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SM006 : A Shocking Grocery Run!
Sun & Moon series
SM008 : Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!
‪That's Why the Litten is a Scamp!
SM007   EP946
The Vagabond in the Market, Nyabby!
First broadcast
Japan December 15, 2016
United States May 17, 2017
English themes
Opening Under The Alolan Sun
Japanese themes
Opening アローラ!!
Ending ポーズ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 尼野浩正 Hiromasa Amano
Assistant director しぎのあきら Akira Shigino
Animation directors 藤田正幸 Masayuki Fujita
猿渡聖伽 Seika Saruwatari
No additional credits are available at this time.

‪That's Why the Litten is a Scamp!‬ (Japanese: 市場の風来坊ニャビー! The Vagabond in the Market, Nyabby!) is the seventh episode of the Sun & Moon series, and the 946th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on December 15, 2016, in the United Kingdom on April 20, 2017, in Canada on April 29, 2017, and in the United States on May 17, 2017.

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Ash offers a piece of his sandwich to a wild Litten, but it grabs the whole thing and runs off! Ash’s classmates have had similar experiences, but everyone says it’s so cute they can’t get mad. Ash disagrees—he wants to catch Litten and teach it not to steal food!

When Ash discovers that Litten has been taking the food to care for an elderly Stoutland despite several run-ins with a bullying Alolan Persian, he changes his mind. Litten and Pikachu send Persian running, and Ash promises to come back with more food! But when he returns, Litten and Stoutland are gone. It seems Ash hasn’t won Litten’s trust yet...


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Ash leaves Professor Kukui's house on his way to the Pokémon School with Pikachu and Rotom. Along the way, they spot Litten on a stone wall. Rotom informs Ash that it is a Litten and remembers meeting Litten before as Rotom provides Ash with information. Litten approaches Ash affectionately and offers Litten part of his sandwich only for Litten to jump up and take the rest of the sandwich. Ash grabs Litten's tail only for Litten to attack with Fury Swipes and runs of as Pikachu accidentally shock Ash with Thunderbolt. Rotom tries to stop Litten but is kicked away as Litten makes its escape. As Litten makes its way through gardens, an Alolan Persian blocks its path. Persian makes a grab for the sandwich with Litten drops but Litten attacks with Ember only for Persian to throw the sandwich causing Ember to burn the sandwich. Litten makes its escape as Persian returns to its trainer who didn't realize it had gone for a walk. Later on at school, Ash fills his classmates in about his encounter with Litten. Mallow informs Ash that Litten often comes asking for food which she and Lana find rather cute but Ash disagrees after losing most of his sandwich. Sophocles mentions that Litten isn't the kind who enjoys dealing with people and its not your average Pokémon and Ash realizes it isn't that friendly. Mallow says that Litten tends to hang around the restaurant and Kiawe has seen it around the market stealing berries and asks Ash if he has a plan to deal with Litten. Ash says he plans to teach it a lesson and when Lillie asks about what he means, Ash says he intends to catch it.

Down in the marketplace, Litten has a look around. Nearby Team Rocket are relaxing enjoying a drink and fruit. As they go for some more fruit, they notice the final piece is missing and spot Litten leaving with it. Meowth goes to attack with Fury Swipes but Litten stops Meowth with Ember and leaves. Ash and Professor Kukui are walking nearby with some vegetables doing some shopping when Ash spots Litten run past and chases after it as Rotom explains to Professor Kukui what has happened. As Ash wonders where Litten went, an old lady offers Ash some berries which he declines and explains they were looking for a Litten before spotting it on the floor. The old lady calms Ash down by telling them to play nice and gives Litten a berry explaining to Ash that in Alola, nature's bounty is for sharing and she loves to feed Litten as Litten goes to leave. She tells Professor Kukui that Litten comes here everyday and guesses that Litten made off with some of Ash's food which he isn't happy about. As Litten leaves, the old lady explains she hasn't any idea where Litten lives but she finds it a dear. Later Litten approaches its home, an old abandoned house and goes inside, greeting an old Stoutland lying on a sofa and gives it the berry the old lady gave it but Stoutland keeps giving it back to Litten who tries to let Stoutland have it but eventually Stoutland eats the berry. After eating, they go outside where Litten tries to gather enough energy to fire an attack which doesn't do much but Stoutland helps to teach Litten the best way to do it and has another go which pleases Stoutland and keeps doing it as night falls. Later Litten is curled up sleeping with Stoutland but has a dream where it is walking along a dark path and starts to feel cold as three figures suddenly appear before things turn dark and brighten up and imagines itself on top off Stoutland who has bounds of energy which cheers itself up before they fall into a pit where Stoutland is its usual self leaving Litten worried but Litten soon cheers up.

