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パール Pearl
Pearl Platinum chapter.png
Pearl in the Platinum arc
Age 12 (as of the Platinum arc)
Gender Male
Birthday June 6
Blood type B
Eye color Orange
Hair color Blond
Hometown Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Palmer (father)
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Barry

Pearl (Japanese: パール Pearl) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


Pearl, Diamond and their first Pokémon

Pearl is impatient and is often accidentally getting himself and his friend, Diamond into trouble. He is the straight man (tsukkomi) of the comedy duo, while Diamond is the funny man.

Compared to Diamond, Pearl is hasty and easily angered and, according to Diamond, always goes out of his way to complete things he has started, which reflects the virtue that he is aligned with: willpower, which also makes him associated with Azelf. Pearl is also very bossy and usually tells Diamond and Platinum what to do. For his skills, he is given the title of "Determiner" (志す者 Determiner).

His father is very skilled in battling, and Pearl has learned a lot from him during his childhood, which has helped him in creating training sessions for Platinum to participate in for practice for her Gym challenges. One of his most amazing abilities is his skill of being able to tell what move a Pokémon is preparing to use. Like his two traveling companions, Pearl was not very strong when he first set out on his journey across Sinnoh but he got better under the training of Crasher Wake.

Because the two boys were neighbors during their childhood, Pearl and Diamond are practically as close as brothers. Even though Pearl often yells and smacks Diamond, Pearl truly does care for Diamond. Conversely, Pearl dislikes Platinum's arrogant attitude towards Diamond and himself. Despite the fact that he often yells and criticizes her, Pearl always helps Platinum by helping prepare her for her goals and dreams, and is often amazed by her knowledge and perseverance. The two quickly got used to the other's personality and have become close friends.


Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

In PS612, a younger Pearl and Diamond were seen interrupting a conversation Palmer had with Brandon. They wished to go outside and practice their comedy routine, but Palmer told them to stay inside due to the threat caused by Grand Meteor Delta.

Diamond & Pearl arc

Pearl was first introduced at the New Generation Funny Grand Prix in Jubilife City, where he, along with Diamond, won the Judges' Special Merit Prize. Upon leaving the Grand Prix, Diamond and Pearl's prize was mixed up with Professor Rowan's envelope, causing the boys to, unknowingly, accept the mission to guard Platinum Berlitz on her journey to the top of Mt. Coronet, although they believed they were on a reality show and Platinum was the host.

Pearl in the seventh chapter

In Oreburgh City, Platinum decided to challenge Gyms, and Diamond and Pearl helped her train, which helped build trust within the young trio. After many different trials and crises together, they finally reached Mt. Coronet, but they soon discovered that the cavern they have entered would not lead to the summit, and therefore had to continued their journey on to the eastern side of Sinnoh.

In Hearthome City, Platinum decided to enter a Pokémon Super Contest. In order for the girl to win, Pearl planned a very strict dance program that Platinum would have to perform, which she did, helping her snag the victory.

Afterward, the trio was attacked by Platinum's true bodyguards, Paka and Uji, who believed that Diamond and Pearl where kidnappers who had taken Platinum for ransom. Thankfully, they were saved by Fantina, who took them to the Lost Tower. Once Fantina deemed it save for them to leave, the trio went to the Solaceon Ruins, where they saved a group of Unown before heading back out on their journey.

In Veilstone City, Diamond and Pearl met up with Paka and Uji for real and had their first true battle with Team Galactic. During this battle, Diamond's Tru and Chimler both evolved and Platinum's true identity was revealed to the two boys by Paka and Uji. However, before her real bodyguards had a chance to meet and explain things to the girl, they were banished into another dimension by Saturn. Once this happened, Diamond confessed to Pearl that he knew Platinum wasn't a reality TV host from the beginning, but he had kept it to himself because the misunderstanding was the thing that created and held together their friendship. The two then took an oath that they would protect her and keep their real identities a secret.

Later, following a separation from Diamond and Platinum at Lake Valor, an adventure in the Great Marsh and Platinum's Gym challenge in Pastoria City, they met up with Cynthia at the Pokémon Mansion, and she helped them clear the group of Psyduck that were blocking Route 210. They encountered Cyrus again in Celestic Town when the man broke into the ruins that held Sinnoh's legend of the three lakes. After the showdown with the man, in which Diamond and Pearl had a huge argument that nearly cost them the victory, the trio ended up in Hearthome once again and Platinum challenged Fantina, who turned out to be the Gym Leader of the Hearthome Gym.

