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デンスケ Densuke
VSSecurity Corps M.png
VS screenshot from Legends: Arceus
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color Black
Hometown Jubilife Village (original hometown unknown)
Region Hisui
Trainer class The Security Corps'
Generation VIII
Games Legends: Arceus
Member of Galaxy Team
Rank Guardsman, Security Corps

Ress (Japanese: デンスケ Densuke) is a member of the Galaxy Team's Security Corps. He acts as the guardsman of Jubilife Village and is considered the Security Corps' secret weapon.

In the core series games

Ress is a Security Corps member who guards Jubilife Village, managing people and Pokémon from going in and outside the village. Every member of the Galaxy Team, including the player, will have to talk to him in order to leave and keep tabs on the person's whereabouts. Mechanically, he allows the player to travel to any location on the map from Jubilife Village. In addition, he will also warn the player about any mass outbreaks or massive mass outbreaks that appears on the map. Ress' first job was to prevent a group of Bidoof from entering the village. Since, he has met several Pokémon that he has become friendly with and had let some slip into the village. He is aware of the strength the player exudes and tells them to stay safe if they plan to go outside the village. Ress is stated to be able to challenge and defeat alpha Pokémon.

Ress also appears in several requests and has some speaking roles in story. Once the player is exiled from Jubilife Village, he shown to be speaking with Cyllene, allowing the group to leave the location and making sure the player does not arrive back to village. Ress and the rest of the Security Corps leave for Mount Coronet during the climax of the game, although he's not seen in the Coronet Highlands during this time, he shown leaving his post and the player's Friend, Rei/Akari, will take his place instead.

In Request 104, Battling the Security Corps' Secret Weapon, he is required to be battled. Zisu will talk to player, explaining that they have a "secret weapon" within the Security Corps. This secret weapon is known to be incredibly strong in battle to which she describes them as a "Pokémon battle master." Here, Zisu guides the player to the front gates, where the player is challenged by Ress. Ress can be rebattled multiple times afterward by asking Ingo.


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All three of Ress' Pokémon are those that are found in the Obsidian Fieldlands, all three are base stage early encounters that can be found in the Hisui and Sinnoh regions.

Ress is one of the few Trainers in Hisui to use items in battle.

Request 104: "Battling the Security Corps' Secret Weapon"

As part of Request 104, Ress must be battled to finish the task. After question activation, the player must fight him.

Ress has access to a Hyper Potion.

Training grounds

After the credits, Ress will appear at the training grounds as one of multiple options that the player can choose to battle through Ingo. He will send out all three of his Pokémon at once, the move pools are the same as it was in Request 104. Unlike the previous battle, he does not use any items here.


Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Mission 2 - "The Galaxy Team's Entry Trial"
Jubilife Village (Front gate)
  • After battling Volo, if talked to or if the player attempts to leave
"You're <player>, correct? I was informed you'd be passing through."
"Your trial will take place outside the safety of the village. Please take care to come back alive."
Request 21 - "Back-Alley Mr. Mime"
Jubilife Village (Front gate)
"What is it, Mr. Mime? Looks like something's got you in a panic."
"Yep. It helps me guard the gate sometimes. When it stands out front and does that eerie dance, wild Pokémon can't get in. It's like there's some kind of invisible wall."
"It's docile, and it helps me with my job, so I just let it do as it pleases."
Request 91 - "On the Trail of Giratina"
Jubilife Village (Front gate)
  • Prior to receiving the request
"<player>! Hey, <player>!"
"Have you heard? There've been reports that a huge shadow appeared in the Cobalt Coastlands and then just...vanished without a trace."
"The Cobalt Coastlands are pretty vast. I hope you have some idea where to look!"
Request 104 - "Battling the Security Corps' Secret Weapon"
Jubilife Village (Front gate)
  • Before battle
"Please, Captain Zisu. I'm just a common guardsman."
"So long as I stand in defense of this gate, I have no intention of letting anyone defeat me!"
  • Upon being defeated
"You broke through my defenses! I thought I could do better than that, seeing as how I'm a guardsman..."
  • After being defeated
"This was to be expected."
"Setting out beyond the village and battling so many different Pokémon in the course of your Survey Corps work has made you very strong."
"You know, my first job as a guardsman was catching some Bidoof that seemed intent on infiltrating the village."
"Since then, I've kept many Pokémon from passing through our gates. Sometimes I'd slip up and let some in—goodness, would people let me have it!"
"But I also befriended some of the Pokémon, and before I knew it, we'd grow stronger together."
"I gained so much, and all because I was trying to make sure folks could live safely here. It's my job to keep everybody safe, isn't it?"
"Now—there's one last thing I'd like to tell you. If you're heading outside the village again...stay safe out there, kid. And now I think I'd better get back to work."
Training grounds
  • Regular Pokémon battle (after completing Request 104)
  • Before battle
"I'll approach this battle as if it were guard duty—as if failure weren't an option!"
  • After battle
"I'll keep what I learned from this battle in mind as I continue my training. I'll keep guarding the front gate from everything...except Bidoof."
Jubilife Village (Front gate)
  • If talked to or if the player attempts to leave
"Heading outside the village, are we? Stay safe out there, kid."
  • If a mass outbreak is occurring
"I'm hearing reports of one of those mass outbreaks out there. Stay safe, kid."
  • If a massive mass outbreak is occurring
"I'm hearing reports that more of those massive mass outbreaks are cropping up. Stay safe, kid."
  • If both mass outbreaks and massive mass outbreaks are occurring
"I'm hearing reports of both mass outbreaks and massive mass outbreaks! Stay safe out there, kid."


050Diglett.png This section is incomplete.
Please feel free to edit this section to add missing information and complete it.
Reason: Chinese names
Language Name
Japanese デンスケ Densuke
English, Brazilian Portuguese Ress
German Darius
Spanish Salva
French Oscar
Italian Salvo
Korean 전보

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