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After doing one optional mission, after the day ends, a scene will come up with a storm. Your partner is talking about how a storm is coming. Your partner turns to you and tells you how odd it is for there to be a storm, as it's been a long time since the last one. Because of that, it's been quiet for a good while now. So, it would be kind of "refreshing".

Your partner then discusses the big adventure of you and it stopping already seems like a long time ago. You agree, thinking about going to the future with your partner...fighting that you think of it, it does feel like all those things were a long way off. Now that time has returned to normal, and peace has been laid upon the world...suddenly, you think of something!

It reminds you that, since time returned to normal, it became possible for everyone to evolve at Luminous Spring...everyone but you and your partner, that is, since you and your partner were told you can't evolve at Luminous Spring. You remember it goes into a flashblack...

Your partner is asking why it can't evolve. The other voice that does not tell you who it is speaks up, saying it is influenced by the distortion in the fabric of space. Your partner asks what distortion and the fabric of space is. However, the voice does not answer your partner's question and "wonders" why that is. But your partner's presence is somehow related to the distortion of space itself. As a result of that, it cannot evolve, and neither can you.

The game flashes back to the present, and you are pondering over what the voice said to you. The both of you were told there was a distortion in the fabric of space that prevented the two of you from evolving. Still, though...what does "a distortion in the fabric of space" mean? Time may be back to normal, but things are still whack in some places.

Suddenly, there's a flash of lightning (which your partner notes). Your partner turns back to you and tells you that the storm is probably getting closer. So, the two of you should go to sleep, and your partner says good night.

The Mysterious Shadow of an unknown Pokémon

The "unknown Pokémon" is standing in the rain, talking to itself about how this is proceeding nicely. Apparently, it's in a forest, as it talks about how the distortion in space is growing. The distortion of space and dimensions itself expanding is apparently pleasurable, to it, at least. Its own power will be amplified! Apparently, this Pokémon has failed to destroy time, but things will be different now.

Suddenly, the Pokémon mentions that a Pokémon called Cresselia is coming...apparently, she's a persistent pest! It must not be caught...ever!

There's another flash of lightning and the mysterious Pokémon disappears. Cresselia then arrives, but it's too late. Apparently "he" got away again. That's the closest Cresselia has ever gotten. But apparently, he always slips away. It may be impossible to catch him. No. Cresselia cannot give up. She has to catch him. And the fabric of space being distorted like this has to halt! Before it accelerates further! Before the world is turned to turmoil...she's got to do whatever it takes. She must stop Darkrai!

The Next Morning...

When you and your partner wake up, your partner will mention how the storm cleared up. Here goes another good day of exploring!

The Dreams

The game shows you and your partner, apparently in deep slumber. Then, the game shows your dream!

There is a screen similar to the one when you took your quiz at the beginning of the game. Your wondering to yourself if this is a dream. Oh? Someone else is in your dream. It's Cresselia, although you don't know that (yet). Cresselia introduces herself to you, and you brood over her name. Cresselia begins to tell you something...

Your...your very existence is...pushing the world toward ruin. You are extremely surprised by this, and ask how you are doing that. The answer appears to be simple--because you exist in this world. A flash, and Cresselia repeats what she said. Another flash, she says that the world...will be...another flash, and she completes her sentence--the world will be destroyed! Two flashes, and you wake up.

You wake up, gasping for breath. You're asking yourself what that was. You turn to your partner and note that it's asleep. You try to convince yourself that was a dream, but it's a strange one. Well, there's nothing you can do about that. It's not even dawn yet, so you decide to get more sleep.

Dream Number 2

After doing another optional mission, the game will show your dream again. ...Again? Are you dreaming again? Oh, someone's coming...isn't that...Cresselia? You then ask Cresselia to explain more on what she said last time. You recount that she said that your existence is directing the world towards destruction. What did she mean by that?

She begins to are a human that came from the future. You, apparently, don't belong in this world. That is what creating the distortion in the fabric of space. You are surprised to hear that. Cresselia disregards your feelings and explains more--if the distortion of space were to expand...the world will get destructed.

You think about it for a moment. You are...a presence that must not exist in this world! Cresselia appears to be disappearing, but she ignores this and goes Cresselia begins to disappear, you tell her to wait and tell you more, but she disappears. You can''re fading away...

The next morning...