After gaining a victory, the trio learned of Mr. Berlitz's and Professor Rowan's disappearance. In order to find them, the trio went to Canalave City, where they mistook Byron for the kidnapper. After realizing the whole thing was a misunderstanding, Platinum finally learned of Diamond and Pearl's true identity and was completely horrified by the news. However, after a horrible night full of nightmares, she decided to keep the boys as her companions and they resumed their journey with a new goal in mind: to stop Team Galactic's evil plans.

The trio then split up to defend the three lakes of Sinnoh, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, and Lake Verity. Pearl was assigned to go to Lake Valor. On the way there, Pearl accidentally fell from a cliff in an attempt to save a nest of Wingull and ended up in front of the Fuego Ironworks, where he was reunited with the Luxray that he had befriended near the beginning of his journey and, after it said farewell to its herd, it joined Pearl's team.

Upon leaving the Fuego Ironworks, Pearl met up with Rad Rickshaw and traveled with the man to Lake Valor. Once they arrived, the two went across the lake to the small island in the center, where Pearl fought against Team Galactic's Saturn and witnessed the Galactic Bomb's explosion. The two then fought over the Pokémon of willpower, Azelf, but Pearl lost the fight and collapsed, leaving Saturn with Azelf.

Pearl finally catches a Buizel.

Pearl later awoke in the Pastoria Gym. While there, the Gym leader of Pastoria, Crasher Wake suggested the boy catch a Floatzel or a Buizel as they seemed to fit Pearl's personality. After several failed attempts and some encouragement from his Pokémon and his new teacher Wake, Pearl finally caught a Buizel along with a Tauros and a Diglett. After some training with Wake and hearing that Diamond was on a Galactic Airship, Pearl left for Veilstone City in order to infiltrate the Team Galactic Headquarters.

Upon arriving in Veilstone, Pearl noticed that the city was guarded by Team Galactic. Thankfully, he was able to get through with the help of a group of Unown that he, along with Diamond and Platinum, had met in Solaceon Town. Once he managed to get inside of the Headquarters, he was reunited with his former traveling companions and sacrificed his Pokédex in order to save the Lake guardians.

The newly reunited trio then regrouped with Cynthia and headed to the Spear Pillar, where Diamond and Pearl split up with Platinum and Cynthia and time and space begins to distort. The two boys began to fight Dialga and Palkia but were quickly stopped by the dragons' abilities to manipulate the fabric of reality. After Cyrus ambushed them, a giant hole appears in the sky and started sucking everyone on the Spear Pillar into it. Pearl and Platinum tried to prevent the unconscious Gym Leaders from being taken while Diamond attempted to jump into the hole and close it from inside.

Pearl sits on the sidelines for the rest of the battle and witnesses Diamond and his new partner, Regigigas fight off Dialga and Palkia. Once Diamond makes a speech that causes the control on Dialga and Palkia to become unbalanced, he and Diamond, under Platinum's command, attack the two dragons and successfully break the Red Chain controlling them. Dialga and Palkia, free from Cyrus' control, defeat the Galactic Boss, knocking him unconscious.

They celebrate their victory and decide to go home while taking their friends and Cyrus to the hospital. As they leave, Diamond notices someone watching them and the Canalave Gym Leader, Byron, emerges from the ground and takes the machine he was holding. However, this causes mysterious black tentacles to emerge from the hole in the sky and grab Cyrus, Dialga, and Palkia, who are all dragged into it. The old man introduces himself as Charon and makes an attempt to escape, but Diamond's Kit steals a small notebook from him as he flees.

Platinum arc

Pearl unfolding his sleeves
Pearl and his Pokémon

It is later revealed that the notebook that Kit had stolen from Charon was a book with information on legendary Pokémon. Joined by the Sinnoh Pokémon Association Chairman and Dr. Footstep, Pearl and Diamond use the notebook that was deciphered by the Sinnoh Elite Four and search for the legendary and rare Pokémon of Sinnoh.

Their first stop is to return to the Old Chateau where they find the Pokémon that had attacked them in their last visit, Rotom. The two are attacked by Rotom and its many different forms. Eventually, Diamond manages to bond with Rotom and befriends it; Rotom then joins their group.

Soon after, Pearl and Diamond hear a large noise and runs to the location where it came from. Upon arriving, they find a giant dragon Pokémon called Giratina going on a rampage and destroying Eterna City. Immediately, Diamond's Regigigas, Reg, erupts from its Poké Ball to battle Giratina. Soon after, Charon appears and reveals that intends to kill Pearl and Diamond in his plan to capture the legendary and rare Pokémon of Sinnoh.

