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Kanto region Ribbon Cup

The Ribbon Cup (Japanese: リボンカップ Ribbon Cup) is the award given to the winner of the Grand Festival. It is made of pure gold and its design varies depending on the region.

In order to compete for the Ribbon Cup, a Pokémon Coordinator must win at least five Contest Ribbons in a single region and sign up for that region's Grand Festival. The winner of the entire competition will be given the Ribbon Cup, as well as the title of Top Coordinator.

In the anime

Hoenn region Ribbon Cup

In the anime, the Ribbon Cup first appeared in Delcatty Got Your Tongue, belonging to Dr. Abby. According to an article from the Coordinator Monthly magazine, Abby entered the Grand Festival as a total unknown and, against all odds, rose up to beat the publicly favored Coordinator. After winning, she was given the Ribbon Cup, which is kept along with all of her Contest Ribbons and trophies inside her Pokémon Clinic in Foothill Town.

In The Ribbon Cup Caper, the Ribbon Cup that would be awarded to the winning Coordinator in the Hoenn Grand Festival was being displayed on board the S.S. St. Flower cruise ship. However, Brodie managed to steal the trophy. He was planning on selling it to make some money, but after being confronted by Ash, his friends, Raoul Contesta, and Officer Jenny, Brodie gave it up, allowing the Grand Festival to go on as planned.

In Rhapsody in Drew, Robert was seen accepting the Ribbon Cup in the closing ceremonies of the Hoenn Grand Festival. He earned the trophy after defeating Drew in a two-on-two Contest Battle, having used his Milotic and Claydol against Drew's Masquerain and Flygon.

May fantasizing about winning the Ribbon Cup

Lilian presented the Ribbon Cup that would be disputed during the Kanto Grand Festival in May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!. Solidad received the prize following her victory in the final round of the competition in Channeling the Battle Zone!.

The Sinnoh region Ribbon Cup was first shown in Staging a Heroes' Welcome! during the Wallace Cup held on the shores of Lake Valor. Dawn and Zoey battled for the Ribbon Cup in the finals of the Sinnoh Grand Festival in A Grand Fight for Winning!. After a close battle, Zoey was declared the winner. She was later seen receiving the trophy from Fantina.

According to Mr. Contesta, the real Ribbon Cup has the official seal from the Contest Committee in its interior. This allows the Ribbon Cup to be differentiated from fake ones.


The following is a list of Pokémon Coordinators known to have received the Ribbon Cup:


In the core series games

Since the Grand Festival is an anime-exclusive competition, the Ribbon Cup does not appears in the Pokémon games. However, in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the player may receive trophies by talking to Mr. Goods after winning a Pokémon Super Contest in the Master Rank. These trophies may have been based on the Ribbon Cup and can be used to decorate the player's Secret Base in the Underground. The table below shows the different trophies the player can obtain after winning a Master Rank Ribbon in each of the five categories:

Cup Achievement Description
Cool Cup Sprite DPPt.png Cool Cup Coolness Contest Master Rank A winner's cup that is awarded only to a truly cool Pokémon.
Beauty Cup Sprite DPPt.png Beauty Cup Beauty Contest Master Rank A winner's cup that is awarded only to a truly beautiful Pokémon.
Cute Cup Sprite DPPt.png Cute Cup Cuteness Contest Master Rank A winner's cup that is awarded only to a truly cute Pokémon.
Clever Cup Sprite DPPt.png Clever Cup Smartness Contest Master Rank A winner's cup that is awarded only to a truly smart Pokémon.
Tough Cup Sprite DPPt.png Tough Cup Toughness Contest Master Rank A winner's cup that is awarded only to a truly tough Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 缎带奖杯 Ribbon Cup
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Lintjescup
Finland Flag.png Finnish Ruusukemalja (AG060)
France Flag.png European French Coupe du Ruban
Germany Flag.png German Bänder-Cup
Israel Flag.png Hebrew גביע הסרט Ribbon Cup
Italy Flag.png Italian Coppa del Fiocco
South Korea Flag.png Korean 리본 컵 Ribbon Cup
Poland Flag.png Polish Puchar Pokazów
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Taça da Fita
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Taça-Fita
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Copa Listón
Spain Flag.png Spain Copa Cinta

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