Your partner is trying to wake you up, but you're in deep sleep. It's morning already! You shake a bit, then wake up, and groan for a while. Your partner notes that you are awake and stops attempting to wake you up--it goes to the side of the bluff and looks out--another great weather day! You're not listening to this weather report, however, and thinking about your second dream. It felt realistic, though, not like a dream. You were told that you can't exist in this world. In your dream...Cresselia said...if the distortion of fabric in space spreads, the world will be destroyed.

After thinking for a moment, you suddenly remember--you've heard the "distortion of space" before! Then, the game switches back to the flashback when you were at Luminous Spring.

The game reverts back to the present, and you're thinking about how you were somehow connected to the distortion of space. You heard that in Luminous Spring. You're thinking so much, you don't notice your partner turn to face you. But, anyway, in that case...what you heard about your existence ruining the world...maybe it's true. Merely by existing here, you may be the cause of the world's ruin. Is that why you're here-?

Your partner walks towards you, ending your thinking moment, and wonders why you're "daydreaming". It's not like you. Come on, let's see that energy bounce off you! You note that your partner is a bit more peppy than usual...but maybe it's right. Maybe, you really aren't the destruction of the world! There's no point in feeling sorry for yourself, after all. You nod and agree, and your partner says that's the ___ it knows. Let's make it another good day!

When you get out of the bluff, Bidoof comes running to you, telling you to hold up. He is happy that he caught up with you, he thought you were all out exploring...but that's not why he came here. Your partner asks what's wrong. There's trouble! Little Azurill...little Azurill is in trouble! Both of you are surprised, and Bidoof explains that they brought Azurill to the guild. The both of you hurry on, with Bidoof.

Azurill's Slumber

The two of you run in in where you and your partner used to sleep. Your partner quickly calls his name and asks the guild if he's alright. Sunflora responds, saying there appears to be no danger in his life, but...Sunflora can't bring herself to complete the sentence. Your partner asks what happened to him. Marill responds, saying he's been sleeping and sleeping and hasn't been waking up. Your partner is surprised he won't wake up. Marill said he's attempted to wake him up many ties, but he's always asleep. Marill got worried, so he brought him to the guild.

Azurill mumbles a bit in his sleep, and your partner notes that he appears to be tormented by something. Marill explains he's been like that the whole time he's been asleep, always like he's suffering, and Marill wonders if Azurill is having a bad dream. Corphish says that could be a good idea. Azurill is tossing and turning, and appears to be having a nightmare. Your partner, knowing how smart Chatot is asks him if he knows how to wake Azurill. For the first time, Chatot is fresh out of ideas. To be locked in a nightmare, to be unable to wake for days on end...he's never heard of such a thing. Chimecho says that, since he's asleep, she can't feed him any berries. All of the guild members are at their wit's end trying to find the cure.

Corphish asks who'd know how to cure such a thing, and everyone thinks for a while. After a moment, Bidoof speaks up. Everyone turns to him. Bidoof's been thinking...if no one can make the nightmare go away...he's been wondering what kind of nightmare it might be. Maybe they can figure out why Azurill isn't waking up. Everyone gets surprised, and Loudred says that they should look into Azurill's dream. How do they do THAT?! Look inside a dream? That's near impossible! Bidoof is slightly abashed. But Chatot speaks up...actually, it might be possible.

Everyone looks at him, surprised. Corphish asks how to do it. Chatot speaks the answer so simply--you find Drowzee. If anyone can do it, Drowzee can. Your partner wonders for a moment, then recognizes the name to be the name of a criminal.

Yeah, that's him! Drowzee...he's that outlaw, the first one you ever caught! But still...your partner turns to Chatot wondering why Drowzee. Chatot explains that this is just a rumor, but everyone says that Drowzee has the ability to enter others' dreams. Your partner asks if he can really enter dreams, but Chatot puts that one off by saying it's a rumor--he can't vouch for the truth. However, it's still possible.

Your partner now get's if you were to ask Drowzee...maybe he'll get rid of Azurill's nightmare! Your partner then turns to Deputy Magnemite, and asks him what became of Drowzee when he arrested him. Zzzt! Drowzee was subjected to "intense grilling" by Officer Magnezone. After that, Drowzee expressed remorse and vowed never to break the law again. So they released him. Corphish jumps, and asks whether he really straightened out. It sounds really sketchy. Sunflora tells Corphish there's no time to quibbling over that. Sunflora gets back in the conversation and asks where Drowzee is now. Zzt! He has gone away to cleanse his mind and spirit. In fact, he stated that he will study self-discipline on Mt. Travail.

