Ruins of Remembrance

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Ruins of Remembrance シューゴ遺跡
Shūgo Ruins
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Ruins of Remembrance Ruins.png
Map description: These ruins slumber on a forgotten island, their origins a mystery.
Location: Aurus Island
Region: Lental
Generations: VIII
File:Lental Ruins of Remembrance Map.png
Location of Ruins of Remembrance in Lental.
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The Ruins of Remembrance (Japanese: シューゴ遺跡 Shūgo Ruins) are a location on Aurus Island of the Lental region.


"These ruins could be the key to understanding Lental's history. Pokémon have stood guard here for a long, long time."

Course Map
Ruins of Remembrance Ruins.png

Aurus Island Illumina Spot

"Xerneas, the Illumina Pokémon of Aurus Island, can be found here, just past the collapsed entrance of the Ruins of Remembrance."

Course Map
Ruins of Remembrance Illumina Spot.png

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 矢歐護遺跡 Chí'āuwuh Wàihjīk
Mandarin 矢歐護遺跡 / 矢欧护遗迹 Shǐ'ōuhù Yíjī / Shǐ'ōuhù Yíjì
France Flag.png French Ruines du Protecteur
Germany Flag.png German Ruinen des Schutzes
Italy Flag.png Italian Rovine Rifujo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 수호 유적 Suho Yujeok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ruinas de la Custodia


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 遺跡 Ruins
Chinese Cantonese 遺跡 Wàihjīk
Mandarin 遺跡 / 遗迹 Yíjī / Yíjì
France Flag.png French Ruines
Germany Flag.png German Ruinen
Italy Flag.png Italian Rovine
South Korea Flag.png Korean 유적 Yujeok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ruinas

Aurus Island Illumina Spot

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese アウラムのイルミナスポット Aurum Island Illumina Spot
Chinese Cantonese 奧朗島的霓光點 Oulóhng Dóu-dīk Ngàihgwōng Dím
Mandarin 奧朗島的霓光點 / 奥朗岛的霓光点 Àolǎng Dǎo-de Níguāng Diǎn
France Flag.png French Source Lumina d'Aureas
Germany Flag.png German Aurum-Lumina-Zone
Italy Flag.png Italian Zona Lumina di Auri
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아우람섬 일루미나스폿 Aurum Seom Illumina Spot
Spain Flag.png Spanish Zona Lúmini de Aurum

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