Diamond and Reg face off Charon's Heatran while Pearl and Chatler goes off to battle Giratina alone. Due to Chatler and Pearl staying in the air, they are able to escape from Giratina's attacks due to it not being a good fighter while flying. When Charon forces Giratina to use Shadow Force, Diamond pushes Pearl out of the way of the attack, but gets hit by it in the process and is knocked unconscious. Much to Pearl's distress, he tries to wake Diamond up, but to no avail. Seeing that its Trainer has died, Reg begins to turn around and leaves.

In his rage, Pearl decides to attack Charon despite the chance that they might lose. Before they can fight, Reg soon returns with Rotom's appliances so that Rotom can attack Charon in its rage. Together, Reg and Rotom force Charon and Giratina to retreat back into the Distortion World. Soon after, the Sinnoh Chairman and Dr. Footstep return to the scene after hearing all of the commotion. As soon as they return, Diamond's body suddenly begins to distort and disappears.

Later, Pearl, Dr. Footstep and the Sinnoh Chairman make their way to the Distortion World. While traveling, Pearl contacts Platinum and tries to inform her about what happened to Diamond.

After entering, Pearl is shocked to find his father, Palmer, having fallen out of the sky. They are attacked by Darkrai, due to Palmer's Cresselia being hostile towards it. Palmer manages to defeat Darkrai alone, which causes Pearl to wonder why he is not a Gym Leader. Palmer reveals to him that he has a job as the owner of the Battle Frontier and is the Tower Tycoon of the Battle Tower.

When Palmer asks where Diamond is, Pearl sadly informs him that he had died in their previous battle. Suddenly, Diamond appears riding on Dialga's back, revealing that he is still alive. Much to Pearl's surprise, Cyrus is also with Diamond, and is riding on Palkia. They hear Platinum's voice and rush to her location, and find Paka and Uji there with her. They have a tearful reunion and return their sunglasses back to their original owners. Soon after, the Advanced level Grunt returns the stolen Pokédexes back to their proper owners.

As the battle between the legendary Pokémon continues getting more and more chaotic, everyone begins to gather together. When Charon decides to escape, Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum each take a different legendary Pokémon to fly and chase after him before he can trap everyone inside the Distortion World. They fly and eventually make it outside to Sunyshore City, where Charon is finished off by a surprise attack from Cynthia.

Charon tries to escape like he did at the Spear Pillar, only to be cornered by Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum. Although defeated, Charon refuses to give up, and uses his machine to try and make Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum's Pokémon attack each other. The machine is quickly destroyed by a toy of Proteam Omega, which is revealed to be possessed by Rotom.

With Charon defeated, everyone who was left behind in the Distortion World emerges from it safe and unharmed. Cyrus disbands Team Galactic, but thanks the three before leaving with Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. Giratina tries to attack one last time, but is stopped by Volkner and Flint and is driven back into the Distortion World by Dialga and Palkia, this time without any desire for revenge.

Charon is arrested by Looker, who gives Diamond a Pokémon Egg given to him from the Fiore Region before leaving to his next mission in Unova. Having emerged from everything victorious, the three give each other a fist bump. Later, Platinum watches as the sole audience member as Pearl and Diamond gives her a comedy routine, which she hadn't seen in a while.

Sometime later, at the Solaceon Day-Care Center, Diamond plays with Phione, a Pokémon that hatched from an Egg. Pearl berates him for playing with it when they are supposed to be training it, which Diamond responds by having the Pokémon use Heart Swap. The owners of the Day-Care recall of a Trainer that hatched a Pokémon with a similar personality to his in the Johto region.


All of Pearl's Pokémon nicknames are a combination of two syllables of their species name and "Ler" or "Hiko," a common suffix for Japanese boys' names.

On hand

Chatler (CY: Chahiko)
Main article: Chatler

Chatler (Japanese: ペラヒコ Perahiko) is Pearl's first Pokémon. He is a resourceful Pokémon that Pearl occasionally uses for spying. When used, he is shown to be a fairly strong battler. As of The Final Dimensional Duel VII, he is at level 50, has a Hasty nature, and his Characteristic is that he "somewhat of a clown."

