Let It Snow!

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Let it Snow!
Let it Snow.png
ISBN: 0439429897
Published: December 2002
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: The Haunted Gym
Succeeded By: Catch That Wobbuffet!

Let it Snow! by Tracey West is the fourth book in the Pokémon Reader series, which is designed for beginning readers. It was published by Scholastic in December 2002 and is 32 pages in length.


The book starts with a recapitulation of the goal the group is on in the book: To help their friend, Todd, look for Articuno. Brock calls on his Golbat, who uses its Sonic power to find Articuno. Golbat finds something, but it is not Articuno and instead Jigglypuff, frozen. Ash calls on Cyndaquil to heat the ice. Once Jigglypuff is thawed, Misty asks if Jigglypuff knows where Articuno is. Jigglypuff points to the top of Snow Top Peak. Ash states that they can climb to the top.

Team Rocket is also climbing Snow Top Peak, but is in trouble, stuck on a ledge. Jessie wails that they are going to freeze. A Pokémon flies down from the sky, snow falling around it. The Pokémon takes Team Rocket to a safe place.

Ash and his companions continue to climb Snow Top Peak, not aware of Team Rocket nearby. They arrive at a Pokémon Center, with Officer Jenny there. Todd tells Officer Jenny that he wants to take a picture of Articuno. Officer Jenny replies that Articuno is a rare Pokémon, and not many people have seen it. Nurse Joy hears them talking, and tells them they have come to the right place, for Articuno lives on Snow Top Peak and that it helps people in trouble. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny lead them outside to an Articuno statue, of which Ash says is cool. Suddenly a wind blows and snow begins to fall, then stops. Ash cries out that it is Team Rocket, who had fallen to the ground with the snow. Team Rocket tells their story, and Todd concludes that Articuno must have helped them, like Nurse Joy told the group. Todd wants to find Articuno immediately and Ash and his companions run after him. They climb up the peak, Jigglypuff following them. Misty cries out that it is snowing again. The snow falls harder, and Pikachu calls out twice. Ash asks Pikachu what is it, and suddenly a Pokémon flies in front of them.

Todd cries out that it is Articuno, and the group stops and stares at it. Ash takes a step closer, and Articuno cries out. Ash looks down, seeing that they were about to walk off a cliff that they could not see before due to the snow. On this, Ash realizes that Articuno saved them. Todd tries to take a picture of Articuno, but something attacks it.

The attacker is identified as Team Rocket, and Ash asks why Team Rocket is doing this, for Articuno helped them. James replies that Articuno can help them again, by letting them bring it back to the Boss. Team Rocket calls on Arbok and Weezing to battle Articuno. Arbok starts the attack with Poison Sting. The Poison Sting does not hurt Articuno, and Articuno fights back with Ice Beam. Jessie calls on Wobbuffet, which uses Mirror Coat, reflecting the attack back at Articuno. Articuno dodges the attack, and the Ice Beam hits the snowy peak, causing chunks of ice to break off. The falling ice breaks the cliff, and Ash and Todd tumble down. Pikachu jumps off the cliff to help Ash, and Jigglypuff jumps after.

Jigglypuff expands and floats to the ground with Pikachu on its back. Pikachu and Jigglypuff find Ash and Todd, and Ash remarks that they are not hurt. Todd says that Articuno has saved them again. Team Rocket comes crashing down, and Arbok attacks Articuno with Poison Sting, Weezing attacking with Sludge. Articuno uses Blizzard, and a strong wind hits Team Rocket. Team Rocket yells that they are blasting off again, and the wind takes them far away.

The sun comes out and Articuno twinkles in the light. Todd takes a picture, saying that is just the picture he wanted with a smile. Brock and Misty ride up in a snowmobile. Misty asks Ash if he is all right, and Ash affirms that he is, thanks to Articuno, with Pikachu agreeing.


Chill Out!

Pikachu and Ash are looking for Articuno. It is an Ice Pokémon. But Ash and Pikachu get stuck in a blizzard. Then Team Rocket tries to take Pikachu. Will Articuno save the day?

Major events

  • Todd captures a picture of Articuno and goes on his own way again.


Pokémon debuts






  • Brock commands his Golbat to use "Sonic", which is not a move in any Pokémon game. It may have been intended to be the move Supersonic.

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