item
016/022 Korrina's Focus Supporter
017/022 Professor's Research Supporter
018/022 Adventurer's Discovery Supporter
019/022 Boss's Orders Supporter
020/022 Marnie Supporter
021/022 Tower of Waters Stadium
022/022 Rapid Strike Energy Energy Fighting20px
023/022 InteleonVMAX Water
Water Energy Energy Water20px

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