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User:SnorlaxMonster/Pokémon that cannot be traded without nicknames

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While when nicknaming a Pokémon, the censored word must match the nickname exactly (ignoring case). However, when trading Pokémon over the GTS, if a Pokémon's nickname even contains a censored word, it cannot be traded. Due to this, there are some Pokémon who cannot be traded without nicknames due to their names containing a censored phrase. Even if a Pokémon may be banned for multiple reasons, only one reason is noted.

List of Pokémon that cannot be traded in certain languages


Pokémon name English name
English Froslass
English Nosepass
English Probopass
English Bulbasaur
English Ivysaur
English Venusaur
English Gabite
English Conkeldurr


Pokémon name English name
English Cascoon
English Basculin
English Skuntank
English Venipede
English Whirlipede
English Scolipede
English Pineco
English Sandshrew
English Sandslash
English Sableye
English Salamence
English Samurott
English Pansage
English Simisage
English Sawk
English Sandile
English Sawsbuck
English Bellossom
English Heracross
English Blissey
English Gorebyss
English Amoonguss
English Eelektross
German Cerapendra Scolipede
German Hutsassa Amoonguss
German Safcon Metapod
German Barschwa Feebas
German Barschuft Basculin
German Morbitesse Gothitelle
German Fermicula Durant
German Fukano Growlithe
German Bisasam Bulbasaur
German Bisaknosp Ivysaur
German Bisaflor Venusaur
German Sandan Sandshrew
German Sandamer Sandslash
German Rasaff Primeape
German Simsala Alakazam
German Knofensa Bellsprout
German Sarzenia Victreebel
German Rossana Jynx
German Samurzel Seedot
German Welsar Whiscash
German Walraisa Walrein
German Saganabyss Gorebyss
German Rexblisar Abomasnow
German Fasasnob Unfezant
German Tauboss Pidgeot
German Tragosso Cubone
German Hoppsross Hoppip
German Kussilla Smoochum
German Schwalboss Swellow
German Stolloss Aggron
German Isso Wynaut
German Aalabyss Huntail
German Tangoloss Tangrowth
German Bissbark Stoutland
German Dusselgurr Pidove
German Brockoloss Gigalith
German Dressella Lilligant
German Swaroness Swanna
German Zobiris Sableye
French Lokhlass Lapras
French Massko Grovyle
French Ohmassacre Eelektross
French Cliticlic Klinklang
French Coconfort Kakuna
French Crikzik Kricketot
French Papinella Beautifly
French Salameche Charmander
French Chrysacier Metapod
French Sabelette Sandshrew
French Sablaireau Sandslash
French Ossatueur Marowak
French Saquedeneu Tangela
French Tarsal Ralts
French Rosabyss Gorebyss
French Sancoki Shellos
French Déflaisan Unfezant
French Incisache Fraxure
French Mimitoss Venonat
French Miaouss Meowth
French Colossinge Primeape
French Ramoloss Slowpoke
French Flagadoss Slowbro
French Krabboss Kingler
French Osselait Cubone
French Poissirene Goldeen
French Poissoroy Seaking
French Staross Starmie
French Dracolosse Dragonite
French Feurisson Quilava
French Malosse Houndour
French Demolosse Houndoom
French Cerfrousse Stantler
French Poussifeu Torchic
French Metalosse Metagross
French Tortipouss Turtwig
French Corboss Honchkrow


Pokémon name English name
English Silcoon
English Cofagrigus
English Croconaw