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Chimler (CY: Chimhiko)
Main article: Chimler

Chimler (Japanese: サルヒコ Saruhiko) was first seen when Platinum lets him out of his Poké Ball and gives him the Pokédex for her bodyguards and instructs him to give him to one of the bodyguards. Matching the description, Chimchar jumps at Pearl and gives him the Pokédex. Right after that, a flock of Starly appear and begin attacking the group, which results in Chimler, Tru, Chatler, and Lax fighting and defeating them after half an hour. In Ring Around the Roserade I, Chimler, Tru, and Piplup are training in Eterna City for Platinum's Gym battle with Gardenia, Cynthia walks past them and notices that the three Pokémon are about to evolve, after which all three of them evolve. He evolved later again alongside Tru in Veilstone City in Stunning Staravia & Stinky Skuntank II. He is quite possibly the most used Pokémon by any of the three Sinnoh Trainers and his speed and agility are often put to good use. As of The Final Dimensional Duel VII, he is at level 65, has a Naughty nature, and his Characteristic is that he "likes to run."

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Rayler (CY: Rayhiko)
Main article: Rayler

Rayler (Japanese: トラヒコ Torahiko), was befriended by Pearl as a Luxio, and helped him regain his "speech" after his claws had been broken. Luxio later evolved prior to Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone and helped Diamond rescue Pearl and Platinum from a cave-in at Mt. Coronet that was caused by Cyrus. He later appeared to Pearl at Fuego Ironworks, where he officially captured him. As of The Final Dimensional Duel VII, he is at level 60, has a Brave nature, and his Characteristic is that he is "thoroughly cunning."

Debut Extreme Luxio
Zeller (CY: Zelhiko)
Zeller (Japanese: ゼルヒコ Selhiko), known as Zelhiko in the Chuang Yi translation, was caught by Pearl during his training with Crasher Wake. Due to the bombing of Lake Acuity, Zeller, along with several other Buizel and Floatzel, became hostile towards humans and would lash out against its Trainer. As of The Final Dimensional Duel VIII, he is at level 53, has an Adamant nature, and his Characteristic is that he "likes to thrash about."

Zeller's only known move is Water Gun, and his Ability is Swift Swim.

Debut Besting Buizel I
Tauler (CY: Tauhiko)
Tauler (Japanese: タロヒコ Taurohiko), known as Tauhiko in the Chuang Yi translation, was caught during Pearl's training with Crasher Wake to complete his team. Due to his large size, he can easily ram enemies to the ground and break through walls. As of The Final Dimensional Duel VIII, he is at level 58, has a Jolly nature, and his Characteristic is that he is "capable of taking hits."

Tauler's only known move is Take Down, and his Ability is Anger Point.

Debut Cleaning Up Grimer
Digler (CY: Dighiko)
Digler (Japanese: ディグヒコ Dighiko), known as Dighiko in the Chuang Yi translation, was caught by Pearl during his training with Crasher Wake. He can dig underground in order to evade attacks from enemies. As of The Final Dimensional Duel VIII, he is at level 48, has a Bashful nature, and his Characteristic is that he is "quick to flee."

Digler's known moves are Rock Slide and Earthquake, and his Ability is Sand Veil.

Debut Cleaning Up Grimer


Tru (CY: Wig)
Main article: Tru

Tru (Japanese: るー ) was separated from Diamond after falling from the Galactic airship in Mixing It Up with Machamp. He was later given to Pearl to return to Diamond and had Chatler return him in Chancing Upon Chingling.

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Kit (CY: Tung)
Main article: Kit

Kit (Japanese: りー ) was separated from Diamond after falling from the Galactic airship in Mixing It Up with Machamp. He was later given to Pearl to return to Diamond and had Chatler return him in Chancing Upon Chingling.

Debut Licking Lickitung
Pearl's Palkia
Main article: Pokémon of Myth (Adventures)

Palkia was befriended by Pearl at the Spear Pillar. After being freed by Diamond in the Distortion World, it let Pearl ride on it to get around. Later, it had Pearl ride on its arm while chasing after Giratina and Charon.

Debut Creeping Away from Cradily


Manaphy's Egg

Pearl's Manaphy
Egg → Manaphy
Manaphy first appeared as an Egg in Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission. It was given to Diamond by Looker, who was asked by the Fiore Rangers to hand it to a Trainer at Sinnoh. It was later hatched at the Solaceon Day-Care Center, where it created another Egg that hatched into Phione.

None of Manaphy's moves are known, and its Ability is Hydration.

Debut Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission Episode One
Phione's Egg

Pearl's Phione
Phione was found as an Egg next to Manaphy at the Solaceon Day-Care Center. After hatching, it was trained by Pearl and Diamond, where it displayed a Heart Swap.

Phione's only known move is Heart Swap*, and its Ability is Hydration.

