Outaway Cave

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Outaway Cave ハナレ洞窟
Hanare Cave
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Outaway Cave Cave 2.png
Map description: This extensive cave system stretches far into the depths of the earth.
Location: Durice Island
Region: Lental
Generations: VIII
File:Lental Outaway Cave Map.png
Location of Outaway Cave in Lental.
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Outaway Cave (Japanese: ハナレ洞窟 Hanare Cave) is a cave on Durice Island of the Lental region.


"No sunlight reaches into this pitch-dark cave. Only the faint glow of ore will guide you on your way."

Course Map
Outaway Cave Cave 1.png Outaway Cave Cave 2.png

Durice Island Illumina Spot

"Steelix, the Illumina Pokémon of Durice Island, can be found in the wide-open areas of this deep, underground cave system."

Course Map
Outaway Cave Illumina Spot 1.png Outaway Cave Illumina Spot 2.png

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 哈那離洞窟 Hānáhlèih Duhngfāt
Mandarin 哈那離洞窟 / 哈那离洞窟 Hānàlí Dòngkū
France Flag.png French Grotte Lointaine
Germany Flag.png German Entlegene Höhle
Italy Flag.png Italian Grotta Lontahana
South Korea Flag.png Korean 외진 동굴 Oejin Donggul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Caverna Quimbamba


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 洞窟 Cave
Chinese Cantonese 洞窟 Duhngfāt
Mandarin 洞窟 Dòngkū
France Flag.png French Grotte
Germany Flag.png German Höhle
Italy Flag.png Italian Grotta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 동굴 Donggul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Caverna

Durice Island Illumina Spot

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese デュラスのイルミナスポット Durus Island Illumina Spot
Chinese Cantonese 杜牢斯島的霓光點 Douhlòuhsī Dóu-dīk Ngàihgwōng Dím
Mandarin 杜牢斯島的霓光點 / 杜牢斯岛的霓光点 Dùláosī Dǎo-de Níguāng Diǎn
France Flag.png French Source Lumina d'Adamantia
Germany Flag.png German Durus-Lumina-Zone
Italy Flag.png Italian Zona Lumina di Petreo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 두루스섬 일루미나스폿 Durus Seom Illumina Spot
Spain Flag.png Spanish Zona Lúmini de Durus

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