Chimecho repeats, and then says that Mt. Travail would be in a mountainous region. Your partner agrees and says that's where Drowzee would be now. The two of you have to go! Off to Mt. Travail! Marill is half pleased, half worried...but your partner says that they'll come back with Drowzee. Marill is slightly happy...the two of you always, always help them...Marill then thanks you. Wigglytuff speaks up for the first time, saying it's decided--they'll leave this mission to Team ____!

Mt. Travail

This is a very hard dungeon, with many strong Pokémon, like Scizor or Kangaskhan. However, if you need to train, you're in luck--this is just the place, as when you defeat Pokémon here, they give 500-600 Exp. points. The main type here is Fighting. There are 20 floors in this dungeon, and the weather here might vary.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Fearow (Pokémon) Fearow 1-19 45 -4.5%
Mankey (Pokémon) Mankey 1-19 14 8.2%
Primeape (Pokémon) Primeape 1-19 47-49 -4.5%
Onix (Pokémon) Onix 1-19 29 1%
Marowak (Pokémon) Marowak 1-19 46 -4.5%
Hitmonchan (Pokémon) Hitmonchan 1-19 46-48 -12%
Kangaskhan (Pokémon) Kangaskhan 1-19 46-48 6.4%
Mr. Mime (Pokémon) Mr. Mime 1-19 46 -4.5%
Sentret (Pokémon) Sentret 1-19 11-12 6.4%
Furret (Pokémon) Furret 1-19 47 -4.5%
Ledyba (Pokémon) Ledyba 1-19 16 8.2%
Ledian (Pokémon) Ledian 1-19 48-49 -4.5%
Scizor (Pokémon) Scizor 1-19 46 -12%
Heracross (Pokémon) Heracross 1-19 46 6.4%
Ursaring (Pokémon) Ursaring 1-19 46 -12%
Tyrogue (Pokémon) Tyrogue 1-19 15 6.4%
Shedinja (Pokémon) Shedinja 1-19 42 -12%
Meditite (Pokémon) Meditite 1-19 14 5.5%
Medicham (Pokémon) Medicham 1-19 46-48 -12%
Bibarel (Pokémon) Bibarel 1-19 46 3.5%
Darkrai (Pokémon) Darkrai 17 53 -22% *

Once you reach the top, your partner will notice Drowzee, far off into the distance. He's staring at the sea, and your partner interrupts this quiet meditation. Drowzee turns around and is surprised to see the two of you back. He asks what you came here for. Thinking that you're here to arrest him again, explains that he's "kept his nose clean" and has "stayed out of his life of crime".

Your partner tells him to wait up and explains that the two of you are not here to arrest him--the two of you are here for his help. Drowzee is confused, wondering why anyone want or even need his help. Your partner says yes to him and asks him if he remembers Azurill. The Azurill has been locked in sleep and won't wake up. Drowzee suddenly remembers and calls Azurill "a little tyke". Your partner ignores this and says that no one knows why he won't wake up. That's when you heard from Chatot that Drowzee can (possibly) enter dreams. That's why the two of you have searched for him.

Drowzee thinks for a moment, and your partner asks Drowzee if he will help you. He is silent, then turns away from the two of you, thinking about the rotten thing he'd done to Azurill back then. He doesn't know if doing this would ever make up for it, but...if it would help Azurill, even a little...he doesn't know how useful he'll be, but, he'll help you, if you let him. Drowzee tells you not to waste any time, and that the three of you--you, your partner, and him--have to go quickly.

Back at the Guild

You, your partner, Marill, and Drowzee are surrounding Azurill as it stays on the bed it was on. While Drowzee examines Azurill, your partner asks how it is, and asks if he can do something. Drowzee ignores both questions and explains that he wants you to get stocked up for an exploration. When you're all ready, he'll send you on an exploration of...Azurill's dream.

The rest of you are surprised, and your partner claims that that means...! Drowzee nods, saying that it is possible to enter Azurill's dream. Your partner then gets very excited and says to Marill that they can solve the mystery of the never ending nightmare! Marill says it's great, but Drowzee intervenes and says that he wants you to be careful when you go inside Azurill's dream. There's something rotten about this dream...he has a feeling that something has gone bad or wrong.

Your partner is suddenly brought down and says the two of you will be on guard. One more thing--he only wants the two of you to go and enter the dream. He'd prefer to go as well, all honesty, at his skill level, he'll only slow you down. He's sorry he couldn't do more,'s alright, your partner says, saying that sending them into the dream is good enough. Your partner thanks Drowzee and says that they'll get ready to go.

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