Fireflow Volcano

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Fireflow Volcano ドロー火山
Dorō Volcano
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Fireflow Volcano Volcano 2.png
Map description: Pokémon have thrived in this fiery volcanic region since prehistoric times.
Location: Voluca Island
Region: Lental
Generations: VIII
File:Lental Fireflow Volcano Map.png
Location of Fireflow Volcano in Lental.
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Fireflow Volcano (Japanese: ドロー火山 Dorō Volcano) is a location on Voluca Island of the Lental region.


The course starts out next to a hot spring with Altaria. After leaving the hot springs, the NEO-ONE reaches an area with various Fossil Pokémon such as Archeops and a Monferno. After that, the course continues into a cave inside the volcano with Graveler on the walls. After passing by some rocks, the NEO-ONE enters an area with lava flowing in the ground. Slugma and Charmander can be found here. The course ends in the lava area.

In research level 2, the NEO-ONE enters a route that leads to an area with blue lava and Torkoal instead of the route with normal lava. The blue lava later leads to an area with ancient ruins and some Typhlosion, and the course ends in the middle of some ancient ruins. Starting from Level 3, this route becomes an alternate route.



"The Pokémon of this volcanic, lava-streaked region have dominated the land since time immemorial."

Course Map
Fireflow Volcano Volcano 1.png Fireflow Volcano Volcano 2.png

Voluca Island Illumina Spot

"Volcarona, the Illumina Pokémon of Voluca Island, can be found here in the region's largest volcano, which boasts not one but two craters."

Course Map
Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot.png

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 多熔火山 Dōyùhng Fósāan
Mandarin 多熔火山 Duōróng Huǒshān
France Flag.png French Volcan Lavacoul
Germany Flag.png German Brodelnder Vulkan
Italy Flag.png Italian Vulcano Magmag
South Korea Flag.png Korean 걸쭉 화산 Geoljjuk Hwasan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Volcán Laviscoso


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 火山 Volcano
Chinese Cantonese 火山 Fósāan
Mandarin 火山 Huǒshān
France Flag.png French Volcan
Germany Flag.png German Vulkan
Italy Flag.png Italian Vulcano
South Korea Flag.png Korean 화산 Hwasan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Volcán

Voluca Island Illumina Spot

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ボルクのイルミナスポット Voluc Island Illumina Spot
Chinese Cantonese 玻鷗克島的霓光點 Bō'āuhāk Dóu-dīk Ngàihgwōng Dím
Mandarin 玻鷗克島的霓光點 / 玻鸥克岛的霓光点 Bō'ōukè Dǎo-de Níguāng Diǎn
France Flag.png French Source Lumina de Haptos
Germany Flag.png German Volca-Lumina-Zone
Italy Flag.png Italian Zona Lumina di Volcas
South Korea Flag.png Korean 볼루크섬 일루미나스폿 Voluc Seom Illumina Spot
Spain Flag.png Spanish Zona Lúmini de Voluc

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