Pablo Millan

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Pablo Millan
パブロ・ミラン Pablo Millan
Pablo Millan and Ludicolo.png
Pablo Millan and his partner Ludicolo
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Ryme City
Region Unknown
Relatives None
Generation VI, VII, IX
Games Detective Pikachu, Detective Pikachu Returns

Pablo Millan is a supporting character in the games Detective Pikachu and Detective Pikachu Returns. He owns and operates the Hi-Hat Café.

In the games

Detective Pikachu

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Pablo is the owner and operator of the Hi-Hat Café in Ryme City, and has been for about two years. He used to play the piano, and was well-known among people who are into that sort of thing. He doesn’t play anymore, but he does have a piano in his café and he lets young musicians perform there a few times a week. He collects records from jazz musicians.

Pablo appears each time Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu visit the Hi-Hat Café. In chapter 4, he tells Tim about the Pokémon Carnival that is held in Ryme City every year. In chapter 9, he has closed down the café to enjoy the carnival.

Pablo's Pokémon partner is Ludicolo. She works as the waitress at the Hi-Hat Café and is a little carefree. She and Pablo greatly enjoy the Pokémon Carnival, attending it every year. They also practice dancing together every day.

Pablo has several entries in Tim's case list:

Case List Entry
Important info He is the owner of the Hi-Hat Café on the first floor, below the Baker Detective Agency. He is a former jazz pianist. My dad came to the café often to enjoy Pablo's coffee.
Chapter 2 The owner of the Hi-Hat Café.
Chapter 3 The owner of the Hi-Hat Café. He's apparently an easy person to get along with. His coffee brewing skills are first-class. Pikachu also really likes Pablo’s coffee.
Chapter 4 Made some great coffee for us again today. Apparently he is practicing his dance moves with Ludicolo to show off during the Pokémon Carnival.
Chapter 9 He is the owner of the Hi-Hat Café on the first floor, below the Baker Detective Agency. He shut down the café for the day today to go enjoy the Pokémon Carnival.

Detective Pikachu Returns

In the two years since the R case, Pablo moved the Hi-Hat Café to a new, larger location right next to Fountain Plaza. While Tim is investigating the jewel theft at the Denis Residence, Pablo is happy to provide him with any information he can. After Detective Pikachu is wrongfully detained by the Pokémon Protection Bureau, Pablo provides an alibi for Pikachu to help clear his name.


This listing is of Pablo's known Pokémon in the games:


In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese パブロ・ミラン Pablo Millan
Chinese Cantonese 帕布羅‧米蘭 Paakboulòh Máihlàahn
Mandarin 帕布羅‧米蘭 / 帕布罗·米兰 Pàbùluó Mǐlán
France Flag.png French Pablo Millan
Germany Flag.png German Pablo Millan
Italy Flag.png Italian Pablo Millan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pablo Millán

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