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Route 21

Route 21

Route 21, or Dernière Way, runs northwest from Snowbelle City to Victory Road. Though the main path is short and easy to traverse, there are several worthwhile items to be found here, so it pays to explore.

Move Tutor

Go north and use Strength to move the boulder into place in order to reach the Move Tutor's house. This Black Belt offers to teach your Dragon-type Pokémon the ultimate attack of its type, Draco Meteor.

Strength puzzle

The southwest part of the route is occupied by several large boulders scattered around. Solve the puzzle to reach an Elixir, Rare Candy, and TM22 (Solar Beam).

Step Notes
1. Cross the northern flower patch, Cut down the middle tree
2. Push the left-most boulder all the way to the west
3. Move the second boulder southwest to the hole
4. Circle around and push the first boulder back east to the hole
5. Move the southwest boulder to the south
6. Cross the northwest flower patch, Cut down the western tree
7. Fight Veteran Trisha, grab the Elixir, move the boulder eastward to the river
8. Surf east for a Rare Candy on the south bank, Cut down the third tree on the north bank
9. Return to southwest path, move the boulder east to the hole
10. Move the last boulder northeast to the hole to reach TM22 (Solar Beam)

Route 22

Route 22
Chamber of Emptiness

Route 22, or Détourner Way, links Victory Road back to Santalune City. Though the route was accessible when you first reached the city, it could not be fully explored until now.

Strength puzzle

The south side of the route's lower area has a few boulders strewn around. Visit the Berry tree in the southeast for a Tanga Berry, then solve the puzzle to get TM26 (Earthquake).

Step Notes
1. Push the eastern boulder westward in a U-shaped path to the southern hole
2. Move the south boulder westward, then north and east to the western hole
3. Push the third boulder east then north to the northern hole

Chamber of Emptiness

The Chamber of Emptiness is a tiny cave located between the two waterfalls. There are no Trainers or wild Pokémon inside, only a single item.

Victory Road

Victory Road, Cave 1
Victory Road, Grove 2
Victory Road, Cave 2
Victory Road, Grove 3
Victory Road, Cave 3
Victory Road, Grove 4
Victory Road, Cave 4

The entrance to Victory Road links Routes 21 and 22. The long, treacherous path is the ultimate proving ground for Trainers. Only those with all eight Gym Badges are allowed entry. Survive the many challenges here to finally arrive at the Pokémon League!


Ace Trainer Robbie stands watch over Victory Road, and allows only those with all eight Gym Badges to pass through. Show him your Badge collection, and he tests your skills in battle. Defeat him, and you earn the right to enter Victory Road itself.

Grove 1

Follow the uphill path to the cave's main entrance.

Cave 1

Battle Ace Trainer Alanza before surfing northwest. Check the nearest rock for a hidden X Attack, then pass by Ace Trainer Bence. Go south from Black Belt Markus to find Battle Girl Veronique and a Dusk Ball, then go west from him to re-emerge outside.

Grove 2

Head northward and fight Backpacker Farid on your way across the bridge. Inspect a rock on the cliff's edge for a hidden Hyper Potion, and a bush near the next cave entrance for a hidden Full Heal.

Cave 2

Fight Battle Girl Sigrid to reach a group of stepping stones. Hop to the northwest, then walk around to the east. Use Rock Smash and walk down the slope. Collect the hidden Ultra Ball, then move southeastward through the field of stones. Climb the stairway and hop across two more stones to reach the southeast exit.

Grove 2

Follow the narrow path southward to a small cave behind the waterfall. Pick up TM03 (Psyshock) here, then backtrack to the previous cave.

Cave 2

Hop back across the two stones and jump the ledge. Head northwest across the field of stones, then go east and climb the stairway to reach Psychic William. Use Strength to move the boulder westward. Detour to the north past Black Belt Ander to obtain a Carbos and a hidden Smooth Rock. Move the boulder into place and climb the stairway beyond. Battle Brains & Brawn Arman & Hugo, then take a detour to the northwest to re-emerge outside.

Grab the Rare Candy from the tiny cliffside and re-enter the cave.

Cross the bridge and head northeast to exit the cave.

Grove 3

Go east past Fairy Tale Girl Corinne, push the boulder into place, and inspect the small rocks here for a hidden Revive. There is another cave entrance in the southwest; by moving a single boulder inside into place, this tunnel creates a shortcut back to the main entrance. Head north and tear down the wall near Hex Maniac Raziah to reach a PP Up. Continue northeast to meet a female Pokémon Ranger; this friendly woman will restore your Pokémon to full health. Collect the Quick Ball from the stone ruins before heading south. It isn't long before Serena/Calem catches up to you.

Rival Battle

Serena/Calem has been doing some soul-searching since the events in Geosenge Town. She/He challenges you here not aiming to simply win, but to witness how you and your Pokémon think and feel. She/He uses a level 57 Meowstic, level 59 Absol, level 58 Altaria, an Eevee evolution at level 57, and her/his third-stage starter Pokémon at level 61. After the battle, she/he rewards you with two Max Revives.

Go southwest and smash the cracked wall to reach a Zinc, then go east to enter the next cave.

Chespin If the player chose Chespin:

Fennekin If the player chose Fennekin:

Froakie If the player chose Froakie:

Chespin If the player chose Chespin:

Fennekin If the player chose Fennekin:

Froakie If the player chose Froakie:

Cave 3

Head east and climb the stairway to fight Pokémon Ranger Petra. Jump the ledge to the east, then head south to jump three more. Follow the path to the west-central exit.

Check the nearby rocks for a hidden Pretty Wing. Grab the Max Elixir to the north, slide down the slope, and head back inside.

Jump the same ledge again and head south. Jump the ledge to the east and continue south to find a hidden Escape Rope. Climb the stairway to the east, grab the Full Restore to the south near Pokémon Ranger Ralf, then head north for a hidden Max Repel. Battle Veteran Inga, then slide down the nearest slope to reach a Dragon Fang. Climb the two stairways to fight Veteran Gerard, then move the boulder into place. Follow the path to the southwest exit, and move the boulder outside into place to complete the shortcut to the main entrance. Return to Veteran Gerard and take the east exit.

Grove 4

Inspect the small rocks near Artist Vincent for a hidden X Defense. Cross the bridge and follow the path to a pier. Detour up the waterfall to reach Hiker Corwin, a hidden Max Ether, and TM02 (Dragon Claw). Ride back down the waterfall and sail into the final cave.

Cave 4

Cross the pool of water and follow the uphill tunnel past a trio of Veterans. Inspect the large chamber beyond for a hidden Star Piece and climb the final stairway. Welcome to the Pokémon League!

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