The next day after school as Ash heads home after saying goodbye to his classmates, Ash and Pikachu spots Litten with a berry in its mouth nearby but Litten has been cornered by the Persian on the edge of a cliff. Spotting Persian, Ash asks Rotom who that Pokémon is and learns that it is a Alolan Persian and realizes that Litten is in trouble and goes to help as Persian attacks Litten. As Ash confronts Persian, Persian launches an attack before turning back to Litten. Ash has Pikachu attack with Electro Ball which Persian dodges before launching another attack but Pikachu hits back with Thunderbolt which sends Persian running. Litten goes to leave but Ash sees it has been injured and goes to carry it only for Litten to bite him. Ash doesn't give up and picks Litten up promising to take it to the Pokémon Center but Litten gets free and tries an Ember which fails. Pikachu tries to get Litten to come with them but Litten collapses. Litten tries to reach for the berry which makes Ash realizes Litten is worried he'll take it and tells Litten he isn't trying to take it away as he picks Litten up and carries Litten away as Rotom grabs the berry. Later at the Pokémon Center, Litten has been given a Heliolisk collar which Nurse Joy explains she put on so Litten wouldn't lick its wounds. Litten isn't happy about it as Nurse Joy prepares to treat Ash's scratches but before Blissey can apply the ointment, Litten escapes with the berry and Ash chases after Litten passing Kiawe and Charizard as they enter. Litten goes to jump through a fence but with the collar, Litten can't squeeze through. Ash picks Litten up and insists it listens to him as Litten's running away will only hurt it.

Later that night, Ash has brought Litten home with it and explains to Professor Kukui what happened and Professor Kukui allows Litten to stay the night. During dinner, Litten is trying to scratch itself but the collar is preventing Litten from doing so Ash takes it off and sits down with Litten in his lap and wishes that Litten would trust him more and finds it awesome and it has many friends cheering for it as they all fall asleep. Later that night, Litten on seeing Ash fast asleep grabs it berry from the table and heads to the door but can't open it. Half asleep, Ash hears Litten at the door and opens it for Litten who leaves before realizing what he has done and chases after Litten as Rotom says that Litten's recovery isn't complete. They follow Litten unaware that the Persian has spotted them as Litten arrives at the old house and goes inside where Stoutland is asleep on the sofa and Litten gives Stoutland the berry as Ash enters with Pikachu and Rotom. They see Stoutland as Rotom notes that it is getting on in years and Ash guesses Litten has been stealing food for Stoutland and apologizes for the late dinner and explains what happened to Stoutland. Ash then explains to Litten that he had hoped to catch it but now realizes it was a bad plan and prepares to head home before Professor Kukui gets worried and promises to bring food the next time he visits but Litten, Stoutland and Pikachu both sense something approaching as the Persian arrives. They all run outside as Persian launches an attack as Rotom realizes Persian is out for revenge. Litten and Pikachu prepare to attack as orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt as Litten uses Ember but Persian dodges both attacks. Persian jumps up and tries to attack Stoutland, but before it could attack Stoutland with its claws Ash blocks the attack for Stoutland and gets scratched in the process. Ash then reassures Stoutland that it was just a scratch.

Persian tries to attack Litten who dodges and retaliates with Ember, which proves to be ineffective as Persian simply breaks it apart with its claw. However, Stoutland barks at Litten to use a more powerful Ember as it did previously when training. Litten begins to gather fire energy on its back which creates an Ember large enough to send the Persian running away in fear. Ash congratulates Litten on scaring away the Persian with it's Ember only for Ash to then recoil in pain from the scratches. Rotom comments how in the end everything turned out fine but it was a shame that Ash couldn't catch Litten. Ash says goodbye to Litten and Stoutland and promises to come back tomorrow with food for them. The next day Ash shows up at the abandoned house with lots of food, only for the house to be empty. Ash returns to the marketplace in disappointment. The old lady notices the fruit and notices that Ash was intending to give food to Litten. Ash replies that he is sad and wonders if it is his fault for the disappearance of Litten, only for the old lady to say that people will be people and Pokémon will be Pokémon and reassures him that Litten will be just fine. As she places a piece of fruit down on the ground, Litten appears behind her to get the piece of fruit. Ash, Pikachu and Rotom express surprise at sudden appearance at Litten. The old lady asks Litten if it found somewhere new to live, which it cries affirmative. As Litten takes the piece of fruit and runs off, Ash watches it run off into the distance as the narrator states that only time will tell about the future of their encounter.

Major events

  • The recurring Litten is revealed to know Fury Swipes.
  • Ash tries to catch the recurring Litten, but eventually decides to let it go.
For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the timeline of events.


Pokémon debuts



Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Persian (Alola Form) (US and international), Litten (Japan)



  • In the scene right before Pikachu and Litten start battling Persian, Persian appears to be walking on air.

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SM006 : A Shocking Grocery Run!
Sun & Moon series
SM008 : Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!
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