Ancient Relic (Friend Area)

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Ancient Relic こだいいせき
Ancient Ruins
Ancient Relic.png
Description: The remains of a long-forgotten civilization. Prehistoric Pokémon are said to have lived here in ancient times.
Predominant type: None
Capacity: 6
Method to obtain: Buy for 8,000 Poké
Friend Area

Ancient Relic (Japanese: こだいいせき Ancient Ruins) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team that can be bought for 8,000 Poké at the Wigglytuff Club after completing the main storyline. It is in the Relic area, along with Aged Chamber AN and O?, and has a capacity of six Pokémon, including the Legendary titans from Generation III.


It appears to be the ruins of a temple. There are strange pools of purple liquid on the lower levels, and hieroglyphics covering sections of the walls. There is a large Poké Ball etched into the back wall.


Pokémon Location
142 Aerodactyl Sky Tower (21F-25F)
Sky Tower Summit (1F-8F)
Pitfall Valley (B15F-B25F)
Joyous Tower (90F-99F)
343 Baltoy Mt. Steel (1F-4F)
Wish Cave (B11F-B14F)
Desert Region (12F-20F)
Southern Cavern (B12F-B22F)
344 Claydol Evolve Baltoy
377 Regirock Buried Relic (B15F)
378 Regice Buried Relic (B25F)
379 Registeel Buried Relic (B35F)

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