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Inside the Kalos Battle Institute
Outside the Unova Battle Institute
Inside the Unova Battle Institute

The Battle Institute (Japanese: トライアルハウス Trial House) is a facility for the player to participate in mock battles. There is one Battle Institute in each of the Unova, Kalos, and Hoenn regions.

In Generation V, the Battle Institute is located in Nimbasa City. In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, the Battle Institute can only be accessed after entering the Hall of Fame; if the player tries to access it before that point, an Ace Trainer will exit the institute and block the entrance, telling the player that they must become the Champion before they can enter. However, the Battle Institute does not require the player to save the game before participating.

In Pokémon X and Y, the Battle Institute is located on Northern Boulevard in Lumiose City. In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the Battle Institute is located on the west side of the eastern mall of Mauville City, behind the white storefront. While the player can enter the building in these games as soon as their respective areas become accessible, the receptionist inside will refuse to administer the Battle Test until the player has defeated the Champion.


By speaking to the receptionist, the player can opt to fight five consecutive rounds—called a Battle Test—of either Single Battles (requiring three Pokémon) or Double Battles (requiring four Pokémon). The Trainers met during these battles are the same ones found in the Battle Subway and Battle Maison. Standard battle facility rules still apply during the Battle Test, so all Pokémon temporarily become level 50, bag items are not permitted to be used, and special Pokémon, Pokémon of the same species, and duplicate items cannot be included on a team. Because all Pokémon are temporarily set to level 50 without requiring the game to be saved (even in Generation VI, where the Battle Maison allows lower-leveled Pokémon to retain their original level), the Battle Institute is commonly used for the purpose of examining the stats of Pokémon that are newly hatched from Eggs, to narrow down their possible range of individual values with more precision than the original level would allow.

Each battle grows in difficulty, starting with pre-evolved Pokémon and potentially fighting Trainers who use Legendary Pokémon by the end. Once the Battle Test begins, there is no quitting early; after each battle (regardless of whether it's won or lost) the player's team is healed, and the next battle immediately starts, until all five battles are complete. The 'Run' command acts as a way of forfeiting the current battle only.

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Battle No. Trainer Range Pokémon IVs Trainer Notes
1 051-070 All 7s These are trainers who are first eligible to appear at battle 7BWB2W2 or 6XYORAS of the normal courses.
2 111-160 All 19s These are trainers who are first eligible to appear at battle 1 of the super courses.
3 161-180 All 23s These are trainers who are first eligible to appear at battle 7BWB2W2 or 11XYORAS of the super courses.
4 241-270 All 31s These are subsets of the trainers who can appear in the super courses after the Subway BossBWB2W2
or Battle ChatelaineXYORAS has been defeated.
5 271-300 All 31s

Scoring system

At the end of the fifth battle, the player is awarded a score and a rank. In Generation VI, the player will receive a certain amount of Battle Points and an item depending on their rank, and the white computer on the right side can be used to recall the high score list in each battle mode. In Generation V, there is no reward at the end of the test, and the black computer on the right side will only display the score of the most recent test, but the player's highest-scoring test of all time (without distinguishing between Single or Double Battles) is saved to the back of their Trainer Card. In all games, if the player has scored high enough to reach Master Rank at least once, the receptionist's greeting will acknowledge that fact whenever the player talks to them thereafter, saying "The master returns!"

Rank Points Stars BP Reward Item Reward
Beginner 0-999 1 3 BP Random Wing
(Except Pretty Wing)
Novice 1000-1999 2 5 BP
Normal 2000-2999 3 7 BP
Super 3000-3999 4 9 BP Random Vitamin
Hyper 4000-4999 5 11 BP
Elite 5000-5999 6 13 BP
Master 6000-9999 7 15 BP PP Up

Points are awarded depending on how many battles are won and how quickly the player beats the opponent; fainted teammates count against the final score, as does damage taken.

The scoring breakdown is as follows:

  • 1000 points per battle won
  • 80 points for each opposing Pokémon that fainted
    • This bonus does not require that the player's Pokémon was directly responsible for causing the opponent to faint with an attack, and will be scored even if the opponent fainted as a result of weather damage, self-inflicted recoil damage, or using a move such as Explosion.
  • -80 points for each of the player's own Pokémon that fainted
  • 15 points each time the player's Pokémon uses one of its moves that it hasn't already used in the current battle
  • 5 points each time the player directly switches Pokémon
    • Switching Pokémon as a result of a move such as Volt Switch doesn't count for this bonus, and neither does sending out a Pokémon to replace one that fainted.
    • Only the first 255 Pokémon switches of a battle give points. The 256th switch and the following switches don't grant points.
  • 1 point each time the player hits an opponent with an attack that's super-effective
    • If a move targets both opponents, count a type effectiveness bonus and/or penalty against each of them separately, if applicable. If a move targets a teammate, no bonus or penalty is applied based on type matchups against it.
  • -2 points each time the player hits an opponent with an attack that's not very effective
  • -10 points each time the player uses a move that "doesn't affect" an opponent
    • This penalty only applies as a result of type chart immunities, other innate type-based immunities (such as trying to use Toxic against a Poison-type), and all effects that cause a Pokémon to be un-grounded against Ground-type moves. Ability-based immunities do not result in this penalty, with the sole exception of Levitate.
    • If a move is blocked by Protect, misses a target due to accuracy or evasion, or simply doesn't accomplish anything for any other reason (such as attempting to inflict a status on a Pokémon that already has one), the penalty doesn't apply, nor does any other bonus or penalty that would have applied based on type matchups.
  • 2 points each time an opponent hits one of the player's Pokémon with an attack that's not very effective
  • 5 points each time an opponent uses a move that "doesn't affect" the player's Pokémon, with the same limitations as in the opposite case
  • -10 points for each turn that passes
    • If a battle is forfeited at the beginning of a turn, the cost of that turn is still counted.
  • Between -0 and -100 points per battle depending on how much HP the player's Pokémon are missing at the end of the battle, as a percentage (rounded down) of the combined maximum HP of all team members

The total score for an individual battle can be less than zero, but if the sum of all five battles' scores would be negative, the final total is displayed as 0 points instead. If the total score would be greater than 9999, it is displayed as 9999.

In the anime

In Lost at the Stamp Rally!, a subway announcement said that one train was an express train to the Battle Institute.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 試煉屋 Silihn Ūk
Mandarin 試煉屋 / 试炼屋 Shìliàn Wū
Finland Flag.png Finnish Ottelukoulu
France Flag.png French Club des Épreuves
Germany Flag.png German Haus der Prüfung
Italy Flag.png Italian Casa Esami
South Korea Flag.png Korean 트라이얼하우스 Trial House
Poland Flag.png Polish Instytut Bitew
Spain Flag.png Spanish Casa Examinadora

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