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K-Zone is a children's magazine published by Pacific Magazines in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Malaysia.

2006 anime information

There is allegedly an interview with Eric Stuart in the July 2006 issue, where he revealed that the surname of Brock is Harrison.

2008 anime information

K-Zone is best known in the Pokémon fandom for an article released in April 2008 that listed plots for episodes beyond the point the Japanese airings were currently at. While the article scans have been criticized for their poor spelling and grammar, each point turned out to be true.

The article revealed that:

"Lava" Badge

Notably, K-Zone mentioned that Ash would receive the "Lava" Badge as his fourth Badge. Because the fourth Badge in Sinnoh in Diamond and Pearl is the Fen Badge, many discarded all of the assertions made by the magazine. As it began to become apparent that K-Zone was in fact, correct, some fans took a look at the evidence again. The Japanese words "fen" (フェン) and "fuen" (フエン, lava) are very similar, and therefore it is widely believed now that the translators made a small mistake.

A similar issue occurred with assertions that Dawn would compete in the "Mikli Cup" and win against another coordinator, "Kite", improperly romanized from ミクリ (Mikuri) and カイト (Kaito). These errors likely stem from a lack of knowledge on the translators' part of many Pokémon characters and items.

Another unrelated mistake was made, as the article incorrectly sorted some events, such as it stating that Ash and Dawn would not trade their Pokémon until after Ash's battle with Maylene.

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