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PS402 : Besting Buizel II
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS404 : Encountering Elekid
Cleaning Up Grimer
Pearl and the New Team
VS ベトベター
VS Betbeter
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 403 in Vol. 36
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 66 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures

Cleaning Up Grimer (Japanese: VS ベトベター VS Grimer), titled VS Grimer in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 403rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 66th chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Pearl and the New Team (Japanese: パールと新チーム Pearl and the New Team) in the VIZ Media translation and Pearl and the New Team in the Chuang Yi translation.


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After revealing to Pearl that Diamond is inside of a Team Galactic airship, Johanna recounts his story of how he got there. She explains that Diamond attempted to free Mesprit by jumping onto the net that was trapping it, as well as using Tru and Kit to open it. Despite their efforts, both Pokémon fell into Lake Verity, and Diamond was pulled inside the aircraft with the net. Diamond eventually realized that Mars was not on board with him, and that she likely believed Diamond had fallen into the lake with Tru.

Sebastian reveals that it was Fantina's Drifblim that had rescued Diamond's Pokémon. When Pearl is confused about how Sebastian knows Diamond, he introduces himself as the butler for the Berlitz family. Glad that Diamond is well, Pearl takes Tru and Kit in order to return them. Before he leaves for Veilstone City, Rad Rickshaw gives him a new bicycle.

When Pearl sets off, Crasher Wake reassures Johanna that he believes in him. She recalls the conversation she had with Diamond over the phone when he told her his plans to take on Team Galactic. When Johanna tried to dissuade Diamond from putting himself in danger, he reminded her of Proteam Omega, his favorite show. Diamond explained that while he initially believed villains only existed on television, his experiences with Team Galactic proved him wrong. Diamond vowed to Johanna that he would stop Team Galactic from harming others.

As Pearl makes his way to Veilstone City, he finds several Team Galactic Grunts blocking the path ahead. He sends out Zeller, but it only attacks him. When the grunts' Pokémon charge for Zeller, it creates a harsh wind by rapidly spinning its tail, causing the grunts to shield their eyes. They don't notice as something burrows its way through the ground toward their Pokémon. A Diglett bursts through the earth, and the Pokémon try futilely to catch it. While they are distracted, a Tauros barrels into them, defeating them.

Pearl praises Diglett and Tauros, revealing that the two Pokémon are the new additions to his team. A Grimer approaches Pearl from behind and attempts to attack him, but his new Pokémon make short work of it. Standing proudly with his full team, Pearl prepares to head for the Team Galactic HQ.

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PS402 : Besting Buizel II
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS404 : Encountering Elekid
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