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Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.
Harry Goodman
ハリー・グッドマン Harry Goodman
Detective Pikachu Returns Harry Goodman.jpg
Harry Goodman in Detective Pikachu Returns
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Ryme City
Region Unknown
Relatives Irene Goodman (wife)
Tim Goodman (son)
Sophia Goodman (daughter)
Generation VI, VII, IX
Games Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu Returns

Harry Goodman (Japanese: ハリー・グッドマン Harry Goodman) is the father of Tim Goodman, one of the main characters in the games Detective Pikachu and Detective Pikachu Returns, and the movie POKÉMON Detective Pikachu.

In the games

A long time ago, Harry worked as a freelance detective in Ryme City, often collaborating with Mike Baker from the Baker Detective Agency. At some point, Harry left Ryme City and started a family. Six months prior to the beginning of Detective Pikachu, he received a request from Frank Holiday to investigate the increasing Pokémon-related incidents in Ryme City, so he came back to Ryme City to investigate them.

One of the first places he investigated was Bamboo Borough, after hearing about reports of a berserk Pokémon in the bamboo forest nearby. There, he met a wild Pikachu protecting an injured Pancham. After Harry brought medicine to heal Pancham, Pikachu began to trust him. When Harry confronted the two strange men he found in the forest, one of them sent a berserk Lairon to attack him. Pikachu protected Harry, eventually getting the Lairon to calm down. Harry found a broken vial on Lairon's back, confirming his suspicion that its rampage had been caused by something the man did. After realizing that Pikachu wanted to come with him, Harry gave him a little detective hat to wear that he had originally bought as a souvenir for his daughter Sophia.

Harry and his Pikachu quickly became inseparable partners; wherever Harry went, Pikachu was always with him. Together, they investigated several locations where Pokémon incidents had occurred, and they eventually learned about R. They traveled to Cappucci Island to ask John Waals about the substance, but he turned them away without telling them anything. Eventually, Harry discovered a warehouse in Ryme Wharf where R was being produced, and he managed to steal some vials of it. He then investigated Fine Park, where he was attacked by Keith Norman and his Skorupi. Before Harry fled, he gave a locket-shaped camera to a wild Buneary that contained pictures of the things he had investigated at the wharf. Keith chased Harry out of the park and caused him to get into a car accident. When Frank Holiday arrived on the scene of the accident, he found Detective Pikachu collapsed on the ground, but Harry was nowhere to be found.

Detective Pikachu

In a dream sequence at the beginning of the game, Harry is seen driving away from the Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory with his partner Detective Pikachu just before getting hit by a projectile and blown off a bridge. It is soon revealed that this accident happened two months prior, and Harry has not been seen since the accident.

Harry's son Tim spends the game solving the R case and looking for clues to Harry's whereabouts, but Tim is unable to find him. However, at the end of the game, Mewtwo assures Tim that Harry is alive and he will find Harry someday if he doesn't give up.

Harry has one entry in the important notes of Tim's case list:

Case List Entry
Important info He is my father. Since he had an accident two months ago, his whereabouts have been unknown.

Detective Pikachu Returns

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Harry is finally reunited with his family.

Personality and characteristics

According to Amanda Blackstone, Harry is a model detective—very smart, and full of knowledge and experience. He can act silly at times—Irene often calls him immature—but he is calculating and well liked by clients. He has a freewheeling attitude and dislike for organizational ties, so he made a good combination with Mike Baker.

Harry isn't very good at keeping his things organized, so his living space is always an "organized mess"—it's hard for anyone else to find anything, but Harry knows where everything is. He enjoys listening to jazz records, especially when he wants to think carefully about something. He loves eating sweets and drinking coffee, and he used to visit the Hi-Hat Café almost every day to drink coffee or buy coffee beans. He doesn't watch anything on TV besides the news.

Harry also has a bit of an ego, having a habit of telling people when they ask if he's a detective, "I'm not just a detective—I'm a great detective". When he is hit by a flash of inspiration, he strikes a pose and shouts his catchphrase, "A flash of brilliance!"

Harry cares deeply about his family, going so far as to tell his wife he was getting a divorce in order to protect her from the case he was getting involved in. However, he is eager to have his kids help him in his detective work.

Harry is friends with Mike and Frank Holiday, having a spare desk in Mike's office that he used to use when he was a detective in Ryme City. He also put up a list of cafés next to the map of Ryme City in Mike's office.


