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Anime Collaboration (Japanese: アニメコラボ記念 Anime Collaboration Commemoration) is a type of limited-time event in Pokémon Masters EX that ties into events in the Pokémon anime.

Let's Have a Battle!

This event ran from July 7 to 14, 2022, coinciding with the special event The Classic Thunderbolt. Players could complete the event battle once per day to earn rewards including Gems, items for powering up sync pairs, and 5★ Scout Tickets.


Name Difficulty Trainer Pokémon First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards
Left Middle Right
A Present from Ash?! Normal VSAsh Masters.png
Weakness: FireIC Masters.png
Weakness: GroundIC Masters.png
Weakness: ElectricIC Masters.png
Masters Gem.pngGems ×200 Masters 5 Star Scout Ticket.png5★ Scout Ticket ×5
Masters Battle Point.pngBattle Points ×20
Masters Tome Set Vol 1.pngTome Set, Vol. 1 ×20
Masters Codex Set Vol 1.pngCodex Set, Vol. 1 ×7
Masters 3-Pack Drink ++ Set.png3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×60
Masters 3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set.png3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×30
Masters 3-Pack Ultra Drink + Set.png3-Pack Ultra Drink + Set ×30

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