Debut The Final Dimensional Duel XI


Mr. Hasty and Mr. Relaxed
Mr. Hasty and Mr. Relaxed (CY: Mr. Impatient and Mr. Relaxed)
Mr. Hasty and Mr. Relaxed were a P-shaped and a D-shaped Unown, respectively, who met Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in Solaceon Town. They needed the trio's help so they could free their friends who had been trapped in the Solaceon Ruins. Platinum named them based on their natures which she thought were similar to those of her traveling companions. Later the two, together with other Unown living in the ruins, helped Pearl and Platinum enter Veilstone City and the Galactic Veilstone Building by distracting the Team Galactic Grunts guarding the gate into the city.

Their only known move is Hidden Power.

Debut Knowledge of the Unown I
Main article: Diamond's Rotom

Rotom was a Pokémon that Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum encountered early on their journey. It attacked them in the Old Chateau until it was found in its hiding place (a television) by Diamond. Later, when Pearl and Diamond returned to the Old Chateau to protect Rotom from Charon, it attacked them once again. It ran away to the Team Galactic Eterna Building where it used the appliances there to terrorize the two boys until Diamond bonded with it, revealing that it only wanted to play. Realizing that if they left Rotom alone, it would be attacked by Charon; Rotom then asked to join their group.

Debut Robust Rotom


Ribbons obtained


  • Pearl is the first rival-based Pokédex holder to name his Pokémon.
  • Pearl is the only Sinnoh Pokédex holder who did not receive a Pokémon from a Gym Leader.
  • Pearl's birthday is June 6, and pearls are the birthstone for those born in June.
  • Pearl is 5'2" (157 cm) tall and weighs 99 lbs (45 kg).


Language Name Origin
Japanese パール Pearl From Pokémon Pearl
English, Brazilian
Portuguese, Latin American Spanish
Pearl From Pokémon Pearl
French Perle From Pokémon Version Perle
German Perl From Pokémon Perl-Edition
Italian Perla From Pokémon Versione Perla
Spanish Perla From Pokémon Edición Perla
Korean Pearl From Pokémon Pearl
Chinese (Mandarin) 帕爾 / 帕尔 Pà'ěr Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 帕爾 Payíh Mandarin-based transliteration of his Japanese name
Thai เพิร์ล Pearl Transliteration of his Japanese name
Vietnamese Pearl Transliteration of his Japanese name

Pearl's Pokémon

Main article: Chatler → Names
Main article: Chimler → Names
Main article: Rayler → Names


Language Name Origin
Japanese ゼルヒコ Selhiko From ブイゼル Buoysel and ~ヒコ -hiko
English Zeller* From Buizel and -ler
Zelhiko* From Buizel and -hiko
Italian Zeller Same as English name
Korean 젤돌이 Jeldor-i From 브이젤 Buijel and ~돌이 -dor-i
Chinese (Mandarin) 泳氣彥 / 泳气彦 Yǒngqìyàn From 泳氣鼬 / 泳气鼬 Yǒngqìyòu and ~彥 / ~彦 -yàn
Chinese (Cantonese) 泳氣彥 Wihngheiyihn From 泳氣鼬 Wihngheiyauh and ~彥 / ~彦 -yàn
Vietnamese Zeruhiko Transliteration of his Japanese name
Spanish Zelhiko


Language Name Origin
Japanese タロヒコ Tarohiko From ケンタロス Kentaros and ~ヒコ -hiko
English Tauler* From Tauros and -ler
Tauhiko* From Tauros and -hiko
Italian Tauler Same as English name
Korean 타돌이 Tador-i From 켄타로스 Kentaros and ~돌이 -dor-i
Chinese (Mandarin) 泰羅彥 / 泰罗彦 Tàiluóyàn From 肯泰羅 / 肯泰罗 Kěntàiluó and ~彥 / ~彦 -yàn
Chinese (Cantonese) 泰羅彥 Taailòhyihn Same as Mandarin name
Vietnamese Torahiko Transliteration of his Japanese name
Spanish Tauhiko


Language Name Origin
Japanese ディグヒコ Dighiko From ディグダ Digda and ~ヒコ -hiko
English Digler* From Diglett and -ler
Dighiko* From Diglett and -hiko
Italian Digler Same as English name
Korean 디돌이 Didor-i From 디그다 Digda and ~돌이 -dor-i
Chinese (Mandarin) 地鼠彥 / 地鼠彦 Dìshǔyàn From 地鼠 Dìshǔ and ~彥 / ~彦 -yàn
Chinese (Cantonese) 地鼠彥 Deihsyúyihn From 地鼠 Deihsyú and ~彥 / ~彦 -yàn
Vietnamese Diguhiko Transliteration of his Japanese name
Spanish Dighiko

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