This listing is of Harry's known Pokémon in the games:

Detective Pikachu artwork 2.png

In the movie

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Harry Goodman
ハリー・グッドマン Harry Goodman
Harry Detective Pikachu.png
Harry Goodman in POKÉMON Detective Pikachu
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Ryme City
Region Unknown
Relatives Tim Goodman (son)
Unnamed wife (deceased)
Unnamed mother-in-law
Live action debut POKÉMON Detective Pikachu
Live actor Ryan Reynolds
Harry and Tim Goodman

Harry Goodman is a character in POKÉMON Detective Pikachu. He is Tim Goodman's father and one of the greatest detectives of Ryme City. He was thought to have died in an accident while doing investigative work.

Harry used to live with his family in the countryside, but when his wife passed away, he moved to Ryme City and buried himself in work, leaving his son, Tim, to live with Tim's grandmother. At one point, he offered Tim to move to Ryme City with him, but Tim refused.

As a detective, Harry was recruited by Howard Clifford to find and capture Mewtwo. When he realized that Howard wanted to use Mewtwo for evil, he and his partner Pikachu helped Mewtwo escape. After Harry left the facility, his car was ambushed by Howard's Greninja and crashed over a bridge. A severely injured Harry crawled out of the burning vehicle and realized that Mewtwo came to his rescue. In order to save Harry, Mewtwo fused Harry into his Pikachu and wiped his memory in the process, which resulted in the birth of Detective Pikachu.

After Tim and Detective Pikachu thwarted Howard's scheme, Mewtwo restored Harry back to his human self.


This listing is of Harry's known Pokémon in the movie:

On hand

Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu
Main article: Detective Pikachu (character)

Pikachu is Harry's partner Pokémon. Harry once used it to battle and defeat a Charizard in an underground arena. When Harry was dying from a car crash, Pikachu volunteered to have Mewtwo merge Harry into itself, resulting in the creation of Detective Pikachu.

None of Pikachu's moves are known, but it can be presumed that it shares Detective Pikachu's movepool (Volt Tackle and Thunderbolt).

Debut POKÉMON Detective Pikachu

Voice actors

Harry Goodman is portrayed by Ryan Reynolds. Since he is the same character as Detective Pikachu, they share voice actors in the foreign dubs.

Language Voice actor
Japanese 西島秀俊 Hidetoshi Nishijima
Chinese Cantonese 鄭中基 Ronald Cheng
Mandarin 雷佳音 Lei Jiayin (Mainland China)
Czech Petr Lněnička
Filip Švarc (first trailer)
European French Pierre Tessier
Indonesian Hari Suseno
Italian Francesco Venditti
Polish Maciej Stuhr
Waldemar Barwiński (first trailer)
Portuguese Brazil Philippe Maia
Portugal Nuno Markl
Russian Пётр Гланц Pyotr Glants
Slovak Dušan Cinkota
Spanish Latin America José Antonio Macías
Spain José Posada
Ukrainian Дмитро Гаврилов Dmytro Havrylov

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In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ハリー・グッドマン Harry Goodman
Albania Flag.png Albanian Herri
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic هاري Hari
Basque Flag.png Basque Harry Goodman
Bulgaria Flag.png Bulgarian Хари Гудман Khari Gudman
Catalonia Flag.png Catalan Harry Goodman
Chinese Cantonese 哈利‧古德曼 Hāleih Gúdākmaahn
Mandarin 哈利‧古德曼 / 哈利·古德曼 Hālì Gǔdémàn
Denmark Flag.png Danish Harry Goodman
Dutch The Netherlands Flag.png Netherlands Harry Goodman
Belgium Flag.png Belgium Harry Goodman
Finland Flag.png Finnish Harry Goodman
France Flag.png French Harry Goodman
Germany Flag.png German Harry Goodman
Greece Flag.png Greek Χάρι Γκούντμαν Khári Goúdman
Israel Flag.png Hebrew הארי גודמן Harry Goodman
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Harry Goodman
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Harry Goodman
Italy Flag.png Italian Harry Goodman
South Korea Flag.png Korean 해리 Hari
Latvia Flag.png Latvian Harijs Gudmen
Lithuania Flag.png Lithuanian Haris Gudmanas
Mongolia Flag.png Mongolian Харри Kharri
Poland Flag.png Polish Harry Goodman
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Harry Goodman
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Harry Goodman
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Harry Goodman
Spain Flag.png Spain Harry Goodman
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Harry Goodman
Thailand Flag.png Thai แฮร์รี่ กู๊ดแมน Ḥærī̀ kū̂dmæn
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Harry Goodman
Ukraine Flag.png Ukrainian Гаррі Ґудман Harri Gudman
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Harry Goodman

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