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Route 229

Head south to reach the Resort Area, fighting the trainers along the way. Or turn east and explore the long grass to find all trainers and items.

Resort Area

The Resort Area is a good place to heal before continuing. This town lacks a Poké Mart, unfortunately for some players. The large building with the purple roof is the Ribbon Syndicate, a place you can only enter for the first time if the number of different kinds of Ribbons owned by your party is ten or more. (For example, six Sinnoh Champ Ribbons only count as one kind of Ribbon.) On the first floor, you can buy extremely expensive (and rather useless) Ribbons, one of which can make you bankrupt-- it costs $999,999! The second floor is where you can get spa treatments to raise the friendship level of one of your Pokémon (including eggs) once per day. Other than that, there isn't much of interest. Pick the Berries from the trees in the south of the town. When you're ready, return to Route 229.

Back to Route 229

Heal your Pokémon before proceeding. You'll need to bring Pokémon with Surf and Rock Smash.

Explore the area with long grass if you didn't do so. Otherwise, continue west to Route 230.

Route 230

Route 230

Keep surfing west to the island. Going through the tall grass may be a pain to find the items. Use a Repel if you like. It's worth noting that Togepi can be caught here with the Poké Radar! When you're done exploring, continue Surfing west. You'll eventually end up back in the Fight Area.

Back in Fight Area

Returning to the Fight Area means that you've explored the entire Battle Zone!

Rival Rematch

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon and have them at or above Lv.60 before proceeding!

Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Rival Barry will stop his training in Stark Mountain and wait for you in front of the gate to the Battle Park. Talk to him when you're prepared, and he'll ask for a rematch. Get ready for a fierce battle!

Initial rematch

His team is now far stronger than the fight in Pokémon League Main Building. With his Pokémon around Lv.60 and his first partner Pokémon at Lv.64, this rematch can be as tough as the battle with Champion Cynthia!

Turtwig If the player chose Turtwig: Chimchar If the player chose Chimchar: Piplup If the player chose Piplup:

The hardest challenge!

If you defeat the Elite Four and Champion 20 times, Barry's Pokémon will each increase in level by 10, and his prize money upon being defeated will increase to $7,400. Moreover, his Pokémon will also learn many new powerful moves! This will be the most difficult fight in the whole game, even harder than the Champion battle. Don't you dare to fight him unless you have your Pokémon at around Lv.70!!

Turtwig If the player chose Turtwig: Chimchar If the player chose Chimchar: Piplup If the player chose Piplup:


Congratulations! You have completed the after game storyline!

There are still some things for you to do, though. Look at your Trainer Card. You can actually get more Trainer stars! You can aim for defeating Trainers in Battle Tower 100 times in a row, winning a Master Rank in a Super Contest and try to get a platinum flag in the Underground. But don't forget about the biggest aim— catching all Pokémon and completing the Pokédex! Finishing these four jobs will give you the four remaining stars.

Players! It's time to get all 5 trainer stars and complete your game! These are difficult jobs for sure, but with determination, you'll ultimately succeed!

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